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[Story] Ultimate Fighting – S01 E777

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 777

Breaking The Record

777 – Breaking The Record

At this moment, Chi Qiu, who was far away, had already turned around and spread his gigantic wings flat on the ground. He turned his head in Lan Xuanyu’s direction and his dragon eyes were filled with bewilderment as though he was trying to confirm something.

At this moment, Jin Ni had already stood up and looked at the situation in shock. She then looked at the calm Da Ming and Er Ming. “Great Father, Daddy Er, what… what’s going on? You guys knew this would happen?”

Da Ming nodded his head slightly. “Just to confirm it further. We are spot on.”

Er Ming said, “I told you that I wouldn’t be wrong. Look at his appearance carefully, don’t you think he looks quite alike?”


Da Ming nodded his head and stood up. “Let’s end the sparring here and go according to your plan. This is a pleasant surprise.”

“Daddy, you haven’t answered me yet.” Seeing that Da Ming ignored her, Jin Ni stomped her feet in anger.

Da Ming smiled and reached out to stroke her golden hair. “You’ll find out in the future. There might really be hope for the soul beast lineage. There might even be hope for Di Tian’s perseverance. I can now confirm that black dragon had either really died during the tribulation. And as long as he isn’t dead, he will definitely be with him. This would explain why Bi Ji and the Demon Queen are relying on others.”

Lan Xuanyu’s victory was rather baffling, but he didn’t let his guard down. From the soul beasts’ previous formation, the other party must have seen that he could suppress soul beasts with dragon bloodlines. Then, they only needed to send soul beasts without dragon bloodlines in the next round and it would be very difficult for him to defeat his opponent.


He was now carefully conserving his Dragon God Transformation’s energy, hoping that after the next soul beast appeared, he would be able to fight again.

Right at this moment, Er Ming’s loud voice resounded, “The sparring today ends here. We admit that Shrek Academy broke the Beast Battles’ record.”

It’s over?

Lan Xuanyu relaxed and felt that it was strange. Was it over just like that? He knew his situation. If another 90,000-year soul beast came, he would definitely lose as long as he didn’t have a dragon bloodline. He quickly retracted the Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd and ended the Dragon God Transformation before bowing slightly in Er Ming’s direction.

The Beast Battles were over and the record had been broken! Without a doubt, this made Shrek Academy even more glorious.

Yan Kailun looked at Lan Xuanyu with a complicated look in his eyes. Only now did he realize that Lan Xuanyu didn’t even use his full strength when fighting him one-on-one. He actually had such a follow-up technique that even a dragon-type soul beast with 90,000 years of cultivation was intimidated. He didn’t know what ability this was, but it was definitely very strong.

Lan Xuanyu returned to his team and high-fived his teammates.

Right at this moment, Er Ming arrived.

He directly appeared at the rest area.

“Senior Er Ming.” Lan Xuanyu bowed. The others quickly bowed as well. Lan Xuanyu had already introduced Er Ming’s identity to them.

Er Ming chuckled. “Congratulations, all of you. You guys have broken the record established a very long time ago.”

Lan Xuanyu smiled bitterly. “This is something that we were only able to do because the soul beast seniors showed mercy. However, if we can still represent Shrek Academy two years later, we should have a chance to break the record with our own strength.”

“Again? All of you better not come. If you come again, I’m afraid the Federation’s Central Academy will protest and no one will dare to challenge you,” Er Ming teased.

Seeing how interesting this god rank beast king was, the others couldn’t help but relax.

Er Ming narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze across the room. In the end, his gaze landed on Yuanen Huihui. He spoke amiably, “You’re from the Yuanen Clan, right?”

Yuanen Huihui was taken aback before he nodded.

Er Ming said, “Very good. I’ve heard of you before. Your mother is the princess of the Elven race.”

“Yes.” Yuanen Huihui nodded his head once again. He was slightly surprised in his heart: How did this person know about me?

Er Ming turned his gaze to Qian Lei. “Your Dragon-Eating Beast is still a little rebellious. Stay behind this time and I’ll help you deal with it. It will be well-behaved in the future. Back then, the Dragon-Eating Beast caused a bloodbath in the soul beast world because it was very strong. You haven’t unleashed its full strength yet. Stay here with Xuanyu for a month and I’ll guide you.”

Qian Lei was overjoyed. “Thank you, senior.”

Er Ming asked, “What soul bones do you guys want?”

According to the rules, they could obtain a precious 10,000-year soul bone after breaking the record.

Lan Xuanyu looked at his teammates and asked.

Shrek Academy also had soul bones to exchange for, but there was no doubt that no matter how strong the academy was, it was impossible to compare with soul bones from the soul beast world!

Tang Yuge said, “Xuanyu, whether as the class leader or the captain, you’ve done enough for everyone. You don’t have to be modest this time, just choose a soul bone that is suitable for you. It will be beneficial for everyone if you get stronger.”

The others nodded without hesitation.

For the sake of the entire class, Lan Xuanyu spent a lot of time forging the metals needed to make Battle Armors for his classmates. All of them were on credit and he didn’t ask for any interest. He was the one who led the 33 Sky Wings team forward step by step and had high hopes of completing the Sky Fighter mission together with the entire class. They even had a chance of getting into the Inner Court together.

It was needless to say about the few of them. How many of their cultivation resources were bought with the Shrek emblems that Lan Xuanyu earned!

After obtaining the 10,000-year soul bone this time, the others didn’t think much of it since they wanted to give it to Lan Xuanyu.

Lan Xuanyu was stunned. “That won’t do. Winning is everyone’s business, how can I get the prize alone?”

Of course, he also hoped to obtain a soul bone. A soul bone would greatly increase the strength of a soul master, allowing a soul master’s corresponding body to become stronger and obtain a soul skill.

Currently, among all of them, only Liu Feng had a Silver Moon Wolf right arm bone. Hence, everyone needed this soul bone.

“I’m talking about each of you, one piece for each of you.” Er Ming chuckled.

Everyone was stunned for a moment before rejoicing. Lan Xuanyu hesitated and said, “But that doesn’t seem to be the rule.”

Er Ming glared at him and said, “A special rule with my permission, alright? They all can have one but not you because there isn’t a suitable soul bone for you.”

Lan Xuanyu was stunned for a moment and was slightly disappointed. But this disappointment only lasted for a moment. He was still very happy when he thought about how his teammates were able to obtain a soul bone.

“It’s alright, you’re already very good to us.”

Er Ming chuckled. “You don’t have to be depressed. The reason why there isn’t anything suitable for you is because the soul bones in our hands aren’t qualified to be a part of your body at the moment, but I know where there are some suitable for you. There’s no need to be anxious. There are some things that belong only to you. Your Shrek Academy’s Inner Court has an ultimate treasure that belongs to you.”

Lan Xuanyu was very curious when he heard that. What kind of treasure in the academy suited him?

Er Ming said, “You don’t have to be anxious about this. I’ll make a trip to your academy later and explain the situation. We were the ones who brought that thing. Initially, we should have… Forget it, this is all in the future. We’ll talk about it later. You guys can think about what soul bone you want first.”

Lan Xuanyu looked at his companions who were at a loss and said to Er Ming, “Senior Er Ming, soul bones are simply too precious. We have never come into contact with them before and we don’t know how to choose. I wonder if you could let us see what soul bones you have before we choose?”