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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E08

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I and john continued our relationship despite what my mom and husband said, i don’t care all i know is that i won’t leave john, i started behaving rudely to my husband ,i kept finding ways to make him fight with me and maybe divorce me so i could be with john, then i made a plan.

“Rolake come here” i shouted as i called her.

“Yes ma” she answered as she knelt down.

“There is something, i want to discuss with you, and you must do it” i said.

“What is that ma? She answered.

” i want you to seduce my husband ” i said smiling.

“What ? Madam, no i can’t do that ooo, God forbid ” she shouted.

“You must be very stupid, i said you do something and you are saying you can’t do it, are you mad? I shouted angrily.

“Yes ma , i mean no ma, i can’t do that, me and oga that’s not possible ” she said.

“Arolake ,if you can’t do what i told you today when my husband comes back from work then i will be the one to sack you” i said angrily.

“Madam please, ok madam i will do it , please don’t sack me please” she pleaded.

“Ok, i am going out now, you must do it before , i come ,so i will meet you guys on it” i said with a sly smile on my face, if my husband sleeps with my housemaid then i catch them, then i will be able to divorce him, then i will marry john, i said in my mind happily.

” how will i do it madam? Arolake asked.

“What a stupid question Arolake, you are a girl, so you ought to know how to seduce guys, all the yoruba films you watched , where the housemaid will sleep their oga, use their tactics na” i said facing her.

” see, i am going out know, my husband will come back soon, i will be at the neighbourhood, i will come back soon, i must meet you guys on it, ok ” i said.

“Ok ma” she answered shivering.

“Dont worry , if you are able to accomplish the mission , i will give you hundred thousand ” i said smiling.

“Thank you oga, don’t worry, i will do it” she said bravely.

“Ok, be a good girl ” i said as i went out.

One hour later.

Are you mad? Someone shouted, i entered into the house with the hpoe of meeting my husband and my maid on the bed , but i saw was different they were in the sitting room, arolake was kneeling.

“What sort of rubbish is that how can you just enter my room naked? David shouted angrily.

“Babe what’s wrong? I asked pretending as if i don’t know what occurred.

“Babe welcome, could you believe , what happened today, our dirty maid right here , that was sent from the marine kingdom to destroy marriages, she tried to seduce me today, when i came back from work, i went into the room to off my cloth , then she came in naked trying to seduce me” he shouted.

“What? I shouted.

“Yes babe, the funniest part was that ,she said you were the one that that told her to do it, that was the dumbest lie i have heard of she must think am a fool” he said laughing. David she is saying the truth , i said in my mind.

“Arolake are you mad? How can you seduce my husband ” i said shouting as i pretended as if i was angry.

“But madam you were the one that told that”

” told you what? Arolake told you what” i shouted angrily as i interrupted her.

“See babe, there is no need to shout , i must not see her in this house again” david commanded. Arolake started begging and crying, but it were all in vain , my husband desicion was final. That how i implicated my maid.