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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E983

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 983

Side-Mission Alert.

Landon chuckled after looking at his side-mission.

As expected, the system didn’t play fair at all.

Things had to go Heaven’s way or the highway.

[Side-Mission: As allies to several Empires, the host is required to distribute the design layout for these Ballistas, ensuring that all allies can protect themselves from such attacks.

Reward: Modified Owl Vision (can see during the night as if it were day.)

Deadline: December 31st.

Punishment: Decrease in strength, bringing the host back to the average strength of a regular human.]

Landon looked at the mission and smiled helplessly.

Of course, he would do it.

His strength right now was nothing short of superhuman.

So how could he go back down to that of a regular human?

No way!55

He had to guarantee his safety so as to live long enough to improve the tech in this world, hence completing his primary task.

Like the system said when he first came to this world… if he died before at least bringing this world to earth’s standard, his entire being and soul would be obliterated.

That meant he wouldn’t even be able to reincarnate or have the option of going to heaven or hell… if there was any.

He would vanish as if he never existed in the first place.

And with how dangerous this lawless world filled with assassins, power-hungry, and greedy people was, he dared not take away his advantage over them.

Plus, it wouldn’t be bad to have this so-called modified Owl vision.

Actually, there are no creatures that can completely see in the dark since sight requires light to reflect through one’s eyes.

Nonetheless, Owls have far better vision at night than humans since they’re nocturnal.

Owls see in limited colours, mostly black and white.

But according to the system’s Modified owl vision, he should be able to see the bight as if he were looking during the day, with colour as well.


What an incredible superpower

He was even more motivated to get things done.

Another thing that made him jump with joy was that his owl vision was similar to having binocular vision, as he could zoom in and out at particular ranges, depending on how strong his ability was.

Okay. He was ready to do this!


‘System, so I can share the design, but I can’t modify it, right?’

[That is correct host.

The system doesn’t allow any original ideas from the host or the host’s original planet to be shared with others who aren’t Baymardians.

Right now, the Ballistas already exist, and this isn’t the host’s idea per se.

So the host is allowed to share the exact mechanism that exists in Morgany… Nothing more.

No upgraded versions, no new ideas and nothing else would be allowed to leave Baymard.

In future, if someone else upgrades it, the host can also upgrade the design mechanism too based on that person’s upgraded version… If the host intends to share it with other empires.

Bottom line, the host can only upgrade it when someone in this world has upgraded it too.]

Landon listened to the system and nodded in understanding.

The system’s words were similar to what it had already told him years back.

Years ago, when black powder came into existence, the system told him that he could sell gunpowder out if it had the same compositions and impurities as the one circulating around.

One should know that even till now, the black powder circulating had about 60~80% of impurities in them.

So they were very weak and weren’t as explosive as his.

That said, he could only give out gunpowder if he degraded his own to that of others here.


As for other Siege weapons like the giant Catapults, Battering Rams, Trebuchets and Siege towers… Even if he created them, he wouldn’t be able to share them out of Baymard.

So he could only wait for someone to grow brains and create them before distributing the design plans to his allies.

Well, Baymard itself didn’t need siege weapons since it had tanks and other advanced weapons.

His allies needed these siege weapons more than he did.

Honestly, he was more on the lookout for when Catapults and Siege towers would get invented.

Siege towers were really troublesome because they were moving wooden towers that were the height of many standard city walls.

The tall towers stood on several wheels and were typically driven towards the battleground and placed beside an enemy wall.

From there, the knights would climb up the stairs of the tower and jump from the tower onto the high city walls, infiltrating the enemy base.

Even the catalysts were risky since they should shoot giant boulders over the city walls, killing the civilians inside.

Things would soon get pretty dangerous if his allies weren’t prepared.

Who knows, Morgany might start feeling too superior and try making a move at them.

These were terrible times.

No wonder the system requested that he shared the design plans.

The system was also doing its best to keep Morgany obedient.

Everything had to go according to the will of the heavens.

What more could he say?


‘Wait. System, when I give out these plans, do I give them out and give credit to the Hertfilian creator?’

‘No. The host will use his name.

It’s very common for 2 or more people to think of things at the same time.

So it shouldn’t be a problem.

To quote an example, during medieval times in the host’s original planet, something as simple as a vertical loom for weaving clothes was created within different countries far away from each other around the same time.

Each person thought that they were the first person to invent them.

The Egyptians had theirs, the Europeans had theirs, Asians and many other regions had their own unique weaving looms, all with different creators who thought they were the first to come up with the idea.

Likewise, the host will be recorded down in history as the first person in the Pyno continent to come up with the Ballista.

Plus, giving credit to the creator in Morgany would be too magical.

The creator thought of the idea in September and only got it approved this November.

So when did the host have time to sail to Morgany and get inspiration from the creator there?

I’m afraid that the hist will be prosecuted for surgery instead.

No one would believe it!

Host, this system advises you to please stop thinking stupidly and claim the credits here.]



Landon rubbed his nose awkwardly.

He was just asking a simple question.

Why so rude?

Forget it.

He quickly took out his pen and started writing and sketching everything he knew from the system.

And so, just like that, the Pyno continent would also usher in the new Siege Era.