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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E929

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 929

Killing Long Xuan

“Brother Liu, we were ambushed by the demons and the Demon Mystic Sect. In order to cover our evacuation, Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin is still fighting those demons!” Ouyang Qian sent a voice transmission to Liu Ming from a distance before they converged.

“Demon Mystic Sect? Demons? There is such a thing? You are all injured, let me get rid of this man first.” Liu Ming glanced over them and looked at the green demonic flame that didn’t intend to stop, then he said decisively. After a flicker, he moved past the purple light and went to Long Xuan.

“Liu Ming? I didn’t expect that the demon didn’t kill you! But it’s fine, let me finish you off personally!”

The sudden appearance of Liu Ming made Long Xuan excited.

Liu Ming naturally didn’t have the intention of “reminiscing” with Long Xuan. He immediately released black gas, and a burst of dragon roars sounded!

He shook his arms, and 5 60 meters long black mist dragons rushed at Long Xuan.


Long Xuan let out a loud roar, folded his hands together and stretched forward. 2 green flames rolled out, condensing into a green python of 90 meters long.

After the python circled around Long Xuan, it shot green flames at the 5 black mist dragons and went into a skirmish.

The black mist dragons and the green python were in a stalemate.

Long Xuan snorted and changed the gesture after seeing this.


The green python scattered and burst out green light, riddling the 5 black mist dragons with holes.

However, Long Xuan looked shocked as he turned sideways and stepped back hurriedly.

Liu Ming flashed out behind him and threw 2 big fists that were wrapped by black gas.

A tiger roar!

2 black tiger head phantasms charged out in a roar.

The green giant phantasm waved the burning blades and swords at them.

Several green flame blades and swords crossed and resisted the 2 tiger head phantasms, making a loud heart shaking impact.

At this moment, a giant green bull head phantasm emerged from Liu Ming’s shoulder as a green light flashed. The green bull phantasm shot out a ray of light and snatched those green flames.

A rumbling sound resounded through the space!

Without the blessing of the green flames, the blades and swords were crushed by the 2 black tiger head phantasms!

Long Xuan dodged hurriedly, but he couldn’t avoid it completely. His right shoulder was hit by a tiger head, throwing him back for a distance.

After flying dozens of meters away, a green lotus emerged and supported Long Xuan’s figure, but his status didn’t look great at all.

He glanced at Liu Ming viciously, then he spouted a black rune into the forehead of the green giant phantasm behind him.

A burst of bone crackling sound came instantly!

The green giant was enlarged several times again, and the green spirit patterns were clearly visible. As the black-green demonic qi kept surging in, the spirit patterns were expanding, covering its entire body. The phantasm also became solid.

Apparently, this was the true look of the Green Sun Sacred Giant!

Long Xuan’s ugly face was even more hideous in the green flames.

He grinned and chanted obscure incantations. The green giant slowly raised its arm and spread its 5 fingers.


A large piece of green flame spewed out from the huge palm. It spun and form a green flame vortex the size of an acre.

An astonishing aura that seemed to be able to destroy the world came from the center of the vortex.

Liu Ming frowned. This green flame was much stronger than what he saw in the Ouyang Family that day.

He immediately patted his shoulder with 1 hand, and the green bull phantasm immediately appeared in front of him. After its body shook violently, it roared angrily at the Green Sun Sacred Giant.

“Aoooo!“, a green sound wave shot out, piercing through the green flame vortex and swarming the Green Sun Sacred Giant.

The Green Sun Sacred Giant’s demonic qi was blown away, then a layer of green light was flickering on it.

Long Xuan moved both arms and tried to attack with the green flame vortex, but the green giant phantasm couldn’t move at all.

He let out a cold snort and stepped forward, going into the green flame vortex together with the giant phantasm.

In an instant, a rumbling sound came from the green flame vortex. It tumbled violently as if it was stirred by some giant force.

In 2 seconds, there was a loud noise. The entire vortex turned into little green flames and scattered, revealing a green giant more than 15 meters tall. Its face looked exactly the same as Long Xuan.

He actually merged as 1 with the Green Sun Sacred Giant!

Liu Ming was stunned at first, but he immediately made a gesture to let the green bull phantasm shoot another green light.

But this time, the green giant easily scattered the green light with a wave of its hand.

Then the giant rubbed its hands, and a large area of green demonic flames appeared on top of Liu Ming. A 150 meters long gigantic sword phantasm was condensed from the green flames and struck at Liu Ming.


At this moment, Ouyang Qian, who was watching the battle not far away, saw the sword slashed out, and she suddenly cried out.

But the next moment, something that surprised everyone happened.

Che Huan phantasm spurted a green hurricane, breaking the gigantic green sword in midair, then the demonic flames were swallowed into its stomach.

“Poof“, the green demonic qi circulated in Che Huan’s stomach and disappeared without a trace.

After Che Huan devoured so many high rank beastkin souls in Thousands Beastkins Hall, its power was no longer what it used to be.

Seeing this, the giant, who was utterly shocked, turned around and fled.

When Long Xuan saw that the fusion technique was being restrained by Che Huan, he fled decisively.

Under this circumstance, Liu Ming would not let him leave easily. He chanted, and a pair of wing emerged after a flash of silver light. After a few flickers, he was already right behind the giant.

At this moment, the giant phantasm flashed out from the merged giant and exploded. The rolling green flames drowned Liu Ming who was caught off guard.

When the giant phantasm was released from Long Xuan’s body, he returned to his usual size. He turned into a black shadow and fled.

“You actually forced me to self-destruct the Holy Venerable phantasm. I will seek my revenge someday in the future!” Long Xuan’s gloomy roar came from the dark shadow that had already escaped several dozen meters.

But the next moment, the green flame sea split in half. Liu Ming somehow got rid of the green flames. He accelerated his speed to the maximum and launched a barrage of fist shadows.

Long Xuan was startled by this. He channeled the remaining green demonic flames and condensed a giant green shield behind him.

After a burst of noises, the green giant shield was safe and sound, which made Long Xuan feel relieved.

But at the next moment, a deafening dragon roar came!

2 black mist dragons swirled out, slammed into the green giant shield and tore it to pieces.

When Long Xuan turned around and tried to do something, it was too late. He could only cross his arms.

After the 2 black mist dragons hit him, he was knocked back far away.

“Whoosh“, Liu Ming fluttered his wings, moved past Long Xuan, circled around and stopped a dozen meters away.

Long Xuan barely stopped himself from flying. There was a huge bloody hole on his abdomen, and green demonic qi was gushing out together with his flesh and blood.

Liu Ming punched through his body at that moment.


Long Xuan’s originally ugly face was extremely distorted by the pain, but such a blow was obviously not enough to kill him completely.

He desperately pressed his abdomen with his hand, and he took out another golden talisman.

As he wanted to put it onto the wound, a large amount of black water vapor surged out from the wound!


Long Xuan shouted with a pale face. It was too late to use the talisman in his hand.

Countless black water vapor shot out from his body like arrows, then it destroyed his body and soul together. Countless flesh was raining down from the sky.

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