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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1021

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1021


“Help me! Help me! They forced me into joining this temple. I’m innocent!”


Yara and the rest froze for a bit when they saw 4 dragias kneeling before them.

And just when they were about to make heads or tails of what was going on, a few sneaky bastards at the side of the door with their hands raised up, quickly lowered their swords, hoping to strike Yara’s head.

She rolled her eyes heavenwards and swiftly stepped out of the room, away from the door, missing their attack by a few inches.


A whistling sound echoed out when the swords sliced through the air.

The dragias welding them had used their entire strengths to land that attack.

So the swords ended up getting stuck on the ground.

Yara, who was holding up 2 guns, hastily shot her targets brutally before calmly walking over the tilted swords stuck on the floor, running straight into the room like crazy.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!~

“Ahhhhhh! To think a mere woman would be able to put me down!”

“I don’t accept this! I don’t accept this!

I am a mighty dragia! Why does a wan have to be my downfall?”

“Dragmus won’t let you go for your sins!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!~


Yara watched them fall and felt it ridiculous.

The number of times she had heard enemies talk about their shame of being killed by a woman was so many that she pondered whether to start charging them for it or not

Ignorance was indeed a sin.

Honestly, if they saw the potential in women, they might have succeeded in becoming more invincible in this world.

Lowering one’s guard because they were a female was the most idiotic thing anyone could do.

To her, both men and women were dangerous.

So looking down on any group would lead to failure.


Yara once again rolled her eyes and wished she had brought her wedding ring to the battlefield.


She was already married, alright?


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like flies, the enemies dropped to the ground before they even had a chance to retaliate.

Presently, Yara was still standing a few inches in front of the door.

And standing on her left and right were 6 others who came in the room to assist her: 3 squatting and 3 standing.

Within the darkroom, all that the enemies could see were flashy lights shooting out of the guns, flowed by the thunderous sounds of bullets raining on them.

They screamed in agony and terror each time they got hit.

With their thermal vision goggles on, Yara and the rest could see everything… Even those hiding behind the barrels and trash.

Some also tried climbing the creaking wooden ceilings but were shot mercilessly too.

Funny enough, at this time of desperation, some managed to destroy the door leading down the ship.

What a joke!

When one’s life was flashing before their very eyes, they would be able to even pass through the eye of a needle.

Talk less of destroying the door.


40% of the door shattered into pieces and stopped to the ground, leaving only the hinged part of the door still attached to the walls.

All that was left was for one of them to send their head in saying : [Here’s Johnny!]

But of course, they were the prey in this case and not the hunters.

So the situation was flipped.

In a flash, those at the back started forcing themselves through without a care.

“Move! Move! Get out of the way for me!!!”

They forced themselves through, tearing their flesh against the broken wooden parts still attached to the wall.

Of course, those who were on the other side this whole time were more terrified seeing limping zombie-like men coming their way.

They tumbled down the stairs painfully until they got to the floor just beneath the deck.

But the stairways heading towards the lower floors were once again blocked off and those below them.


Who did they offend in their past lives?

Seeing that they are running out of time, they decided to try their luck by finding a room on the floor to hide in.

Sadly, no matter what door they tried opening, it just wouldn’t budge.

There were already people in the hallway who were also locked out as well.

So what chance did they have?



They had no tears but wanted to cry.

They anxiously joined those in the hallway, banging on the doors like frightened kittens.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!~

“Please. Please. Let us in!

The enemy isn’t here yet. So help a brother in need.”

“You bastards! Didn’t we swear an oath always to help fellow dragias out?

What happened to our brotherhood? What about our promises?”

“Look! If you let me in, I promise to donate all my wealth to you all once we flee from here.”

“F*! You motherf*ers better on up or else if I survive, I will hunt every one of you till you for!”

“I’ll report this matter to his excellency in person if you don’t open up!”

“Even if I become a ghost, I will remember this betrayal! Dragmus will avenge me!”

“You scoundrels, let us in! Let us in now!!!”

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!~



What was terror?

This was terror!

Everyone was sweating buckets along this dark hallway while silently praying to Dragmus in their hearts.

They wanted revenge. And they wanted to stand up and fight.

But against such an enemy, was it even possible?

Could it be that Dragmus had offended some other God in the heavens?