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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1425

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1425

The Netherworld King’s Jade

Chen Xiao and other families’ Patriarchs’ faces changed when they saw the silver token in Bei Xiaomei’s hand, as they were clearly astonished.

A head of a silver fox was carved at the center of this silver token. This silver fox’s head was lifelike, emitting a layer of silver halo.

“May I ask how is President Chen related to Miss?” Wang Tong asked with a brilliant smile, his demeanor had turned respectful, completely different from before.

Other experts were also looking at Bei Xiaomei, waiting for her to reply.

“You’re referring to Chen Yunfeng?” Bei Xiaomei repeated casually. “He and I are not related., My surname is Bei, and my sister is Bei Xiaoji.”

Surnamed Bei!

Bei Xiaoji!

Wang Tong shuddered and his face paled. Few people had heard Bei Xiaoji’s name, and his father happened to be one of those ‘few people.’ He had occasionally heard his father mention Bei Xiaoji.

This, this…!

Even though Chen Xiao didn’t know who Bei Xiaoji was, the changes on Wang Tong’s face did not escape his notice, and he immediately understood that ‘Bei Xiaoji’ was a big persona.

“Oh my, it’s actually President Bei Xiaoji’s younger sister… This Wang Tong was impolite earlier… Please accept my apologies, and I hope Miss can forgive me.” Wang Tong put on a humble and respectful attitude, filled with sincerity when he apologized to Bei Xiaomei.

The spectating experts’ eyes nearly fell out of their sockets at Wang Tong’s suddenly changed behavior.

Wang Tong, the Royal Buddha Emperor Palace’s Young Lord was humbly apologizing to this young woman after learning her true identity!

Who is this young woman?! Even Chen Yunfeng whom Wang Tong had mentioned earlier wasn’t worthy of such courtesy from Wang Tong.

Wait—! President Bei Xiaoji?! Could she be..?! Everyone thought of a possibility at the same time and shuddered. When their gazes fell on Bei Xiaomei again, it held a completely different meaning.

“Forget it, forget it. I am not scolding you. I just stopped you to tell you that Uncle is my person. If anything happens to Uncle when he’s in the Royal Buddha Great Worlds, I’d tell my sister that you bullied me, and have her come settle the account with you!” Bei Xiaomei waved her hand magnanimously.

Uncle is my person?

Huang Xiaolong was extremely speechless as he questioned inwardly, ‘When did I become your person?’

Wang Tong was dumbfounded, but quickly understood the ‘Uncle’ Bei Xiaomei was referring to was Huang Xiaolong. When Wang Tong heard that Bei Xiaomei would tell her elder sister to settle things with him if he were to harm Huang Xiaolong, a trace of panic flickered across his eyes. He waved his hands in a fluster, and forced a smile on his face as he dissuaded, “Miss Bei is joking I presume. Please don’t worry, as nothing will happen to your Uncle in our Royal Buddha Great Worlds!”

Bei Xiaomei nodded with satisfaction. “That would be best.” She then pulled Huang Xiaolong’s arm and said, “Uncle, let’s go.” She didn’t care whether Huang Xiaolong was willing to go with her or not, as she was already pulling Huang Xiaolong out of the auction house.

Huang Xiaolong had no choice but let Bei Xiaomei lead the way out of the auction house.

In truth, when Bei Xiaomei had taken out the silver token, Huang Xiaolong had more or less guessed her identity. And if he was right, then it explained why Wang Tong was wary of Bei Xiaomei.

The Flying Paradise Hall, Finest Grade House, and Myriad Circles Commerce Hall were big forces of the Divine World, however, the leader of the Divine World’s top ten trading houses was the Silver Fox Commerce!

That silver token was the silver fox token that was only given to the Silver Fox Commerce’s higher echelons.

Another point was, the little cow was familiar with Bei Xiaomei’s father, thus, it was even easier to guess Bei Xiaomei’s identity.

