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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1184

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1184

Sea Abyss Shiled and Holy Beast

at the same time. ∈↗ Vertex Fiction, x.

On an island more than 100,000 miles away from Liu Ming and others, the howling sea breeze rolled up waves as tall as a person, constantly hitting the beach.

Between the undulating waves near the island, some Sea Creature Clan soldiers riding a huge green shark could be seen patrolling back and forth.

This was Phosphorescent Island.

It was said that at night, the island would be covered with thick fog, and the whole island would be glowing with phosphorescence just like a night pearl in the sea.

This island did not have any spiritual veins, and the spirit was extremely thin, so apart from a few small fishing villages of the mortals, cultivators of all races rarely appeared on the island.

However, the few small fishing villages along the coast were now in ruins.

In an unusually tall temporary green stone building built in the center of the island, an old man with a long beard wearing a golden robe was sitting on the main seat, looking down with a gloomy face.

The figure of this bearded old man was almost the same as that of a human race, except that the skin exposed outside the clothes was covered with a layer of golden scales. The aura he exuded was far higher than that of the half-kneeling man below the stage. He should be the Golden Scale Clan elder who was stationed on this island. His cultivation was about at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

“What? You Condensation Period Spirit Masters can’t even deal with a mere Zhang Xiuniang?” The bearded old man reprimanded after listening to the man’s report.

“Elder Jin Xun, we were about to kill that Zhang Xiuniang, but at the critical moment, an unidentified young man in green clothes intervened suddenly. 2 Spirit Masters were all captured in the blink of an eye. Afterward, this person killed more than a dozen people including Essence Absolute Clan patriarch with a gesture of his hands. I was lucky to mix in the crowd from a distance, so I can escape without attracting the attention of that person.” The Sea Creature Clan man recalled the scene he saw, and his mouth was still dry for a while.

“According to what you said, this person’s strength is at least above the Crystallization Period… Phosphorescent Island is so close to the Dual Pincer Island. It seems that we have to be careful. Send a distress signal immediately to the nearest Blue Scale Clan and Red Scale Clan garrison, telling them to rush over first.” The bearded old man frowned and said slowly.

The Sea Creature Clan man knew that the situation was urgent, so he hurriedly retreated.

At this moment, a series of shrill horns sounded.

“Elder Jinxun, it’s… it’s not good. Just now, the scouts reported that they found a large group of human cultivators coming here, and they should be here soon!” A Sea Creature Clan soldier rushed and said a little panicked.

“Hmph, the human cultivators dare to attack at this time? It must have something to do with the Crystallization Period cultivator that came out of nowhere. Don’t panic, I have sent people to inform the nearby Sea Creature Clan forces. They will arrive in a short time. Let the Spirit Masters to activate the island protection array. I don’t believe he can break through the array bestowed by Lord Siren King himself.” The bearded old man frowned, then he flew out of the hall.

After a while, above the open space outside the green stone hall, the Golden Scale Clan bearded old man stood against the wind. A lot of Sea Creature Clan cultivators dressed in blue leather armor gathered below. Each of them exuded the aura of the Condensation State.

The bearded old man’s face turned grim as he took out a blue flag.

“Commander Jin Xun, the enemy just has an extra unknown Crystallization Period cultivator. Do we really need to go all out?” A tall and thin Sea Creature ClanSpirit Master below asked a little puzzled.

“Hmph, since they dare to come so blatantly, they must have something to rely on. Are you questioning my judgment now?” The long-bearded old man reprimanded.

The nearby Sea Creature Clan’s Spirit Masters were shocked, and they didn’t dare to say anymore.

Following the order of the bearded old man, the other Sea Creature Clan’s Spirit Masters also took out a handful of slightly smaller blue formation flags, and flew towards the island in a flash.

After a while, bearded old man looked around. After confirming that several Sea Creature Clan’s Spirit Masters were standing in several corners of the island, he threw the blue flag in his hand into the air. Under the channel of his spiritual power, the flag shone in blue light. Countless runes flashed out and disappeared into the ground.

Squash, an extremely thick blue light beam rose into the sky.

Seeing this, the Sea Creature Clan’s Spirit Masters in every corner immediately poured their spiritual power into the formation flags in their hands. After a burst of light on their body, they vigorously waved the formation flags, setting off waves of blue lights toward the blue light beam at the center.

After the blue light beam flooded in from all directions, it spread and turned into a blue semi-circular transparent light curtain in the blink of an eye.

The blue light curtain gradually became solid like a bowl that covered the entire island.

