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Little Singer Kulfi Adom Tv, Tuesday 24th January 2023 update

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TV series

Little Singer Kulfi on adom tv Tuesday 24th January 2023 update, Mohendar Bebe cheer Amyra to sing, Amyra sings a song, everyone happy hear her sing, Lovely thanks god. Kulfi and her friends in parachute. Sikander thinks thank god I could fulfill my Amyras wish now please send my Kulfi back to me. Ama scolds Rajan and guards for not paying attention on kids, Rajan purposely drops city water, Amaji slips on it, she scolds Rajan, and later asks him to call police, Amaji slips again.

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Zinda says we are flying, free from Amaji. Rocket says I had hopes but didn’t knew we would make it, Vaishali says thank god rajan uncle helped us, we had nothing but now a parachute and freedom.

Everyone praises amyra and says if she keeps practicing he will surely win the competition, amyra touches sikanders feet, sikander says don’t, amyra says please let me you are

my teacher too now, sikander says My blessings are always with you may god keep you always happy. Doctor examines amyra and says music is doing wonders on amyra, her breathing has improved a lot. Amyra very happy and hugs lovely, Sikander der thanks god seeing amyra happy, and says I miss my Kulfi too hope she was here with me.
Kulfi asks when will we get down, rocket asks how will we but, Vaishali says I forgot the book in remand home,none of them know how to land and get scared, Zinda says stop panicking let’s think, rocket says let’s stop supply, parachute stops getting down, kids teach the ground. Kids start celebrating and dancing, rocket says this Kulfi hasn’t learned the name yet even when she has escaped, Kulfi says now I don’t need to, we will all go home now, rocket says stop not now, Ama will go our houses first, Chotu asks where will we then, Kulfi says my house, my baba is a hero, he will help us a lot. Kulfi very excited to see sikander.

Amyra walks to Sikander and says I have to work hard to win competition right, Sikander says yes, we achieve nothing without hard work, and I will write song for you,amyra says thank you, and dad you will always be with me right,sikander says yes, amyra says I understand why you suddenly get sad, you are my dad and will always be with me, help me practice, Sikander thinks god why do you always test me,I can’t anymore. I want both my daughter with me.

Kulfi keeps talking about Sikander on her way home, Kulfi points at her house, Zinda starts panicking seeing vehicles and traffic, Kulfi says let it be, we have to fight our fears and help Zinda,Kulfi says we together will walk out of it, and makes Zinda keep repeating prayers,Zinda crosses the road and gets very excited, Kulfi reaches home with her friends, rocket asks kulfi to go in alone says your baba will be scared seeing us all, you go we will follow. Kulfi says okay and runs inside.

Sikander in balcony missing kulfi, he sees kids down playing with colours, Sikander says how will I play Holi when there are no colours left in my life, sikander starts crying.

Sikander crying missing kulfi, and says I was here to write song for amyra but I can’t stay without kulfi it’s hard I miss her so much, sikander feels kulfis presence and rushes down stairs, sikander and kulfi see eachother and rush towards eachother and hug, Kulfi thinks he found it I’m here, sikander thinks I hope im not dreaming, sikander says my princess is really back, I can’t believe, Kulfi says I missed you and you should must have too right, even I was scared, you won’t believe where I was so many days but I kept telling myself I’m your lioness and you also won’t believe how I landed here, I won’t leave you now, look a me, I’m talking so much you saying nothing, you didn’t do anything wrong after me and you look so weak, but now I’m here I will make you fat again,

I missed you and everyone, how is amyra, sikander remembers his promise to amyra.
Kulfi says tell me how is she, let’s go in I have to see everyone, sikander stops her, Kulfi looks at him and thinks what happened when I took Amyras name and says something is wrong tell me the truth, is amyra not doing well,Mohendar sees kulfi and rushes to her and hugs her, he says are you back, how are you , Kulfi says I can’t believe I’m back, Mohendar says don’t go, Mohendar says Sikander look our charm is back, Mohendar says let’s go in, all will be so happy seeing you, sikander stops them from going inside and says stay here I will be back, Kulfi gets scared.

Sikander says why is god testing me so much, why can’t I stay with my daughter and be happy, she is here back to her baba but I can’t see her, she will stay with me and amyra, I will convince amyra. Amyra says mom I love Holi I want to see, Lovely says it’s your time to rest, amyra requests, lovely say sokay only for little time. Sikander says I shall tell amyra, princess I haven’t broken my promise, she came back in her own, she is just a kid, like you she can’t stay alone, I love her as much as I love you.

Kulfi asks Mohendar did he miss her, Mohendar says after you left I have smiled today, whole house missed you a lot, Kulfi says where is sikander when will he come, Mohendar says he is preparing for your welcome, Kulfi thinks Ma never played Holi because baba wasn’t with her today I shall it will be our first Holi and asks Mohendar for colours, Mohendar says sure we all shall play let’s get colours.

Sikander about to go upstairs, sees Amyra and lovely,amyra asks Sikander, what’s wrong, sikander says what are you doing here, amyra says it was boring upstairs and all are playing Holi so I came to watch,sikander says come here I have to say something but first listen to me, amyra sees kulfi and starts panicking, Lovely sees kulfi, Sikander says Amyra baby breathe, Amyra says you brought her you broke promise, sikander says I didn’t, amyra says kulfi is his favourite and he will forget me why did you do this, you gave me fake promise, Sikander says she isn’t staying with us enough, amyra calms down, amyra says you won’t leave me right, sikander says how can I,now go upstairs.

Sikander sees kulfi chatting with Mohendar and breaks down, he walks to Sikander, Kulfi says I never played Holi till now,

sikander thinks today I, snatching her right on her first occasion with me, she has just me, how will I end everything with her, Kulfi applies him colours, Kulfi applies him pink colour and says Ma had same coloured dupatta. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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