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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E923

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 923

Yao Ji

Before Liu Ming could picture what had happened, the face of the beautiful girl suddenly turned from stunned to grim. She waved her arm, and a gale burst out in between them.

Liu Ming only felt the cold wind, then he was thrown to the ground 30 meters away.

The slight pain made Liu Ming understand what was going on here. He quickly put on another set of clothes after the bluish and red face on his face, he hurriedly changed into a new set of clothes first.

Before he had just put on the robe, the nine tail young woman who had put on a white palace costume appeared in a gust of wind. However, her face was full of murderous intent.

“Very good, you did such a thing while I was in a state of confusion. I will turn you into ashes!”

The beastkin young woman gritted her teeth, raised one hand, and a red claw phantasm of about 3 meters in size instantly emerged and grabbed at Liu Ming fiercely.

Liu Ming could only laugh bitterly. He released a small yellow shield, which transformed into a giant yellow shield before him.

After the shield spun, a hill phantasm emerged from it.

A loud bang!

After the red claw phantasm collided with the yellow hill, the hill instantly vanished into nothingness, and the Thick Earth Shield burst into a yellow mist like a piece of paper.

Liu Ming was startled. The 8 tentacles sea beastkin on his body disappeared during the previous “fierce battle”, so he could only channel a dozen of dragon scales to cover his vital spots.

After a flash of red light, he felt pain all over his body. The crimson dragon scales were crushed, revealing his wound. He immediately pulled the distance.

After stumbling a few steps, he finally stabilized his feet, but he was still dizzy from the attack.

“Hmph, a mere cultivator of the Pseudo Pellet State actually possesses such an amazing physical body! I feel a little pure beastkin aura flowing in your body. Is it possible that you have also practiced our Beastkin Clan’s mystic arts?”

The young woman in palace costume said with a blank face, then she launched another red claw phantasm at Liu Ming.

At this time, Liu Ming was covered in blood. 5 huge bloody holes were clearly visible on his chest were. He snorted and punched with both fists. Black gas rolled out and condensed into 5 ferocious black mist dragons.

There was an earth-shattering loud noise. The red light and black gas intertwined in the sky, and they turned into waves of turbulent waves that spread away.

Liu Ming trembled as blood splashed out from him. He was looking even worse now.

When the Beastkin Clan young woman saw that the second blow was still ineffective, she was slightly surprised. After a slight hesitation, she said coldly,

“Very good. With your cultivation base, you can actually take 2 blows from my godly claw. Your skills are quite admirable. If you can take my next attack, I may consider letting you go. Don’t get carried away yet, I only used 50% of my spiritual power for the previous 2 attacks.”

As she spoke, she let out a long whistle. The 9 snow white tails emerged. She made a gesture and pointed at Liu Ming.

With a rumbling noise, the whole sky turned dark. A gigantic claw phantasm the size of an acre emerged above Liu Ming. It was crimson in color with countless flame clouds wrapped around it.

Liu Ming was stupefied. He waved his hand at the surrounding immediately..

“Whoosh!“, a silver light flashed from 1 side of the ground and submerged into his body. It instantly turned into a silver armor. It was the eight-legged holy beast!

At the same time, Liu Ming quickly made a gesture. A pair of silver arms flashed out under his ribs. Each of the arms was holding a Heavy Water Droplet.

At this moment, the crim claw had already gotten close. Countless lightning lingered between the 5 fingers.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s pupils shrank. He roared wildly, and 5 black mist dragons and 5 black mist tigers transformed behind him. A burst of crackling sound came from his body as his body grew larger by 1 size. His palms were even wrapped with several layers of black-purple scales.

“Whoosh“, Liu Ming’s 4 arms rushed toward the falling gigantic claw.

In an instant, the entire space above trembled. The 5 black mist dragons and 5 black mist tigers soared into the sky, then dense black fist shadows followed behind them like a tidal wave.

A loud rumbling sound resounded like thunder in the sky!

