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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E05

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I and David’s mom talked about marriage, the woman loves me , i have already accepted to be her daughter in law , because i have no choice, my mom’s attitude towards me changed to normal, she started laughing and gisting with me, i and david , our relationship was going smoothly, the families has met and chosed the day for wedding, both introduction, engagement wedding everything in one day, chai my parents really want me to leave their house quickly.

Then one day i and david went on a date.

“Good evening sir” david shouted as he sighted one man.

“Good evening david how are you? He said smiling.

“Am fine, dear meet my boss” he said as he introduced his boss.

“Don’t tell me this is your fiancee ” his boss asked because he was suprised seeing the beauty and the beast.

“Yes sir” he answered smiling. hmnnn oga don’t be so surprised even me i am suprised about , how i became his fiancee .

Days and weeks passed, our wedding day finally came , it was a beautiful day,the most suprising thing was that my mom was crying you will think that she wasn’t the one that almost sent me out of her house because of marriage.

Our marriage was a peaceful one , even though i don’t love him, he knows and he was always gentle with me.

“Please stop calling this number, don’t even bother, i will block this number like i blocked the previous one ” david said angrily as he cut call.

“David what’s wrong why are you shouting ? I asked .

“Oh babe am sorry oo, it is one stupid girl that keeps disturbing me ooo, telling me to be in relationship with her and i told her , i was married, but she didn’t relent she even collected my number from my freind can you imagine? He asked facing me. some girls don’t even have taste at all, imagine that stupid girl toasting my husband.

“Babe what are you thinking about? Or are you jealous ? He asked smiling. Jealous ke, i can never be jealous over you ,if your were handsome that would have been a different case