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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E14

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 14

The court hearing day.

“My lord, with all this evidences and witnesses, you can also see that adeshewa mudered her husband the reason is still unknown my lord” the prosecutor said as he bowed.

“Do you have anything else to say ? The judge asked my lawyer.

” i have nothing to say again my lord ” he said as he bowed and sat.

“With this evidences , it shows that you adeshewa ,is really guilty of the murder , i hereby sentence you to death by hanging ” the judge pronounced. I bursted into tears , had i known i would have listened to my mother, i looked at my mom who was sitting in the court ,she was crying, my sis in law was happy and smiling, then i saw john , john was in the court looking at me with a mocking smile, i was so shocked, the officers took me out , i wanted to call John’s name , but i couldn’t speak out , the officers dragged me into their van.

“Adeshewa , you have a visitor ” the jailer said to me.

” no , i don’t want to see anybody naw” i said.

“That is how your mom came to visit you , yesterday and you didn’t see her, you better see your family member before you die, tomorrow is your execution day, so better see someone in your last moments” he said.

“Who came? I asked.

” i don’t know, but he said his name is james no john , his name is john” he said.

“Are you sure his name is john ? I asked looking at him.

“Yes , i am sure” he said. I stood up as he escorted me out.

“John is this really you? I asked shockingly when i saw john.

“Yes it is me, i just came to see you before you die” he said smiling.

” you wicked soul, you turned me into a murderer, you gave the medicine that killed my husband ” i shouted angrily.

“Oh, please calm down , who would believe you anyway, thank God you used that medicine on your husband else i would have ran mad, thank you” he said.

” ran mad as how? I asked glaring at him.

“Yes, i would have ran mad, because the herbalist that gave me the potion told me your husband ,sorry your late husband was a powerful person , the only person that can kill him is the person he loves, and the herbalist told me the condition that if he survives because you didn’t use that potion , i will run mad, i accepted because i trusted you, i knew you would do anything for us to be together because you love me, and stop saying i was the one that gave you the poison you were dumb to believe my lies, and you killed your husband ” he said laughing.

“But why , why did you kill my husband ” i said angrily.

” haha, i knew you would ask, but i don’t want to satisfy your curiosity , the only hint i can give you is that , i and your husband worked together before and he killed my daughter ” he said smiling.

“Killed your daughter” i asked surprisingly.

” i said it before ,that i didn’t want to satisfy your curiosity, God may tell you the reason when you get to heaven, but i don’t think you will go to heaven , maybe hell, sorry shewa i have to go now” he said as he stood up and went out , i couldn’t say anything because i was in deep thoughts, how did david kill john daughter, what is the connection between the two of them.


Tears were running freely from my eyes, as the officer tied the rope around my neck , i was shivering and crying , lord if only i could go back , i wouldn’t have done what i did? I wouldn’t have became a chess in john, the rope was tighten as i began to lose my consciousness.

I opened my eyes and looked around and saw people on white clothe , “shey you dey whine me ni” so i later got to heaven, the lord forgave me.

“Adeshewa are you awake ? Someone said staring at me. The person was m y husband david so david also dey heaven, God is good, so our death no do us part abi? I said in my mind as i stared at him.

“Doctor she has woken up ” he said as the doctor walked towards us, that was when it occurred to me i was in the hospital ………………..