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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E03

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” sis adeshewa , thanks for surprising me on my wedding day , i really appreciate ” my younger sister maria said .

“What are families for dearie , dont thank me that was compulsory ” I said smiling.

“But sis, there is something, i must discuss with you” she said.

“What’s that? I asked.

” it’s about david , sis he saw me last week at the shopping mall and told me you promised to give him reply last time but you haven’t given him, since last month , sis this boy really love you , please give him a chance, see sis i must say the truth you are getting older” she said .

” that’s good, that very good , so you came to abuse me right , so you are saying i am old and still single , so you came in here to mock me” i said as i clapped my hands.

“No sis,i didn’t say that, i only said you should give bro david a chance” she said .

“Oh , now i understand, let me ask you a question , if your husband was ugly like david , would you have married him? I asked glaring at her.

“No sis, i mean yes sis, see been handsome or beautiful doesn’t matter, the thing that matters is whether he or she loves you or not” she said.

“Maria, you are just wasting your time, this girl she will never listen” my mom said as she walked in.

“But mom” i said.

“What? what? See adeshewa you will have to marry david whether you like it or not, the guy really loves you , but you are blind to see it, dont worry i will be your eyes , i will make sure you marry that boy ” she said as she walked away.

“Sis adeshewa ” i didn’t let her complete her sentence as i interrupted.

“Please go to your husband house don’t advise me here” i said as i hissed.

“Sis don’t worry i will go to my husband house, but when will you also go to your husband house” she said as she ran out.

“Maria dont let me cacth you oooo, i must not see you in this house” i said angrily.

“Yes sis, go to your husband house, you are in another woman husband house” she shouted from where she was, if i cacth this girl her husband won’t recognise her again