Each of the Divine World’s top ten trading houses were hegemons of the Divine World, especially the Silver Fox Commerce stood at the top of the pack. At this point in time, Silver Fox Commerce’s power and influence were out of Huang Xiaolong’s scope of imagination. Even the Heavenly Court or the Emperor Palaces’ forces would not dare to provoke a trading house with this magnitude.

Huang Xiaolong was astonished after determining Bei Xiaomei’s identity, but at the same time he was more curious. With Bei Xiaomei’s identity, she didn’t need to come in person to bid for the God King’s Buddha Pellet and Buddha Pastes…

Had she come to the auction house to play?

“Uncle, where do you stay? Since I helped you right, don’t you plan to invite me to your place?” Bei Xiaomei pouted and asked after coming out from the auction house.

Huang Xiaolong grinned. “Alright then, I formally invite Miss Bei Xiaomei to visit my residence.”

Bei Xiaomei giggled and said sweetly, “That’s how you do things.”

However, when Huang Xiaolong’s group returned to their residence, a space crack appeared and two old men stepped out of it.

Both old men were clad in golden brocade robes, and had undetectable auras, but their presence was enough to make Huang Xiaolong’s heart tight. His attention was fully on both of them.

There was a hint of surprise in the two old men’s eyes as they looked at Xiang Xun, but they continued to step towards Bei Xiaomei. One of the old men respectfully approached her and said, “Second Miss, Eldest Miss has already known that you went out, so she has instructed us to bring you back.”

Bei Xiaomei pouted her mouth sullenly and complained, “I’ve got it… So annoying… Didn’t I just come here to play for a few days?”

Looks like Bei Xiaomei had sneaked out to play.

“Uncle, I have to go back now.” Bei Xiaomei said to Huang Xiaolong reluctantly, “I don’t know when I can go out next time…” She took the silver token out again and placed it in Huang Xiaolong’s hand. “When you reach the Silver Fox Commerce headquarters, show this silver token to them and tell them I’m the one who gave it to you.”

Huang Xiaolong hesitated briefly before accepting the silver token. He nodded and promised, “I will.”

The Silver Fox Commerce headquarters was located at Heaven’s Avenue—a place he would go to purchase materials required for repairing the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship.

Bei Xiaomei smiled happily seeing that Huang Xiaolong had accepted the silver token, and said, “Then you must come, oh.” With that, she turned and followed the two old men.

Both old men were surprised that Bei Xiaomei had given the silver token to Huang Xiaolong, but neither of them uttered a word. They simply glanced at Huang Xiaolong for a second, as if memorizing his face.

After that Bei Xiaomei and the two old men vanished from sight right in front of Huang Xiaolong’s group.,.

“Let’s go in.” Huang Xiaolong said after Bei Xiaomei had left. He walked into the residence with the little cow, and the rest followed behind them. There was an urgency for him to learn about the black jade token’s origins.

Upon entering the residence, Huang Xiaolong immediately activated the residence’s formations, and then entered his room with the little cow.

“Xiaolong, quick, take out that Netherworld King’s Jade for me to see.” The little cow urged anxiously.

‘The Netherworld King’s Jade? So, that black jade token was called the Netherworld King’s Jade.’ Huang Xiaolong thought as he took it out.

The little cow took the jade token and looked at it inch by inch, the more she looked at it, the more excited she became, mumbling something under her breath. But Huang Xiaolong couldn’t distinguish what she was mumbling about. Even so, he did not interrupt her.

It went on for roughly half an hour before the little cow came out from her ‘agitated’ condition. She returned the jade token to Huang Xiaolong and tried to speak as calmly as she could, “Can you guess why this jade token is called the Netherworld King’s Jade? That is because the Lord of Hell has another title, the Netherworld King!”

The Lord of Hell, the Netherworld King!

Could it be?!

Huang Xiaolong’s shock was apparent on his face, and so was his disbelief as he looked at the jade token in his hand. This..!

“You, you’re saying this jade token belonged to the Lord of Hell?!” Even though he had heard the words from the little cow’s mouth, Huang Xiaolong still felt it was surreal. This was indeed hard to believe, not to mention, anyone else would react the same way.