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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2160

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2160

Why Is There No News Yet?

As the Heavenly Saint Country’s group rushed as fast as possible, they finally arrived at the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

However, when the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others entered the Mighty God Heavenly Country, they were perplexed. Why was it so quiet? Scarily quiet…

“Could it be that everything’s ended?” Marshal Lan Shifan uttered his doubt aloud with his brows deeply scrunched together. “Has the Lord already been….?” Killed by the Mighty God Ruler?

The others of the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts exchanged glances in apprehension.

“Let’s check out the Mighty God Divine Palace,” said the Heavenly Saint Ruler in a solemn voice.

Perhaps it was what Lan Shifan had said. The Lord was already killed?! Why else would it seem so silent?

Without delay, the Heavenly Saint Ruler led the others, flying towards the Mighty God Divine Palace at rapid speed.

As they got closer to the Mighty God Heavenly Country, they saw the broken land, the flattened mountains, and destroyed forests.

Pieces of buildings scattered all over the broken land, and they could feel the lingering destructive force in the air. All of them were shocked, looking at the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s terrible state of ruins.

The further in they flew, the more tragic the surroundings were. At some places, Mighty God Heavenly Country’s soldiers could be seen coiled together in a corner, trembling in their boots. Fear was written all over their faces as if they had just experienced the worst nightmare of their lives.

Soon, the group arrived in the vicinity of the Mighty God Divine Palace. They saw a figure standing straight in the air. It was seemingly an ordinary figure that did not exude any astounding aura or soaring killing intent. He merely stood in the air, like an insignificant speck of dust under the firmament.

Upon seeing this familiar figure, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others shuddered with excitement.

A moment later, the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts saw the almost unrecognizable Mighty God Ruler lying miserably inside a pit. His face was swollen with purple and green bruises all over. His divine armor was broken everywhere, and he looked more dead than a corpse.

Their gazes then moved to another body lying in a pit close by, which was the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s Marshal Tian Qifei. There were also other Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others were agape with shock, and for a moment, all of them forgot to fly forward.

“You guys are here.” Huang Xiaolong’s tepid voice sounded.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others shivered slightly and came to their senses. All of them hurried forward to salute Huang Xiaolong.

“Greetings to the Lord,” The Heavenly Saint Ruler saluted as he stood in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Lan Shifan and the others also saluted respectfully, “We greet the Lord!”

At this time, the Mighty God Ruler was struggling to climb out from the pit. When he heard the Heavenly Saint Ruler and Heavenly Saint Country’s experts calling Huang Xiaolong ‘Lord,’ he shuddered and nearly tumbled back into the pit.

He tried hard to see through his swollen eyes, wanting to confirm it was really the Heavenly Saint Ruler and his subordinates. He still refused to believe that the Heavenly Saint Ruler would submit to Huang Xiaolong!

Finally, the Mighty God Ruler saw the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others’ faces.

He stood dazedly in the pit.

Before the Mighty God Ruler reacted, the Barbarian Space’s lightning bead flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, instantly enveloping a large piece of land in a sea of lightning.

Sensing the Barbarian Space lightning bead’s terrifying power, the Mighty God Ruler paled. He distinctly felt the danger of death enveloping over him from the lightning bead.

Then he saw Huang Xiaolong casually wave his hand, and bright shiny spirit stones rained down from the cloud. Shocking spiritual energy swept out, nearly suffocating the Mighty God Ruler.

The mighty God Ruler stared wide-eyed at the small hill of spirit stones. These, these were?!

“Top, top-grade chaos spirit stones!” He quivered.

Those were actually top-grade chaos spirit stones. Under this heaven and earth, there are still so many top-grade chaos spirit stones?

“Submit to me, and these thirty thousand top-grade chaos spirit stones will be yours.” Huang Xiaolong did not waste time with any nonsense and added coldly, “If you are unwilling to submit to me, you will die!”

Die! The Mighty God Ruler’s heartstrings quivered.

