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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1406

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1406

Pre-Battle Preparation

-Baymard’s Capital City-


Old Baloo and his wife had long arrived at the Capital 2 days ago for the first time in their lives.

They had arrived from Terique and were both upcoming merchants, trying to make a name for themselves in these changing times.

Old Baloo had always wanted to be a merchant.

Though he had 6 big stores in 3 of the most prominent cities in Terique, he had always leaned towards being a merchant instead.

He had 2 sons and a daughter.

And over the years, he had given his sons 2 stores each to manage with their families, while he remained with the other 2.

As for his daughter, she had long married another with a hefty dowry too.

In the end, because of his super busy Life, Old Baloo had never felt comfortable taking another wife after his first.

Unlike nobles, he was an ordinary person who struggled to get to where he was today, having no time to build emotions between himself and any new wife.

So after leaving her at home for heaven knows how long, who knew if his home would be turned upside down in the end?

He grew up understanding the dangerous harem life, not forgetting how his mother died.

It was one of the reasons why he swore that even if he married up to 20 or even 50 wives, he had to court them enough before deciding whether they were wolves or truly innocent sheep.

Which man wouldn’t want to have many wives and enjoy the comfort of rolling within their bosoms?


A harem filled with women of all sorts of beauty, talent, and skill sets.

This was a male fantasy that not many men could turn down, himself included.

However, because of his past, he decided to see through a woman before officially taking her home.

One shouldnt think that his stores were small.


It should be more accurate to say that he owned buildings that catered to many things.

So in a way, he owned departmental stores.

The first floor could be the actual store focusing on clothes, the second, a restaurant, and so on.

He was a gambler and a juggler, amassing quite a bit from his success.

And it was because of all this that his movements and busy lifestyle had taken him from one end of the empire to another, looking after his many businesses.

And during his business tries, he did entertain his leg in entertainment homes, where the women were mostly made baren, best they carry a merchant’s or nobleman’s child with their unworthy bodies.

Many men didn’t feel happy marrying women who had been with uncountable men year after year, day after day, hour after hour.

On average, these women entertain a minimum of 70 different men from all over the world.

Visiting such places was very typical for them.

And long story short, he had never brought home other women, making his wife immensely pleased with him as well.


Old Baloo had been too busy for most of his life, but finally, with the changes happening in Terique, he suddenly became freer and freer than he thought.

No thugs, bullied, and overly annoying people to cause trouble.

Even amongst competitors, it was harder to pull underhand tricks anymore.

The newest group of Teriquen police and controlling officers during the day or night made things very hard for many to act.

Change had come so suddenly, catching many unawares.

But for people like himself, he was very grateful instead.

Though he was seen as a rich man by peasant standards, he was more or less on the same level as an upper-class Baron.

He was no viscount, no earl, no marquees, or minister holding some political position.

He was just an ordinary businessman who got lucky and hit it big.

So he was more than happy to welcome everything with open arms, freeing himself from being bullied by the mighty ones above.


Who knew that these in the law would make businesses go so smoothly?

Now that he had time off his shoulders, he decided to grow and enter the original career path he had long wanted to do.

And that was being a merchant.


Even if he made losses or did poorly, he wouldn’t be bothered because the capital investment he planned to use when starting up wasn’t something that would make him broke or homeless if he failed.


With glittering eyes, Baloo stared out his hotel window with an over my excited child-like expression on his face.

“Wife! Wife! Look! At night, the city lights up so beautifully!”

Baloo’s wife chuckled, dragging her husband away from the window.

This wasn’t Diandra’s first time in Baymard.

But to her husband, it was a whole new ball game!


His eyes popped too exaggerated, and his hands held onto the glass, smooshing his face against the walls like a retard.

“Cold! Cold… It’s cold!”

“Pff~… Yes. Yes… The glass window is cold.” Diandra almost couldn’t hold back her laughter, seeing her everyday serious husband turn into a toddler.

This was the magic of Baymard.

This place could make one forget their identity. And ever since they had arrived, she felt her bond with her husband to be the greatest since they got married.

He talked and looked at her not as a noble or titled wife… or a person in his harem, but as herself… Diandra.

Back in Terique, even after seeing sth Baymardian goods, he would go to his office with his closest men, only showing his true face to them.

As his wife, she had seldom seen him this excited before… Except in the bedroom.

His face had remained stoic for as long as she could recall.

However, who would’ve known that her God-like husband (in her mind) was mortal?


Diandra quickly wiped her teary eyes, inwardly saying her thanks in her heart.

‘Thank you, your majesty Lanson, for creating such a place and making me have this day.’

Married for so long, and finally, she could communicate with her husband.

“Husband, we have to go to bed. Tomorrow, we still have a war to fight.”

A war?

Baloo showed a confused yet dazed expression.

…. Can anyone tell him what his wife meant?