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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2188

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2 days ago


Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2188

Is This Huang Xiaolong’s True Strength?!

Huang Xiaolong no longer held back. He activated all three complete dao saint godheads and his three saint bloodlines. Two giant fists appeared in the air as it emitted a brilliant golden glow. Devil qi rushed through the space around him as phantoms of Buddha appeared.

The Giant Kun Ruler and Yang Tianchen were taken by surprise, and they hastily met Huang Xiaolong’s attack.


A heaven-shaking explosion ripped through the skies.

The Giant Kun Ruler was pushed back, and he only managed to regain his footing only after retreating for several tens of thousands of miles. As for Yang Tianchen, he felt the world spinning round and round before vomiting several mouthfuls of blood.


Everyone felt their throats going dry when they saw what happened.

“This… this…” The Massacring God Ruler stuttered, and he felt his mind going blank.

A single attack was enough to force the Giant Kun Ruler to retreat and the deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race to vomit blood!

Jian Qintian and the others couldn’t believe their eyes as well. Could it be that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t using his full strength when he stopped their attacks before? Was this his true strength?!

The Giant Kun Ruler stabilized himself as he felt the blood in his body churning. Shock flashed through his heart. This… The terrifying strength behind Huang Xiaolong’s attack seemed extremely familiar, and he had only experienced this once before. It was when he had exchanged blows with the leader of the 33 Heavens Race!

Yang Tianchen stared at Huang Xiaolong with a pale face as he screamed, “You…!”

He wasn’t able to complete his sentence as Huang Xiaolong’s figure blurred before appearing in front of him. Another punch flew towards Yang Tianchen’s face, and he didn’t have time to react. The only thing he could do was to slash out with his Dark Lightning Blade.


Huang Xiaolong’s fists slammed into the blade, and flashes of lightning emerged from the divine blade. A loud whimper came from the blade as though it was experiencing immense pain.

The horrifyingly powerful force went past the blade and crashed into Yang Tianchen’s body. As he flew through the air, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. It was clear that his injuries were several times more severe than compared to before.

Everyone who witnessed the scene was so shocked that they forgot to breathe.

“Giant Kun Overturns the Sea!”

A loud roar echoed through the air as two massive fists shot towards Huang Xiaolong. Eight Kuns emerged from the void and roared towards the heavens as they charged towards Huang Xiaolong. They twisted their bodies and swept their tails, forming terrifying storms in the air. The space around them started to tear, and they arrived before Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother turning his head. He simply punched backwards into the eye of the storm, shattering their formation instantly. Miserable wails rang through the air as all eight Kuns exploded into a mist of blood.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop there. With his fist piercing through the remnants of the storm, it came crashing towards the Giant Kun Ruler.

A look of terror formed on the ruler’s face as he failed to react in time. Light surrounded his body as Kun scales formed around his body and fists. Unable to unleash any other attacks, he raised his arms to meet Huang Xiaolong’s punch with his fists.


Under the bated breaths of everyone present, Huang Xiaolong clashed with the Giant Kun Ruler.

Sounds of cracking filled the air as the scales on the ruler’s body split apart. His arms were turned into a mangled mess as he stepped backwards in retreat.

The experts from the Giant Kun Country couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath full of disbelief.


Their ruler was injured by the young man they were about to surround and kill?!

For as long as they could remember, their ruler had never been injured by anyone before. It was as though his body was immortal and his flesh was indestructible! No one had expected that there would be anyone in the world who could injure their ruler!

The experts of the Sword Race and the Massacring God Heavenly Country were equally as shocked. They stared at the piece of flesh that used to be the ruler’s arms. The undying legend of the Heavenly Road, the Giant Kun Ruler, was injured!

“Attack! Everyone, kill him! Form the 33 Heavens Lightning Altering Formation! Kil Huang Xiaolong right now!” An enraged Yang Tianchen roared in the distance.

When they heard his furious howls, the experts of the 33 Heavens Race finally snapped back to attention. They started to move as they began the set up of the 33 Heavens Lightning Altering Formation.

Lightning started to gather in the space above them and divine lightning started to rumble. Bolts of lightning that contained the power to annihilate any living being started to gather high above their heads.

The Giant Kun Heavenly Ruler turned around and roared at the experts under him, “Divine Kun Formation! Kill Huang Xiaolong right this instant!”

Everyone seemed to return to reality as they hastily formed the formation. A massive Kun formed in the space above them, right under the divine lightning gathered by the members of the 33 Heavens Race. With the combined strength of all the experts from the Giant Kun Heavenly Country, the Kun they summoned was larger than the Kun summoned by their ruler!

The members of the Heavenly Terror Country also made their move.

“Kill Huang Xiaolong! Avenge His Majesty!”

“If we work together, there is no way for Huang Xiaolong to escape alive!”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler, Mighty God Ruler, and the other experts were about to charge forward to engage in battle when they were stopped by Huang Xiaolong. “There is no need for you to make a move. Stay there and watch the show…”

Stay back and watch the show?!

When the experts of the various factions saw how Huang Xiaolong was refusing the help of the experts on his side, they couldn’t help but feel a bomb going off in their heads. Is he going to take on everyone himself?!

After the experts of the various factions completed their formations, Huang Xiaolong raised his head and roared at the heavens. His body started to fade as he turned into a Primordial Blue Divine Dragon. Streaks of light flashed through his body and lightning swirled around him!

“Can Huang Xiaolong be of the Primordial Dragon Race?!”

“Are there blue dragons in the world?!”

When everyone was still feeling shocked about the fact that Huang Xiaolong had transformed into a Primordial Blue Divine Dragon, the members of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and 33 Heavens Race made their move. Countless bolts of divine lightning and an unstoppable gale swept towards Huang Xiaolong.

Staring at everything coming his way, Huang Xiaolong didn’t bat an eyelid as he raised a single claw to slap at the divine lightning formation formed by the members of the 33 Heavens Race. One of the elders exploded into a mist of blood before he could scream.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong swept his claws across and sent several dozen experts of the 33 Heavens Race flying.

“How… how can this happen?!” Yang Tianchen stared at the majestic blue dragon and yelled.

That was the 33 Heavens Lightning Altering Formation created by several dozen super experts of the 33 Heavens Race! It was enough to destroy most heavenly countries on the Heavens Path, but Huang Xiaolong had shattered it in an instant!

Of course, it didn’t end there. Huang Xiaolong turned around and swept his tail at the giant Kun summoned by the experts of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country. With a single swipe, the giant Kun was slapped away. With his other claw, he grabbed two generals of the heavenly country and squeezed. They popped like a bubble as they turned into a cloud of blood and flesh.

Those generals Huang Xiaolong killed weren’t the strongest, but they weren’t weak either! The scene shocked everyone standing around!

“Go to h*ll!”

The Giant Kun Ruler yelled and appeared above Huang Xiaolong. Two weird weapons that resembled fish hooks appeared and pierced downwards.

That was the weakest part of Huang Xiaolong’s defense!


The moment the fish hooks came into contact with Huang Xiaolong, a look of joy appeared on the faces of the surviving members of the 33 Heavens Race. Too bad for them, sparks flew off Huang Xiaolong’s scales. The Giant Kun Ruler had failed to pierce through the thinnest point of Huang Xiaolong’s defense and the blood that everyone was expecting to see failed to appear.

With an incredulous look in his eyes, the Giant Kun Ruler stared at Huang Xiaolong.

A sneer slowly formed on Huang Xiaolong’s lips as he swung his claws towards the Giant Kun Ruler, piercing towards his chest.