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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1675

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1675

Alliance Of Three Sides

“Greetings. I am Zhang Tianle, and it’s my honor to be your auctioneer for today.” As soon as the auctioneer arrived on stage, he greeted everyone in a respectful manner.

A faint red light flickered in the space between his eyebrows and from a distance, one would mistake the red light for a third eye.

The moment the words left his mouth, clamor broke out in the crowd.

As it turned out, Zhang Tianle was the top auctioneer of the Dark Roc Chamber of Commerce and he was also a grandmaster appraiser. He was at the peak of fame, and he was someone from the Hell Crimson Qilin Race. He had Fiery Qilin eyes when he was born, and he could be said to be a unique existence. His Fiery Qilin eyes were said to be able to see through all sorts of disguises and lies. Of course, even though his abilities were somewhat exaggerated, it was clear that his Fiery Qilin Eyes weren’t there for show.

Moreover, Zheng Tianle was already someone in the later stages of the Emperor Realm. Despite only being in the early-Seventh Order Emperor Realm, his status in the Dark Roc Clan was extremely high. No one thought that he would be the chief auctioneer this time round.

When they thought about his status, everyone realized that the auction was bound to be an extraordinary one. Thinking about the treasures that were about to appear, everyone understood the true meaning of Zheng Tianle hosting the auction.

After a simple self introduction and explanation of the rules, the first item of the auction appeared.

The first item was a type of jade, also known as the Soul Linking Jade. It was different from ordinary spirit jade as it was able to gather spirit qi around the user. Moreover, the Soul Linking Jade was able to absorb other people’s divine soul…

“This Soul Linking Jade came from an old ancestor of the Golden Spider Gate. He was an Emperor, and it was obtained during the ancient times.” After a simple introduction of the origins of the Soul Linking Jade, the auction began.

The starting price was at a cheap million tenth-grade spirit stones.

To the many superpowers of the Hell Asura World, the price of a million tenth-grade spirit stones was nothing more than peanuts. In a flash, many people started to bid on it and the crowd started to get rowdy.

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he watched the bids going up. This time, he was here for the three treasures at the end. He wasn’t interested in anything else.

In the fourth private room, Shi Yinyu and Peng Zhengfei were sitting on the sofa as they looked at the jade mirror before them. They could see everything happening below them.

The two of them had little to no interest in the Soul Linking Jade, and instead, their gazes landed on Huang Xiaolong. The thoughts in their heart were different from each other.

Shi Yinyu turned around all of a sudden and asked Peng Zhengfei, “Do you think that brat is the Asura noble who turned the Asura Gate upside down?”

Peng Zhengfei was shocked in his heart. “It’s hard to say. His four subordinates possess unfathomable strength. However, they look different from the people who wrecked the Asura Gate. He doesn’t match the description given as well…”

Shi Yinyu shook his head and explained, “There are many ways of changing one’s appearance. Moreover, everyone says that his bodyguards are the Great Commanders of the Netherworld King’s Organization. Doesn’t that mean that that brat is the new master of your organization?”

Peng Zhengfei frowned.

“That brat really appeared at an unfortunate timing.” A cold light flashed through Shi Yinyu’s eyes as he continued, “In a few years, your master would be able to completely refine all the restrictions placed in his body. With his status and power in the Netherworld King’s Organization, he would definitely be able to control the entire organization. Right now, this kid has appeared and thrown a wrench in our plans…”

If Lu Kun was able to refine all the restrictions placed on him and surpass the Emperor Realm, it wouldn’t be hard for him to take over the entire organization with his strength and influence.

The moment Lu Kun took over the Netherworld King’s Organization, the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe would be able to seek their cooperation and unify the Spirit World! It would be a piece of cake for them to scheme against the Divine World once again!

Several billion years ago, the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe had gathered a majestic army to charge towards the Divine World. Even though they had suffered defeat, they were preparing an even stronger lineup and there was no way they would fail to take over the Divine World this time.

Anyone who could pose a threat to the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe’s plan had only one fate, death!

Peng Zhengfei muttered, “Relax. He offended the Howling Moon Wolf Race and the Massacring Gods Gate at the same time.

The moment they form an alliance against him, their respective factions will send out numerous experts to support them. He can enter the Holy Mountain, but leaving won’t be possible.”

Shi Yinyu shook his head and said, “Even if the two of them form an alliance, I’m afraid that they won’t be able to kill that kid. Don’t forget, he has four peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts protecting him. He also has ten Tenth-Order Emperors from the Undead Race beside him. He might even be hiding more trump cards and if they fail in their operation to assassinate him, killing him will no longer be an easy task.”

The frown on Peng Zhengfei’s face became deeper. “What do you mean?”

“Just twenty days ago, I received news that the old ancestor is rushing here with several experts. If the need arises, we will join hands with the two of them to get rid of him!”

The Nine Yin Corpse Tribe had the power to shake Hell itself. The experts they had were as numerous as clouds, and if news got out that they had joined hands with the Massacring Gods Gate to take care of a single kid, no one would believe them!

Peng Zhengfei nodded and sighed in relief, “If that’s the case, there is no other way things will turn out. That kid is dead for sure.” According to him, it didn’t matter how strong his bodyguards were. No matter how many of them he had, he was dead for sure!

“After we kill that kid and your master takes control of the organization, you will be the young master of the Netherworld King’s Organization. I will have to trouble you to cooperate with our Nine Yin Corpse Tribe to deal with the Divine World.” Shi Yinyu chuckled.

Peng Zhengfei laughed as well. “Of course. That’s what brothers are for.”

Laughter filled the room.

As time passed, the auction slowly progressed.

As the items landed in the hands of their respective buyers, hours upon hours slipped away.

In the end, only the last three items were left.

The initially rowdy venue started to calm down and silence was left as everyone stared at the auction table. Even Huang Xiaolong straightened his back as he observed in anticipation.

In contrast to the tense atmosphere, the auctioneer, Zhang Tianle, portrayed a casual expression.

Under the bated breaths of everyone present, a massive cage was dragged onto the stage by one of the disciples. No one knew what material was used to form the cage, but there were countless ancient symbols carved into it. There was a giant beast in the cage with the head of a lion, antlers of a deer, eyes of a tiger, covered in black scales. It was precisely a humongous qilin.

Beneath its feet were flames burning a brilliant red. It was a Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, a grandmist divine beast…

Despite the numerous restrictions suppressing it to prevent its escape, the majestic aura it emitted couldn’t be stopped. Everyone felt a shock in their heart when they looked at it.