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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E931

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 931

Battle With Demon (Part 2)

The demon groaned and waved the arm coiled with the demonic whip, launching waves of long purple whip phantasms.

The whip phantasms caused violent spiritual fluctuations. The purple flames seemed to be able to burn everything into ashes.

A tearing sound!

The purple whip phantasm tore a black space fissure, but Jin Tianci had disappeared in a flash.

When Jin Tianci appeared, he turned into starlight and dived underground.

The demon snorted and launched a palm at the ground. The black-purple demonic qi condensed into a giant palm phantasm.

“Thoomp“, a 300 meters hole appeared on the ground.

A white figure rose into the sky from the hole. After a few flashes, it appeared strangely behind the demon. A white starlight condensed a huge palm and grabbed the devil.

The demon showed a trace of disdain. He launched a palm too.

A white-black-purple mushroom cloud rose from the ground!

Jin Tianci and the demon were pushed back almost at the same time.

However, Jin Tianci had already grabbed the end of the long purple whip during the attack.

Buzz, the lightning arc sound came!

Golden lightning arcs spread toward the demon through the long whip.

The demon’s reaction was also extremely fast. He moved his arm and swung away Jin Tianci, then the long whip was ignited with purple flames, burning away the lightning arcs.

Jin Tianci rolled several times in midair before catching the balance. As he wanted to act, he suddenly sensed something in the valley behind him.

A black escape light was rushing over at a hastened speed.

“Tsk tsk! Another human friend seems to have arrived.” The demon seemed to have also sensed something in the distance. He stopped and laughed awkwardly.

The person was Liu Ming!

He was frowning with a stern face. Obviously, he had seen the astounding crater from a distance.

Above the giant crater, the gigantic demon with a height of 20 meters was powered up by another level as compared to half a month ago.

In stark contrast, Jin Tianci on the other side didn’t seem to have any wounds, but if one looked closely, his aura was fluctuating unstably. His vitality was clearly exhausted.

“It’s you? It seems that the beastkin woman treats you not bad. She actually let you out of that place alive?”

When Liu Ming was less than 900 meters, the demon’s surprised voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

Liu Ming didn’t answer him at all. After a burst of crackling sound, he threw out both fists.

In the face of this Celestial State demon, Liu Ming did not dare to hold back at all. He used all his power in this move.

The deafening sound of dragon and tiger roars came!

5 60 meters long black mist dragons and 5 black mist tigers emerged from his back and charged at the demon.

The demon was startled at first, then he waved his hand indifferently. The purple demonic whip flashed and condensed a purple demonic snake phantasm. After a few blur, it whipped on the black mist tigers and dragons.

“Bang bang bang!“

As soon as the black mist dragons and tigers touched the purple demonic snake, they were knocked back into a black light.

“Hell Prison!”

Liu Ming tapped in the air. The black light that filled the sky gathered around the demon, forming a black light ball of 30 meters in size.

As this light ball was formed, a rumbling noise came from within. The black light was rolling as if it was going to collapse in the next moment!

At this moment, starlights rolled over; Jin Tianci also attacked without hesitation.

Although he looked slightly bloodless, he still formed gestures in an orderly manner. Starlights were shot from the tattered golden robe. It condensed into a dazzling white light curtain and wrapped around the black light ball, stopping it from collapsing.

“Whoosh“, after a series of afterimages flashed, a figure appeared outside the white light curtain.

It was Liu Ming with a pair of silver wings!

He touched his chest with one hand, made a gesture and chanted. In the “Pseudo Pellet”, the suppressed Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder was beating faintly. He actually intended to launch another trace of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

Since he got a cluster of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder in the previous ruin, he finally had some extra to use on the enemy. He didn’t have to be worried about being possessed by demonic will.

At this moment, an astonishing spiritual pressure surged into the sky in Hell Prison. Bursts of purple lights flashed frantically in the black light ball. “Boom”, the Hell Prison was burst open. In the white light curtain, black-purple light was flickering widely, seeming unstable.

Jin Tianci immediately spat a mouthful of blood essence and launched symbols at it.

“Whoosh“, the blood essence turned into a bloody light and entered the white light curtain.

After the white light curtain swayed a few times, it stabilized a little, but the purple flames were still impacting the light curtain.

However, with Jin Tianci buying these few seconds for him, in Liu Ming’s “Pseudo Pellet”, a hair-thin five color divine thunder finally flashed and shot out from his finger.


After the five color lightning shot out, it became thick and flashed into the light curtain.

“Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder! It was really you who did that in the ruin!” The demon’s furious roar could be heard faintly in Hell Prison.

He swiftly waved the Skyquake Whip, and it wrapped around him tightly.

A loud noise!

One after another, white-black-purple air waves rolled out wildly. The entire space trembled. The mountains of different heights in the distance were obliterated in the air waves.

Liu Ming hurriedly channeled Beast Armor Tactic and covered his body with silver light while retreating quickly.

Jin Tianci was also knocked back by the aftermath, and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

A flash of silver light.

Liu Ming appeared next to Jin Tianci in a flash, grabbed him, and flashed away. They traveled for hundreds of meters in one goal in seconds.

After the fluctuations dissipated, in the center of the original Hell Prison, there was only a cloud of purple-black mist that kept flickering. A demon wrapped in purple lights was exuding an incredibly powerful murderous intent.

Liu Ming was dumbstruck by such a result.

This time, he had already taken some risk to release a trace of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, which made the demonic will suppressed by the thunder seal also move slightly, but it was still defended by this demon.

Jin Tianci hurriedly consumed an elixir.

“Since you can really use the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, I can never let you live!”

In the middle of the black-purple mist, the demon roared hoarsely. The purple flames rolled and transformed back into the demonic whip.

The next moment, the purple-black mist exploded in a dazzling light. A purple shadow flashed out and somehow appeared before them. The demon waved his hand, and dense purple whip lights were launched.

Liu Ming turned around, flapped the pair of huge silver wings and stepped his feet to dodge back.

Jin Tianci also turned into a starlight and dodge to the side.

The demon flickered and rushed at Liu Ming with the dense whip shadows, completely ignoring Jin Tianci. He raised his other hand and tapped at Liu Ming.

A gray-green black air condensed on his fingertip, and a black light shot at Liu Ming in an instant.

Liu Ming was taken aback, but he still barely managed to channel the Beast Armor Tactic and the crimson dragon scales in his body to defend.


Liu Ming felt a heat on his shoulder, followed by an intense pain.

On his left shoulder, a bloody hole with the thickness of a finger appeared. Strands of gray-green demonic qi were still lingering on it. Simultaneously, the purple whip phantasms also came from above.

At the critical moment, a strong wind blew from behind. It was a crimson blade light of 300 meters long.


After the purple whip phantasm and the blade light collided above Liu Ming, the whip was shrinking back quickly.

It was Jin Tianci who took the attack for Liu Ming from a distance.

“You still dare to ruin my plan in your current state? Tsk tsk, you are really brave!” The demon stopped and glared at Jin Tianci with a surprised look.

In his hand, there was a small crimson blade. There were layers of substantial runes flickering on it, but there seemed to be a tiny crack on it. It seemed to be damaged by the whip.

However, Jin Tianci didn’t care. He just spat another mouthful of blood essence in the small crimson blade.

As the surrounding space buzzed, a crimson blade light of 300 meters long surged at the demon.