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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E15

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 15

( Semi final)

“What happened to me, why am i at the hospital ” i asked facing david and the doctor.

” Sweetheart, i don’t know what happened to you, you slept for a long time without waking up, i even thought you were dead , because you slept for three days without waking up, babe i had to rush you to the hospital, the first day when i woke you up but you didn’t answer ” he said as he held my hands.

“What was the last thing that happened the night before i slept, what did i do? I asked.

” babe , you prayed do you remember that day that you were praying and i told you to pray for me, that night was the night you slept, you just woke up now, since three days” he said.

“Madam, i must say , i don’t even know what happened to you, i first thought you had, sleep inertia or nacrolepsy, but you slept for three days straight, so i concluded you were brain dead” the doctor said as he looked at me, of course they wouldn’t know what happened to me , they don’t know i was in trance, i was the only one that knew, God knowingly made me fall asleep without waking up to reveal some things to me, like who john really was…………………………….

Three days i was discharged from the hospital , my mom came to visit me, i was very happy to see her, God has given me a second chance , and i can’t misuse it, once bitten twice shy, but i wanted to know what was between john cand my husband david according to what the lord showed me, there is something between the two of them, so john turned me into a chess in order to kill my husband.

“Adeshewa how are you, i have been calling you since the last three days your call hasn’t been going through what’s wrong? John asked when he called me on the phone.

“I am fine, i was sick , i was even admitted to the hospital , i was just discharged today ” i said.

“Oh darling am so sorry, that means you haven’t used the medicine i gave you on your husband ” he said.

“Yes i haven’t ” i said nonchalantly.

” Adeshewa , please you have to use it today it must not exceed four days, you have to use the medicine today ” he said impaintently.

“John but i told you, i was sick na, how can i use the medicine today “i said.

“Please Adeshewa you must use it today, i can’t wait to call you mine, please i don’t want to share you with anybody” he said. Lier the lord has exposed you , you want me to use the medicine so that you won’t run mad and my husband will die, you are very stupid , i said in my mind.

“Okay , i will prepare his food now and add the potion into it” i said as i deceived him.

”Okay darling, i trust you i can’t wait to hear the good news” he said as he cut the call, i didn’t care about him or what he said, all i know is that i won’t poison my husband. I changed in my marriage i no longer have hatred for my husband the two days we used together was fun , i was very happy that i had even forgotten about john, because i had blocked his number, until one day ,someone knocked on our gate, our gateman was not around because he went to see his sick mother at the village, i was the one that was opening the gate and was closing it, the person knocked, so.i went to open the door, boom tthe person knocking was john.

“John what are you doing here? I asked angrily when i saw him.

” hmnn Adeshewa you didn’t use the medicine on your husband , i know, there is no need to say anything to you, the only person i want to see right now is your husband david” he said.

” Why do you want to see my husband ” i asked angrily.

“Honey who is there? David asked as he walked towards us.

“David how are you? John said as he sighted david.

“Jesus Philip, it has been a long time how have you been ” david said as he smiled. How did my husband know john , i guess his real name was philip.

” you know , i am not fine at all , do i look fine ? john said as he looked at my husband.

“Honey , this is my freind Philip ” he said as he avoided John’s question.

“No don’t bother your wife knows me , there is no need for introduction, adeshewa don’t you know me? He asked facing me.

“Dear lets go inside, we can’t talk to our visitor outside ” i said to my husband as i also avoided john question.

” I came today to confess all the things i have done wrong ” john said when we sat down.

” you have done nothing wrong, i was the one that offended you, i really regret it” david said.

“Honey who is john or Philip to you and what did you do to him? i asked impaintently.

“Let me answer that question on behalf on your husband, i and your husband were friends, i was even the one that gave him this job where he was working now, he was working under me at the company, but one day i was in need of money , so i stole out of the company’s money, but your husband in here knew what i wanted to use the money to do, but the matter turned upside down the company discovered that there were some money that were missing, they Threaten to sack us all, if we don’t recover the money, your husband knew i was the one that stole the money, but he didn’t want to lose his job , so he exposed me, and the company took back their money and they sacked me and promoted your husband, the money i stole from the company was the one i wanted to use for the surgery of my daughter who had heart failure , the amount needed was much, your husband knew all these , but he exposed me and made me lose my only child and my job” john said as he bursted into tears………