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[Story] Perfect Secret Love – S01 E1258

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1258

The Missing President?

Translator: Henyee Translations

Editor: Henyee Translations

“What a good move! Donkey roll!” one of the men couldn’t help clapping and hollering.

“Fck! That’s a fcking secret move of our Fearless Alliance’s president… tiger pounce!” the leader was full of shock and disbelief.

The leading man had been in the Fearless Alliance longer than the other men, so he knew some snippets of information about the president.

Especially regarding this move, the tiger pounce. Legend said that the president fought with a ferocious tiger in her teens. After killing the tiger, she learned this move, so this move was developed by the president herself. The president defeated countless experts with this move alone…

“Sh*t! Could… could this person be our missing president?!”

The leader was incredulous and swiftly dashed toward the cars without waiting for the other men to respond.

Upon seeing someone charging forward, the cars were forced to stop.

“Do you f*cking want to die? Get lost! I’m gonna run over you if you don’t!” the driver cursed at the man while peeking his head out.

“F*ck you!” The leader was enraged and slapped the driver’s face immediately.

With a loud bang, the driver fainted.

Upon seeing this, the doors of all the cars opened and a dozen or so men in black exited the cars.

“You have helpers?”

These men in black naturally thought these people who appeared out of nowhere were Ye Wanwan’s helpers, so they didn’t ask anything further and surrounded the strong man in an instant.

“Oh look, you have a backbone! How many days has it been since I’ve trained…” the lead man sneered and looked at them like they were his prey.

“Let us help!”

Soon, the other strong men also swiftly ran up, itching to give it a try.

“Shoo shoo shoo. They’re all mine… No one can steal from me!” The leading strong man shook his head.

Seeing the strong men’s antics, the men in black were infuriated.


Ye Wanwan’s expression shifted when she saw the man’s martial arts skills. She thought she was very strong already, but in contrast to this man, she was like the dirt to his clouds. Was he still human???

The strong man fought a dozen or so people all by himself. About seven minutes later, howls of pain and the sounds of bones cracking and skin breaking rippled through the men.

“Quick, run…”

Soon, the men in black fled to their cars with terrified expressions, lamenting their parents for not giving them two extra legs, and they disappeared without a trace.

“Thank you…”

When she saw the men in black retreating, Ye Wanwan walked forward and gave her thanks to the strong men.

“B-bro!” The strong men’s leader was full of excitement when he saw Ye Wanwan. “You’re Bro Flattop, right… You’re the boss of our Fearless Alliance, right… Bro, where have you been all these years… Bro, you went home to visit your parents back then and went missing without a word afterward. The Fearless Alliance has gone through great strife to look for you… Quickly come back with us… Bro…”

“We… we were expelled from the Fearless Alliance already…” another strong man quietly reminded him.

The strong men’s leader started when he heard that. Oh right, that’s true…

“Boss, you have to give us justice! The Fearless Alliance’s higher-ups gave us a mission to exterminate a patrician family without leaving anyone alive… We extinguished the whole family. It’s just that the family’s dog fled too freaking fast, so we didn’t catch it… And they kicked us out of the Fearless Alliance just because of that… Ever since you left, the gang has been a complete mess… We’ve been through so much bitterness… Those higher-ups are clearly targeting us…” the leader sniffled and sobbed.

Ye Wanwan was dumbfounded.

What the hell is this?