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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E892

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 892

Sweeping Missions

3 months later, deep in the South Sea Region.

There were some strange coral reefs everywhere on the bottom of the sea. Some were like grinding discs and some were like intertwined vines. The colors were also colorful.

From time to time, strangely-looking gorgeous fishes dart around in the coral reef. Suddenly, the light around the coral reef dims, and a dark figure swam past from above. There was silver glittering from the figure.

It was Liu Ming with a pair of huge silver wings.

The wings waved slightly, and Liu Ming swam for more than 30 meters. His movement seemed more agile than the fishes on the bottom of the sea.

Suddenly, he saw an undersea ditch.

A cluster of faint silver light came from it, which was quite conspicuous in this dark seabed. It was a jellyfish about 3 meters in size. It looked like a sunflower that was translucent.

At this moment, this jellyfish was hiding behind a huge coral reef with only a few pale silver tentacles sticking out.

A smile appeared on Liu Ming’s face. The wings flapped lightly, and he stopped in place, then he waved 1 hand and launched 7 white ice spears at the silver jellyfish.

The silver jellyfish reacted quite alertly. As soon as it felt the spiritual power fluctuation, it immediately shrank into a ball and ejected black liquid from its tentacles.

Liu Ming made a gesture, and a 3 meters long black mist dragon rushed forward, dissipating the poisonous liquid released by the jellyfish.

After passing through the billowing black gas, the jellyfish was no longer at the coral reef.

Liu Ming smiled slightly. Black gas gathered at his fist again, and he launched a punch in a certain direction of the huge coral reef!


The surrounding sea water set off waves of violent turbulence. The sediment on the bottom of the sea was also mixed in, and a yellow sand mist rippled out.

After a while, the surrounding sea water calmed down, and the body of the silver sunflower jellyfish floated at the bottom of the sea again. Strands of pale silver blood rippled out from it.

In Liu Ming’s hand, there was a walnut-sized silver bead.

Suddenly, his ears moved. After putting away the sunflower bead, the silver wings flapped, and he left quickly.

Not long after Liu Ming’s figure disappeared, dozens of strange noises sounded at the same time from a distance. A large shadowy figure appeared and rushed toward the place where the blood was scattered.

The dark shadows were ferocious sea beastkins. Judging from the beastkin aura they exuded, they were all beastkins of the Condensation Period.

The blood seemed to stimulate their ferocity. There was a hint of dark red in their eyes. They rushed toward the sunflower jellyfish and bit it.

The rampaging sea beastkins made the water ripple violently, making the sea water chaotic.

After a moment, the huge jellyfish was completely eaten up.

Behind a huge coral reef in the distance, Liu Ming stood there quietly.

Compared with the beastkins on land, the beastkins on the seabed seemed to be lower in intelligence.

In the past few days, he also encountered a few sea beastkins of the Crystallization Period, but they seemed to know how to fight and kill. It was more appropriate to say that they were beasts than beastkins.

“In such a huge world, species are really different everywhere.” Liu Ming shook his head and continued to search for adult sunflower jellyfish.

Half a year later, on the 2nd floor of Taiqing Sect’s Xuan Hall, a black escape light descended from the sky. Liu Ming in a green robe revealed from it.

This was the place for submitting mission. There were 5 deputy elders sitting behind a stone platform in the hall.

At this moment, there were 6 inner disciples standing in the hall, which seemed far less lively than the 1st floor hall.

Liu Ming walked to the stone platform, took out the inner disciple’s token and handed it to an idle middle-aged deputy.

The middle-aged deputy took it skillfully, then he rubbed the jade tablet in his hand, and a light fell into Liu Ming’s identity token.

“You’re Fallen Serene Peak, Liu Ming…” The middle-aged deputy looked at Liu Ming in surprise.

When the few people standing beside them heard the words ‘Liu Ming’, they all stopped their work and looked over.

“Is there a problem?” Liu Ming noticed the situation and frowned.

“No, no…” The middle-aged deputy hurriedly shook his head and started working according to the regulations.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s missions are to find flame illusory beast’s core, pick sky ghost flower and collect sea sunflower bead…” The more the middle-aged deputy looked, the more surprised he was.

These 3 missions were all high risk missions on the inner notice. They had been posted for a long time, but no one could complete them. Now, Liu Ming actually accepted 3 missions at the same time.

