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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1268

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McClaine’s Suspicious

The day was bright and fair as summer sat upon the land, radiating and wrapping the land with its warm embrace.

The birds and numerous creatures all sang in tune, expressing their excitement during the season.

The flowers bloomed and shone even more brightly, showing off the various colours and patterns of their petals.

The ground was heated up, making the rocks and even the dust-filled roads feel so hot that if one were to place their feet on it, they would no doubt feel a tingling burn the longer they walked.

Yes! It was still August, one of the pique moments in summer.

And now, countless people doubled up the number of water bottles or jugs they had with them.

God! It felt as though they would melt off any moment from now.

One couldn’t stay in this sort of weather without a somewhat full belly or at least 2 or 3 cups of water or rum in them.



The weather made some start seeing double, and at times even triple.

But, no matter how heavy the weather was, it all boiled down to knowing what to do and what not to do.

And so, on the busy streets, one could see people wearing massive, lightweight hats, some made of straw, while others made from fabric.

Their clothes were also airy, enabling them to work all day without feeling too burdened.

Yes! It was summertime, so all this was to be expected.

They say that Spring was the initial blossoming point of the flowers, ushering in new love to many.

Yes! They say Spring was the season of love.

It was the perfect season for both women and men to show off their most attractive inner and outer qualities, including their trained skills.

Cooking, hunting, the ability to manage a harem for one’s husband as the future head wife, military accolades, painting, poetry skills, and so many more were shown off at will.

All these skills and qualities found in both men and women were very much appreciated by others.

That is, one man’s food is another man’s poison.

So it vastly depended on what the individual people were looking for.

Summer was indeed the season for these husband or wife-looking peacocks to start spreading their wings apart.

And all over the massive city, parties of all sorts were hosted, from standard tea parties dyeing the day, to boisterous ones at night.

Even the peasants gathered around their backyards to meet others and celebrate too.

In short, Summer seemed to be the pique period when Love was in the air!

Giggle. Giggle. Giggle

In a massive estate, several ladies held up their fans and giggled while glancing at the young Master Daymon shyly.

Oh my!

He was the young man who had just returned from a 3-year trip to the famous Tenola that was said to be as mysterious as Morgany’s existence.

That is, they, as well as countless others, had no real idea about this Tenola place.

Firstly, even the merchants hardly left to travel to Tenola because of the many disadvantages they had received when doing so.

So over the years and periods, the word Tenola wasn’t that discussed within the people’s discussions.

After all, how could one talk about a place that they didn’t know?

Again, it would be good if they had strangers from Tenola, who would tell them how the place was or even show them how the people looked like.

So what about Tenola? What sort of people were they?

These ladies, as well as several novels, had no clue about what Tenola was like.

All they knew was that it was a very stormy continent that was far superior to Pyno.

And that was the end of it.

So it was astonishing news when they all heard of Young master Daymon’s return.

But maybe what was more attractive was that he had returned alongside his men, whether a mistake of those he left Pyno with and those he enlisted from Tenola.

It was then and there that many of the ignorant people finally got to see how real Tenola people looked like.

Their skin was as fair as snow and very eye-catching amongst the crowd too.

Like so, the news came down fast, as Young Master Daymon’s father quickly hosted a grand banquet to welcome his son back into Yodan.

That’s right. They were in Yodan’s Capital city.


At the moment, the celebration was the talk of the city.

And even King-Father McClaine (Sirius’ father) also had his ears perked up to this matter.

Tenola? That powerful Tenola?

The shocking thing wasn’t the fact that the boy got to Tenola.

No. The shocking aspect was that the boy managed to stay there for 3 whole years in a very comfortable position.

So how did he do it?

What sort of surgery did he pull off there?

Looking at the Royal-sized ships he returned with, as well as the famous 2-headed Stallions he came back with, there was no doubt about it that his position was a high one.


The 20-year old Daymon boy was now the most eligible bachelor in the city.

Maybe he did have a few concubines back in Tenola, but how would they know unless they ask?

McClaine felt very uneasy about the matter of his return.

Why? Because Daymon’s father, Duke Trigun, was McClaine’s paternal cousin.

And as it stood right now, if anything happened to Sirius and his sons, Trigun’s family would step in.

McClaine was the only child of his parents still alive. But his late father also had brothers and sisters.

Of course, that’s where the whole cousin thing came from.

Thinking of so many plot twists in his head, McClaine now felt an impending danger on his lineage.

No! More specifically, he felt like Daymon’s return might not be as simple as everyone speculated.

Why come now?

And what was he coming back for?

McClaine was not at ease!