His gaze shifted from the crackling lightning bead hovering above Huang Xiaolong’s head to the Heavenly Saint Ruler. After that, he looked at Marshal Lan Shifan and the others and suddenly smiled. He smiled bitterly. Do I have any other option?

He stared at Huang Xiaolong quietly for a long time before finally speaking, “I will submit, but after that, my status and identity must be at par with the Heavenly Saint Ruler.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement, “Accepted.”

As the ruler of a country with strength no less than the Heavenly Saint Ruler, this request was more than reasonable. Even if the Mighty God Ruler hadn’t mentioned it, Huang Xiaolong would not have short-changed him.

Upon reaching an agreement, Huang Xiaolong and the Mighty God Ruler both made their vows to the heavens.


After completing his vow, the Mighty God Ruler changed his address towards Huang Xiaolong, calling him ‘Lord’ similar to the Heavenly Saint Ruler and the others.

Nonetheless, the Mighty God Ruler inevitably felt a little awkward calling Huang Xiaolong Lord. Not long ago, he was fighting a desperate battle against Huang Xiaolong, demanding Huang Xiaolong to apologize to him in front of other rulers.

With the Mighty God Ruler’s submission, Marshal Tian Qifei, General Xiong Gang, and others also made their vows of submission.

After all the vows were completed, Huang Xiaolong distributed top-grade chaos spirit stones to the Mighty God Ruler and the others in accordance with what he had given to the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts.

Tian Qifei’s discontent reduced greatly as he looked at the hills of top-grade chaos spirit stones. But when they looked around at the broken lands, a bitter feeling filled the Mighty God Ruler’s, Marshal Tian Qifei’s, and others’ hearts. It was going to be a costly project to fully repair the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

While the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s side was crestfallen at the problem at hand, eight chaos lightning pools flew out of Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

The eight chaos lightning pools merged in front of many shocked gazes. Fine drops of lightning fell to the ground like rain from high air.

When the eight chaos lightning pools’ powers fell to the ground, the terribly cracked earth began to mend slowly. The plants that had turned into ashes started to gather again and sprouted anew. The flattened mountains rose high again in front of everyone’s eyes.

Everyone watched their surroundings gradually return to their original state in astonishment.


“Eight, eight chaos lightning pools!” The Mighty God Ruler stuttered as he stared fixedly at the eight chaos lightning pools high in the air.

There were Eight chaos lightning pools, and only the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool was missing!

Several hours later, Huang Xiaolong recalled the eight chaos lightning pools into his forehead. Although merely a few hours had passed, the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s ruined state had recovered by more than half.

After refining the Fifth Earth Lightning Pool, the eight chaos lighting pools in Huang Xiaolong’s body had merged into one and evolved. Especially in the recent period, Huang Xiaolong had discovered that there was a new vitality, and life energy. This life energy was the reason why he was able to restore the Mighty God Heavenly Country. However, this life energy could only restore plants, creatures, and land. It couldn’t restore living beings with unique characteristics.

If Huang Xiaolong wanted to resurrect his Senior Brother Jiang Hong, he needed to gather the last one, the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, and merge all nine chaos lightning pools.

The Mighty God Ruler subsequently invited Huang Xiaolong, the Heavenly Saint Ruler, and the others to the Mighty God Divine Palace.

In the next several days, Huang Xiaolong did not leave the Mighty God Heavenly Country. He stayed and waited for the Black Dragon Heavenly Country’s Battle Emperor Hong Ming’s news. If the Battle Emperor Hong Ming had returned to the Black Dragon Heavenly Country and seen the Black Dragon Ruler, he would soon receive a reply.

While Huang Xiaolong waited for news at the Mighty God Heavenly Country, rumors outside were spreading like wildfire.

“I heard that that kid entered the Mighty God Heavenly Country. The strange thing is that even though a few days have passed, there is no news from the Mighty God Heavenly Country.”

The Heavenly Terror Country’s General Sun Po was doubtful.