At this time, Liu Ming suddenly flipped his hand, and there were several more things on the stone platform in front of him.

A fiery red beastkin core, 5 bone-white flowers, and the last was a pale yellow storage talisman.

After the middle-aged deputy checked the 3 things on the stone platform, he looked utterly shocked.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu really lives up to your reputation! Yes, these 3 missions have been completed. The reward is 43,000 contribution points.” The middle-aged deputy gave Liu Ming a deep look, rubbed the jade pen in his hand and tapped Liu Ming’s identity token lightly.

As soon as the aura on the token turned, it immediately added 43,000 contribution points.

After Liu Ming took the token and put it back on his waist, he nodded slightly and walked out of the hall.

“That person is Liu Ming? I have heard about his rumors, but this is the first time I have seen him in person!”

A young inner disciple next to him kept following Liu Ming’s back until he completely walked out of the hall, then he took back his reluctant gaze and said excitedly.

Several other people also nodded and discussed in a low voice.

“This person is really not simple! Around this time last year, Tianjian Peak’s Senior Fellow Apprentice Yue gathered several disciples from other peaks to go to Yin Corpse Mountain Range to pick the sky ghost flower, but all of them failed. 1 of them was also seriously injured. He could finish it alone! This is really unbelievable!” Among them, a man in a yellow robe who looked mature and prudent, looked much calmer. He glanced at the door and muttered.

When the other people heard the words, they immediately closed their mouths. The man in a yellow robe was obviously quite prestigious among them.

“Okay, let’s go go to the inner hall on the 1st floor to have a look.” The man in yellow robe pondered for a while, then he walked out quickly. The others hurriedly followed.

After Liu Ming left the 2nd floor of Xuan Hall, he did not leave Xuan Hall, but he came to the inner hall again.

After taking a few glances on the xuan notice, he accepted 2 high ranking missions.

However, just as he left the inner hall, the man in a yellow robe walked toward him with a smile and cupped his fist far away,

“Are you Senior Fellow Apprentice Liu of the Fallen Serene Peak? I’m Yuan Sheng of the Golden Top Peak. I have long admired Brother Liu’s name!”

The other disciples nearby were in a commotion when they heard the sound. They all looked at Liu Ming.

“Oh, it turns out to be Brother Yuan. Is there anything?” Liu Ming just cupped his fist and said calmly.

“It’s like this, I heard that Brother Liu has been taking missions on the inner notice recently. I wonder if Brother Liu is interested in teaming up with us. You must know that teaming up will speed up the mission completion.” The man in a yellow robe didn’t beat around the bush and went straight to the topic.

“I’m afraid Brother Yuan will be disappointed. I’m used to doing missions alone. I don’t want to team up with others yet.”

“That’s a pity, but if Brother Liu accepts a mission that requires multiple people to complete in the future, you can go to the Golden Top Peak to contact me.” A hint of disappointment flashed in the eyes of the man in a yellow robe, but he still said with a smile on his face.

“Of course.”

Liu Ming bowed and walked out of Xuan Hall quickly.

After a while, a black light quickly disappeared into the horizon.

The man in a yellow robe looked at the black light that gradually disappeared from the sky, and his eyes flickered.

3 months later, Liu Ming returned to the deputy hall on the 2nd floor of Xuan Hall.

At this moment, there was a hint of tiredness on his face, but there was a hint of joy in his eyes. Obviously, he had completed the 2 missions.

Liu Ming completed several Xuan Hall’s inner notice missions one after another in such a short period of time, which caused quite a stir in the inner door.

Naturally, he didn’t care about it at all. His goal was always to accumulate as many contribution points as possible so that he could enter the Evil Ghost Way to advance to the Real Pellet State as soon as possible!

For the next year or so, Liu Ming kept going in and out of Xuan Hall, completing many high reward missions.

During this period, he also faced danger several times, but with his extraordinary wit and mystic arts, he naturally survived the crisis.

Under Liu Ming’s crazy actions, his contribution points naturally accumulated quickly. He was not far from his goal, 1.5 million contribution points.

With his activity in the Middle Sky Continent, “Liu Ming”, the name of Taiqing Sect’s rookie disciple, was also becoming more and more popular in the Middle Sky Continent.

Just as Liu Ming was running around to earn contribution points, a shocking change that was enough to shake the entire Middle Sky Continent sneakily approached.

TL: Is it related to the matter that the Ouyang Family entrusted him?

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