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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1267

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1267

End Of The Wedding! 2

“Elder Brother Landon, don’t kill sister-in-law tonight.”

“Yeah. Take it easier on her, okay?”


Landon looked at the gang and laughed awkwardly to mask his embarrassment.

Dammit! What sort of brothers did he have?

Okay. He wasn’t too concerned with Sirius, William, Josh and Gary because they were rather on the quiet side, knowing what to say and what shouldn’t be said.

But when it came to Santa, Henry, Astar, Mark and Trey… these bastards were a little too much!

Okay. Okay… It could be said that Henry, Astar, and Mark were just a little too dense or too shy (in Henry’s case.)

No! The real troublemakers were Trey and Santa.

Landon felt that these 2 were definitely born with the sole purpose of giving him high blood pressure now.

Landon quickly picked his steps and hastily dashed away as though he was running from something.

And as he moved, the ladies and the royal gang of parents who heard the comments, only giggled and laughed at his fleeing silhouette.


They never knew that they would see him like this one day.

Mother Kim poked Lucius’s belly: “You dare to laugh at your son?”

“Laugh? Me? No way! Could you be mistaken?”


Like so, Landon hastily left their vicinity, doing what he planned to do in a hurry, before finally leaving the hall altogether.

Of course, during this time, people wanted to stand as a sign of seeing him off, but he told them to sit instead.

And in a flash, he was out of the Grand Hall.

Sure enough, one of the Camera crews captured his exit before alerting another free now outside.

Hmhm. Landon had informed them that he would at most stay an hour indoors.

So after 30 minutes, a few went out to get ready to capture Landon’s final scene for the Traditional Wedding Video.

You best believe that shortly, historians will also explain his every move, adding commentaries where they dimmed fit too.

Like so, Landon moved with his hands behind his back in his gorgeous traditional attire.

And as he moved, 2 guards holding golden spears also moved behind him.

And from time to time, they would swing the spears in different directions, as though choreographing a Spear dance.

But this was just an old Baymardian ritual that had to be connected as his groom moved towards the bridal chambers.

~Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The camera crew who captured the stunning scene, felt their bodies boil in awe at the splendour of it all.

The spear moves were so captivating and enticing that It made them feel as though they had been transported to Baymard’s past.

And at this moment, they felt very proud to be Baymardians too!

The spearmen played their part as best as they could until they finally arrived at the main building, 15 minutes away from the building they just exited.

Of course, with the pace they were mining, they only arrived at their destination 24 minutes later.


Soon enough, the moment Landon was spotted from a distance, those within the main building quickly lit their flame torches and marched towards Landon in 2 rows.

~Din! Din! Din! Din!

They marched gallantly and quickly surrounded Landon before leading the way back to the Main building.

And at this moment, the loud and majestic sounds of drums echoed out across the scene.

The beats weren’t rushed but very steady and slow as well.

Bam!… Bam!… Bam!

And indeed it was. Because the moment Landon stepped in, the drums all stopped.

Of course, for the indoor procession, another free that had been waiting was now ready to capture the stunning scene.

Heh. The entire floor plan space was covered with all sorts of decorations.

And the moment Landon stepped in, someone quickly rushed towards him with 2 golden bangles on a red cushion.

“Your Majesty, the Sacred Ancestral Bangles are here.”

“Hmm. Thank you.” Landon said while picking the bangles up. One was for himself, and one was for Lucy.

They were to keep wearing it for the next 7 days to thoroughly blend and integrate with each other as one.

Of course, Landon didn’t believe in this. But since Lucy was an advent believer of the ancestors, he chose to see it through.

And the moment he picked up the bangles, everyone calmly went on their knees hastily.

“We wish the Monarch and his new wife a blissful marriage!”

Landon smiled, nodded and began to ascend the stairs.

Of course, there was an inbuilt elevator on the far end of the room.

But hey. This was a traditional wedding.

So he had to give all the drama for the future historians and watchers to marvel on.

Like so, he calmly walked up the stairway, making sure that the Camera crew filmed all they could.

And during this time, the others still had their heads bowed while on one bended knee too.

That is, only when he could no longer be seen could they raise their heads once more.

And sure enough, on the 2nd floor, someone rang a handbell after Landon passed through.


With that, the recording was over.


Like so, the Camera crew and everyone else finally relaxed before leaving the scene.

They had worked so hard to get this whole thing right.

And now, it was time for them to return to the other hall, join and eat as well, before calling it a night.

As for Landon, just because he passed the 2nd floor didn’t mean that his journey was over.

But since they weren’t recording the scene anymore, he chose to use the elevator all the way to the top.

The elevator was an open one, where everyone could see who was on it at all times.

For safety reasons, this was the best choice at the moment.

In future, he would also make access keys just like most hotels did back on earth.


Landon stepped out of the elevator and was met with several guards stationed around there.

The floor itself could be considered as 3 floors all in one.

He arrived at the great hall or floor entrance, nodded at the many guards stationed around before ascending yet another stairway to head towards his wing.

Good. It was time to meet his wife!

Landon almost hopped along merrily when he thought of tonight’s matter.

But unbeknownst to him, while he was busy gallivanting merrily, another deadly storm was once again in motion!