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“You were committing incǝst; maybe your problem is spiritual” – Prince Eke rebukes Mr Ibu

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Popular Nollywood actor, Prince Eke has noted that, in light of recent rumours that Mr. Ibu was supposedly sleeping with his adoptive daughter, it’s possible that his health issues are more spiritual than medical.
Recall that allegations surfaced on the internet that the renowned actor Mr. Ibu had slept with his adopted daughter, Jasmine, as a viral audio recording captured him admitting to this.

Netizens were left completely perplexed and in amazement by this, and there were differing opinions on social media, while some skeptics have decided to assume that the audio was most likely altered.
Reacting to the news, Prince Eze pointed out that if the statements made were accurate, it would imply that Mr. Ibu had been engaging in incest.
The actor went on to say that rather than having physical origins, Mr. Ibu’s current health issues and concerns could possibly have a spiritual origin.
He pleaded with the comedian to repent of his evil deed of presenting his side chick as his daughter and having an affair with her behind his back.
He wrote;
“honestly do NOT know the truth in the different versions of the story. But ‘IF ‘ the said adopted daughter was/ is actually a side chick the you were I are having sex with.And you had the mind to introduce her to the world and to your family as a ‘daughter’. Bros, youwere committing incest and you need to ask God for forgiveness. ASAP.FamiIy isn’t only biological.There are many tags you should have given her. Bestie, family friend , colleague, Etc .but NOT‘ daughter ‘#mv2cents”
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