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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2183

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2183

Refining the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool

When the Giant Kun Ruler stared at dazed Dong Cheng, he couldn’t help but ask, “Dong Cheng, are you alright?”

Dong Cheng finally snapped back to attention when he heard the Giant Kun Ruler’s voice. He sucked in a cold breath before shaking his head, “I’m fine!”

Is he really fine?

Light flashed in the eyes of the Giant Kun Ruler’s eyes as he asked one of the generals beside him, “Did Huang Xiaolong appear in the Golden Lightning Mountain Range?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. According to the reports, Li Haifeng and the other members of the 33 Heavens Race were killed by Huang Xiaolong in the Golden Lightning Mountain Range.”

“Brother Giant Kun, are we going to surround Huang Xiaolong to hunt him down?” Dong Cheng asked, “Huang Xiaolong is a malignant tumor we have to get rid of! With Brother Giant Kun’s strength, killing Huang Xiaolong is nothing more than flipping your wrist. If you allow him to grow any further, no one will be able to suppress him!”

The Giant Kun Ruler shook his hand, “There is no rush. We came out of the 33 heavens after much difficulty, so the most important thing is to locate the Lightning Origin Divine Tree. It won’t be too late to take care of Huang Xiaolong after obtaining the tree!”

“We need to kill Huang Xiaolong, but there is no need to do it immediately!”

“We can even work with the 33 Heavens Race to deal with Huang Xiaolong after we obtain the Lightning Origin Divine Tree!”

“Huang Xiaolong has killed too many experts from the 33 Heavens Race, and none of them were weaklings! All of them were renowned experts! The 33 Heavens Race should have formed a bone-deep hatred against Huang Xiaolong, and there is no doubt that they want nothing more than to tear his flesh from his bones. If we contact the deputy patriarch of the 33 Heavens Race, it will go without saying that Huang Xiaolong is as good as dead!”

Dong Cheng finally revealed a smile when he heard what the Giant Kun Heavenly Country’s ruler said. “Brother Giant Kun is thorough in his considerations. I was too hasty…”

The Giant Kun Ruler said, sweeping his gaze around, “According to the intelligence we gathered, the Lightning Origin Divine Tree should be right up ahead. We should see it after half a day! Pass down my order to move ahead at full speed!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The experts from the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and the Heavenly Terror Country increased their speed as they shot forward.

When the experts of the Sword Race heard about Huang Xiaolong’s actions, they suffered from no small amount of shock.

“Huang Xiaolong is seeking death! I’ve heard that he killed a ton of people from the Massacring God Heavenly Country when he tried to obtain the Heaven Longevity Lightning Spiritual Fruit. Now, he offended the 33 Heavens Race…” The daughter of the Sword Race’s Patriarch, Jian Xiaofu, sneered, “He’s definitely going to die soon…”

The Patriarch of the Sword Race, Jian Qintian, frowned in response, “Huang Xiaolong’s strength cannot be underestimated! Even the grand elder of the 33 Heavens Race, Hao Wei, nearly died at his hands! If that is really the case, Huang Xiaolong’s strength should be comparable to mine!”

Jian Xiaofu chuckled coldly, “The only reason he managed to defeat Hao Wei was because he joined hands with the Heavenly Saint Ruler. How can he be compared to you? The only reason he didn’t die in the past was because father, you didn’t use your full strength when fighting him! If you had gone all out, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to take a single strike from you!”

Jian Qintian shook his head in response, “Even if his combat ability cannot match up to me, it wouldn’t be too far away. If anyone runs into Huang Xiaolong no one is to offend him unless you have no choice!”

He could see that his daughter held a deep hatred for Huang Xiaolong in her heart.

It came as no surprise to him. His daughter was the princess of the Sword Race, and her suitors numbered in the millions. She had never experienced a setback in her life other than the time Huang Xiaolong injured her. It was normal for her to hate the first man who hurt her.

Jian Xiaofu didn’t respond to her father’s order and she stared silently at him.

After seeing that there was no way to persuade her, Jian Qintian continued, “Our main goal is to locate the purple grandmist aura! I’ve received news that there is a deep valley surrounded by purple aura all year round. There should be purple grandmist aura located deep in the valley and there should be more than a single strand! As long as we obtain the purple grandmist aura, I will be able to cultivate to the highest realm of our Sword Code! When that happens, even someone like the leader of the 33 Heavens Race wouldn’t be able to do a thing to me!”

“Father, is the leader of the 33 Heavens Race really so strong?” Jian Xiaofu asked, “Is he really the embodiment of the artifact spirit of the 33 Heavenly Gate?”

Jian Qintian shook his head. “I don’t know if he is the embodiment of the artifact spirit of the 33 Heavenly Gate. The only thing I can be sure of is his strength. His power is unfathomable and even if I reach the highest level of our Sword Code, I can only ensure that I won’t be defeated. Escaping shouldn’t be a problem, but winning is impossible.”

“Enough. We need to locate the valley before anything else!”

Jian Qintian didn’t hesitate as he led the members of the Sword Race in search of the deep valley.

He had no idea where it was, and the only thing he knew was the general location of the place. There was only one way to locate it and it was to physically search for it.

As the members of the Sword Race raced to look for the valley filled with purple aura, Huang Xiaolong had already set up countless restrictions around the Golden Lightning Mountain Range. He had sealed off the space a trillion miles around the mountain range and after confirming that he hadn’t missed a spot, Huang Xiaolong summoned the eight chaos lightning pools. One by one, they flew out from the space between Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows.

As they hovered in the air above Huang Xiaolong, they filled up the space spanning several billion miles.

Lightning spirits howled as they swam around the eight lightning pools as flashes of lightning illuminated the world.

Under the terrified gazes of the two rulers and countless experts, the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool that was hiding in the cracks in the void was drawn out by the eight chaos lightning pools.

When the lightning qi of the eight great lighting pools met, they formed pillars of lightning that trapped the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool.

The lightning spirit of the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool was a creature that couldn’t be considered a beast or a human. Its body was transparent and the roar it emitted from the middle of the Spatial Lightning Pool shook the heavens. It was seemingly trying to escape from the entrapment of the eight chaos lightning pools. It tossed and turned as it tried to break through the space around it. Too bad that Huang Xiaolong had already set countless restrictions all around. With the assistance of the eight chaos lightning pools, it was impossible for the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool to escape.

After ordering the members of the two heavenly countries to stand guard around him, Huang Xiaolong’s figure blurred as he appeared in the space above the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool. Without a second thought, he started the refinement process.

In an instant, terrifying waves of lightning energy surged out from the lightning pool as it poured into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

All of a sudden, all eight chaos lightning pools appeared beside Huang Xiaolong, and pillars of light emerged. It covered the lightning spirit of the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, and the restless spirit finally started to calm down.

Huang Xiaolong’s saint physique and complete dao saint godheads underwent a terrifying ascension phase. He also realized that the three saint bloodlines in his body were slowly improving as he refined the lightning energy contained in the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool.

The lightning energy contained in the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool was too strong and it was like a towering wave that slammed into Huang Xiaolong. Surprisingly, Huang Xiaolong nearly failed to withstand the bombardment of lightning energy coming from the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool.