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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1212

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1212

Yin Conversion Gourd

Liu Ming launched a few symbols and spurted a black flame to wrap the corpse of the giant black bird.

The feathers on the giant bird melted quickly in the black flames. After a while, it turned into a gray-white hairless bird corpse.

The body was damaged in many places, exposing the bones inside.

Liu Ming launched another symbol, and the black flame was even stronger.

After a full quarter of an hour, the giant bird corpse shrank a bit as if the flesh and blood had been evaporated by the flames, leaving only a pale skeleton.

Liu Ming waved and took a bone from the bird corpse, then he wrapped it again with another black flame.

This time the flame flickered with glaring black light and emitted extremely high heat. The white bones quickly melted in the flames, turning into a gray liquid ball.

Liu Ming raised his hand, and the gray liquid ball floated to the flying silver zombie’s left arm, then it slowly merged into it.

The flying silver zombie let out a painful roar, but it couldn’t move as it was held down by Xie’er.

After the gray liquid had completely merged into the flying silver zombie’s left arm, Liu Ming waved, took another bone, refined it into liquid ball and merged it into its right arm.

In the following time, Liu Ming repeated the same steps and merged the corpse into the flying silver zombie’s body.

Half an hour later, the flying silver zombie’s appearance had changed a lot. It had grown nearly by half. It had gray patterns on its body. It also had a pair of steel-like black wings with silver feathers.

At the same time, the spiritual power fluctuations emitted by the silver flying corpse had reached the peak of the Crystallization Period early stage, only a little short of entering the Crystallization Period intermediate stage.

Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. He took out another black elixir with golden spots. It was the jingang bone tempering pill.

He flicked the jingang bone tempering pill into the mouth of the flying silver zombie and launched a few symbols into the flying silver zombie.


A berserk aura emanated from the flying silver zombie’s body. Under the effect of the jingang bone tempering pill, the flying silver zombie had made great progress in cultivation. It had reached the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

It was just that this kind of advancement method that relied entirely on external forces naturally had a bad after effect. There was almost no possibility of advancement in the future. Even the chance of advancing to the Celestial State would be lost.

Even so, the flying silver zombie also let out a joyful groan. Its body twisted twice in excitement.

However, before it was excited for long, Xie’er’s giant pincer moved. A more terrifying force pressed down, instantly waking up the flying silver zombie from the excitement.

The flying silver zombie let out a low whine as if it was aggrieved.

“Now that you have advanced to the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period, you should have made great progress in your intelligence. You should be able to understand what I say, right?” Liu Ming took out the bone-white token and said faintly.

The flying silver zombie glanced at Liu Ming. The green light in its eyes had faded a lot, and it nodded.

“Well, I will give you 2 choices now, one is to let me plant a Mind Bind Lock Enchantment in your soul, then you will wholeheartedly assist the Savage Ghost Sect. The other is to obliterate your intelligence and refine you into a zombie puppet! Which one do you choose?” Liu Ming squinted and said in a cold and stern tone.

The flying silver zombie opened his mouth and looked at Liu Ming with hesitation and unwillingness.

Liu Ming’s eyes turned dark, then Bone Scorpion’s giant pincer pressed down. The flying silver zombie’s body creaked as if it was about to shatter immediately. Cracks appeared on the ground.

“It seems that you chose the second option. That’s fine. Although the zombie puppet is weaker, it’s much easier to control a dead thing without intelligence.” Liu Ming smiled coldly, and a ball of black light appeared in his hand.

“No. No… I’m… to be… bound by…enchantment…” The flying silver zombie said hastily. It was the first time it spoke, so its speech was intermittent and hoarse like 2 pieces of iron rubbing against each other.

Liu Ming smiled slightly, then he immediately chanted. He launched black runes into the flying silver zombie, and 2 gray lights shot from his eyes into the flying silver zombie’s eyes.

Flying silver zombie’s eyes suddenly became foggy. After a while, a mark of a small black lock appeared on its forehead, then the mark shot a black light into bone-white token in Liu Ming’s hand.

There was a flash of light on the token, and the mark of a small black lock also appeared, but there was a circle of ancient runes around it.

The lights in Liu Ming’s eyes faded.

“Xie’er, it’s done. Let it go.” He said lightly.

Hearing this, Xie’er immediately withdrew her giant pincer, turned into a girl in black tulle and stood behind Liu Ming.

The flying silver zombie shook its head, stood up slowly and looked at Liu Ming with a more friendly look.