“Okay, the island protection array has been completed, then everyone will perform their duties. As long as the reinforcements arrive, even the human cultivators have an unknown powerhouse, they won’t be our opponent!” The bearded old man looked up at the blue light curtain and commanded with a stern look.

An hour later, Phosphorescent Island clearly appeared in front of Liu Ming and his group.

In the sky above Phosphorescent Island, a dense Sea Creature Clan soldiers had already gathered there. They were all dressed in blue leather armor and held all kinds of strange weapons in their hands. There were nearly a thousand of them.

At the same time, a layer of blue shield had enveloped the entire island.

On the surface of the shield, there were countless huge blue runes circulating.

“Brother Liu, this island protection array is called the Sea Abyss Shield. It is said that it was taught by Siren King personally. Its defense is very strong. Our coalition forces tried to recover the nearby islands several times, but because of this shield, we failed. Even the Crystallization Period cultivators can hardly shake it.” Zhang Xiuniang, who was beside him, introduced slowly.

“Don’t worry, I have my own way.” Liu Ming said indifferently. He disappeared in a flash of black light.

At the same time, somewhere above the blue shield on Phosphorescent Island, the space fluctuated. A black light appeared out of thin air, revealing a figure instantly.

He bent his right arm. Black mist wrapped his fist, turning into a huge tiger head. He hit the blue shield instantly with a roar of tiger.

An earth-shattering loud noise came out!

Above the light curtain, a large number of cracks visible to the naked eye emerged, then it shattered bit by bit. The huge aftermath rolled wildly in all directions, and the momentum was very astonishing.

Seeing this, the Golden Scale Clan people on Phosphorescent Island were startled. The Spirit Masters channeling the flags were all turned pale. They gritted their teeth and didn’t hesitate to channel all spiritual power into the flags.

Waves of blue mist immediately poured into the crumbling blue shield, but it couldn’t stop the shield from collapsing at all.

“Im… impossible!”

The Golden Scale Clan bearded old man in the air was terrified. Before he had time to think about it, he burst out his aura suddenly. His face showed a hint of ferocity as he slapped his waist and took out an emerald flute.

“Commander, are you going to…” Several Sea Creature Clan soldiers below asked in a panic.

“I didn’t expect this cultivator to be so powerful. The Sea Abyss Shield can’t defend against his attack at all. If we don’t summon the holy beast, I’m afraid we will be buried here before the reinforcements arrive.” The bearded old man was shocked, but he forced himself to say calmly.

Before he finished speaking, Liu Ming’s fist flashed with a black light, a huge coercion instantly covered the blue shield.


The Sea Abyss Shield shook violently and collapsed, turning into falling blue fragments.

Liu Ming, on the other hand, was standing in the sky above Phosphorescent Island with black air rolling all over his body.

The Sea Creature Clan people on Phosphorescent Island suddenly became flustered. The steady formation became disordered gradually.

The bearded old man blew the flute with spiritual power without hesitating more.

The emerald green flute suddenly shone brightly, and a piercing sound spread instantly.

The human cultivator only felt a faint tremor in the sea below, then the sea water tumbled instantly. A huge black shadow suddenly rose into the sky, appearing between Liu Ming and the flying boats.

This gigantic figure turned out to be a gigantic sea beastkin that was as high as 180 meters long.

The snake-like body was full of blue-yellow patterns. Its red tongue was coming out of its mouth. The 2 row of fangs were flowing with green liquid. The momentum was very astonishing.

“Be careful, it’s the holy beast of the Sea Creature Clan!” Zhang Xiuniang reminded hurriedly when she saw the giant snake.

The human cultivators also showed a look of fear when they heard the “holy beast”.

As for the Sea Creature Clan people, their morale was boosted upon seeing the huge sea beastkin!

Liu Ming snorted coldly. As he was about to make a move, Xie’er’s voice suddenly into his ears,

“Master, the flesh and blood of this Sea Creature Clan holy beast is a great tonic to me, why not let Xie’er deal with it!”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you.”

Liu Ming raised his brows and waved his long sleeve forward. A stream of yellow light flashed out of it, instantly transforming into a Golden Bone Scorpion half the height of a person.

“Thank you, master…” Xie’er greeted happily, then she turned into a light stream and rushed away.

Across the distance, Bone Scorpion appeared in front of the huge sea beastkin with golden light all over her body. Her 2 pincers just moved slightly, and a terrifying aura rolled out.

This holy sea beastkin was only at the Crystallization Period later stage. After sensing the terrifying spiritual pressure emanating from Bone Scorpion, it immediately trembled and turned the thick layer of green mucus into thick armor around its body. At the same time, it dived back into the sea anxiously.

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