In an instant, in the circle of black shock waves, one after another gray wind beams rose into the sky, rolling wildly in all directions…

Liu Ming only felt a heat in his chest, and he couldn’t help spouting out 2 mouthfuls of blood. His legs sank directly into the ground by half. The nearby slates were all shattered by the descending force.

The 2 silver arms under his ribs collapsed into silver light spots. His original arms also hung on both sides, not being able to move. The fists covered in black-purple scales were bleeding heavily.

However, Liu Ming ignored all of this and just stared at the huge black-red light cluster that gradually spread out in the air.

When all the light disappeared, neither the fist shadows nor the gigantic claw existed.

Only then did Liu Ming feel relieved. He turned his eyes at the young woman, then he subconsciously scanned his sword pouch.

If the other party was still unwilling to give up, he had no choice but to lift the seal of the sword pouch and use the Void Sword that was still being nourished.

The young woman in palace costume had a strange expression after seeing this. She seemed to be relieved, but she still looked a little unwilling.

“Hmph, you are lucky. This shows that I have no other means to easily take your life. In this case, for the sake of you helping me to complete this inheritance, I will let you go. But no third person should know about this. Otherwise, even if I have to cross several continents, I will try to come and kill you!” After the young woman’s face changed, she said.

“Don’t worry, miss. I will never leak what happened here to anyone or I’m willing to be punished by thousand ghosts devouring my soul!” Liu Ming quickly made an oath.

“You better remember what you said just now. This yuan recovery pill is your reward this time. Besides, this is the thing that can bring you out of here.” The young woman said faintly. After taking another glance at Liu Ming, she threw over a green elixir and a white talisman. After that, she crushed the same talisman in her hand, and she became blurred in white light.

“I’m Liu Ming from the Middle Sky Continent. May I know miss’ name!” After Liu Ming caught the elixir and talisman, a strange feeling appeared in his heart. He somehow asked such a question.

“My name is Yao Ji, if you feel that you are strong enough in the future, you can come to Savage Wild Continent to find me… But if you are not strong enough, I will immediately tear you into tens of thousands of pieces.” The young woman’s melodious voice echoed gently in the hall. The next moment, she completely disappeared after a flash of white light.

When Liu Ming saw her disappeared, he just stood there for a while. His mind was reminiscing the few days spent with her. He somehow felt a sense of loss for this unexpected relationship.

With her nine tail fox bloodline, she must have a prestige identity in Savage Wild Continent. Now that she had fully accepted the inheritance of the nine tail fox, she was probably only 1 step away from the Celestial State. Not only that, she was in Savage Wild Continent, so it was very unlikely that he would ever see her again.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of Ye Tianmei, who had had an intimate moment with him. They hadn’t seen each other for decades. He also thought about the marriage contract between him and Jia Lan that was never going to be sorted out. He smiled bitterly after this.

These love matters only appeared in his mind momentarily, then he quickly returned normal.

After checking the elixir and the talisman in his hand, he swallowed the yuan recovery pill. A warm and gentle medicinal force went straight down the throat into the lower abdomen, then it quickly spread in his body.

The 5 bloody holes in his chest and the other wounds on his body began to slowly heal up.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was instantly overjoyed.

At this moment, a roar sounded from the distance again.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was spirited. He slapped his shoulder, and Che Huan phantasm appeared in a green light.

After Liu Ming laughed out loud, he immediately took Che Huan phantasm and went in the direction where the roar came.

Now that Yao Ji was no longer here, the beastkin souls were naturally in his bag. He could let Che Huan slowly devour them.

After all, he couldn’t imagine having another chance to encounter so many beastkin souls out there.

Half a month later, at the same place, Liu Ming glanced around with a little nostalgia. After deeply remembering this place that gave him the experience that he would never forget, he crushed the white talisman and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already in a dark tunnel.

Liu Ming took out a fist-sized moonstone from Sumeru Ring and illuminated the entire tunnel.

When he looked around, he saw 8 beastkin heads lining up on both sides of the tunnel. It was the same side hall before.

But before he could think about anything, the ground below him suddenly shook violently.

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