“It seems that the Mind Bind Lock has been planted.” Liu Ming nodded, wrapped the flying silver zombie with black air and threw it into Xie’er’s previous soul-recovering bag.

“Master’s spiritual power has become more and more profound. Not only has the physical strength of that flying silver zombie been greatly improved, but it has also advanced to the Crystallization Period intermediate stage.” Xie’er clapped her hands and said admiringly.

“Merging so much flesh and blood essence of the Real Pellet State evil beast and a jingang bone tempering pill, if the flying silver zombie still doesn’t advance, its potential will be too low.” Liu Ming shook his head and said.

“Put that aside, the refine technique of this gourd is quite rough, I’ll refine it a bit, and you can practice in it later.” Liu Ming suddenly thought of something and took out the black gourd.

“Thank you, master!” Xie’er was overjoyed.

After Liu Ming consumed a recovery elixir and meditated until his spiritual power was completely recovered, then he began to sacrificially refine the black gourd.

Half a day later, Liu Ming walked out of the secret room with a satisfied expression.

He was holding a fist-sized black gourd in his hand. It had circles of dark green patterns like annual rings covering almost the entire gourd.

After some refinement, the size of the black gourd had shrunk by half, but its internal space had expanded to 900 meters.

Liu Ming also specially separated 2 spaces inside. When he went to the deepest underworld to bring back Fei’er, he could also enter this “Yin Conversion Gourd” to practice.

“Yin Conversion Gourd” was the name given by Liu Ming. Although he still didn’t know the material of this gourd, after refining, Liu Ming also discovered a function of Yin Conversion Gourd. It could convert some yin attribute ores, materials, etc. into very pure yin qi.

Liu Ming had already tried to throw some materials of ghost beasts and hell beasts into the Yin Conversion Gourd. In less than a moment, these things seemed to be digested and transformed into strands of yin qi.

This ability was by no means the effect of the enchantment in the Yin Conversion Gourd, it should be the function of the material of the gourd itself, which made Liu Ming more interested in this Yin Conversion Gourd. He decided to investigate the material of this gourd after returning to Middle Sky Continent.

At this moment, the door of the small courtyard was pushed open.

“Brother Ming!” Qian Rupin quickly walked in from the outside.

“Have you figured out the way to repair the teleportation array ?” Liu Ming nodded slightly.

“I’ve checked it carefully. The person who arranged this teleportation array is much more powerful than me. There is not much room for optimization in the entire array. However, I have already thought of a way to restore the nodes that deplete the most. But it’s useless, if I don’t repair the teleportation array at the other end, it is impossible to shorten the buffer period of the teleportation array.” Qian Rupin said with some distress.

Liu Ming frowned slightly, then he said comfortingly,

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s wait a hundred years. We can afford to wait. During this period, we may be able to find other ways to return to the Middle Sky Continent. We don’t have to use the teleportation array.”

“By the way, there are some rare materials needed to restore the teleportation array. I wonder if Brother Ming has them?” Qian Rupin nodded reluctantly, then he reported the names of several materials.

“I happen to have all these things.” After thinking for a while, Liu Ming handed a black crystal stone, a glittering golden crystal ore, and a fiery red beastkin material to Qian Rupin.

Suddenly, he was stunned. He discovered that there was a green tablet at the corner of the Sumeru Ring. It was the one he brought out from Mountain Qingsang at the beginning of the war with the Hellish-Insect Clan.

“By the way, Ruping, take a look at this thing for me.” With a thought, Liu Ming took out the green tablet and placed it on the table.

“This is?”

Qian Rupin glanced at the patterns on the stone tablet, and her delicate body froze. She sat down and studied the tablet carefully.

“The array patterns above should be a very ancient teleportation formation, but the arrangement of these array patterns is very strange. I need to study for a while before I can figure out its function.” After a long while, Qian Rupin raised her head and said to Liu Ming with a serious look.

“It’s really a teleportation array. I felt the same when I got it.” Liu Ming muttered to himself in a daze, then he explained how he got it.

“Oh, Brother Ming probably damaged the enchantment on the tablet when you took it away with brute force. No wonder the patterns on it were broken in several places.” Qian Rupin said.

“Can you fix it? If this is really a teleportation circle, maybe we can find a way to return to the Middle Sky Continent.” Liu Ming asked thoughtfully.

“I’ll try my best.” Qian Rupin nodded, carried the tablet with both hands and bade farewell to Liu Ming.

Seeing Qian Rupin’s impatient look, he smiled slightly and walked back to his room.

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