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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1086

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1086

Hell Prison Handbook

“Hehe, I believe that with the talent of Brother Yin Han, you will definitely be able to meet the requirements. As for the running away…” Bi Yan smiled, and a red light flashed in his hand. There was a fist-sized blood red crystal stone.

The crystal stone was clear with a slightly strange red glow. It seemed that there were countless insect-like blood silks slowly turning, which looked a bit mysterious.

“This is the Blood Curse Hell Crystal. This means…” Liu Ming glanced at the crystal, but he didn’t seem surprised.

On the way to Bi You City, Liu Ming also learned a lot about the Serene Clan more or less, knowing that this Blood Curse Hell Crystal was a kind of ancient blood oath contract of the Serene Clan.

“Since Brother Yin Han knows this, then it’s easy! This book is extremely precious. Just in case, you and I might as well swear a blood curse to show our sincerity.” Bi Yan said with a smile.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. Without thinking too much, he nodded to express no opinion.

Seeing this, Bi Yan threw up the blood red crystal stone and launced a symbol into it.

The blood red crystal stone immediately suspended between them and spun.

After Bi Yan glanced at Liu Ming, he stretched out a finger, forced a drop of blood out of it, and flicked it onto the blood red crystal stone.

When this drop of fresh blood touched the blood red crystal stone, it turned into strands of thin hair-like blood silks and directly submerged into the crystal stone.

Immediately afterward, the dense insect-like blood silks in the crystal stone seemed to suddenly come to life and began to swim quickly.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also forced a drop of blood.

As the blood submerged, the speed of the blood silks in the crystal stone increased sharply as if they would burst out the next moment.

They immediately looked at each other, raised their palms to the sky at the same time, and made an oath to abide by the agreement. The blood red crystal stone burst into light, then it shattered directly.

The dense insect-like blood silks came out and turned into 2 bloody lights that went into their foreheads.

Liu Ming only felt a biting cold air going along his forehead into his body. After rushing a while in his body, it flashed into his sea of ​​​​consciousness and stuck onto the black and white real pellet.

He channeled the mental power in the sea of ​​consciousness to touch the bloody insect.

As a result, the bloody insect remained motionless as if it was dead, but Liu Ming was keenly aware of the menacing aura contained in the bloody insect.

“Since the oath has been completed, I will leave now. See you in 2 months.” Liu Ming cupped his fist, kept away the blue book, glanced at a wall and walked out.

After Bi Yan watched Liu Ming leave the house, he slowly sat back on the stone chair, poured a cup of spiritual tea and took a sip.

At this moment, there was a crackling sound in the secret room. A hole appeared in a wall, and an old man with white hair slowly walked out of it.

Bi Yan didn’t show the slightest surprise on his face. He was still drinking tea by himself. Obviously, he already knew that this person was here.

“You handed Hell Prison Handbook to this person of unknown origin so easily?” The old man with white hair looked at Bi Yan and said with a frown.

“Hehe, books are the most suitable for trading with others, because they can be copied thousands of times. As long as you make a hell oath, you will never lose money. The Hell Prison Handbook isn’t that useful to me. If it can be used to exchange for a powerful helper, wouldn’t it be of great benefit to us?” Bi Yan said with a smile and said indifferently.

“Even so, this Yin Han is nothing but a Real Pellet State early stage. According to what you said, 40 years ago, he was only a mere Pseudo Pellet State. Maybe he only condensed the real pellet in recent years. His realm is still not stable yet! You still suffer a lot from such a trade.” The old man with white hair said with a cold snort.

“This Yin Han is by no means as simple as an ordinary Real Pellet State, you know my intuition is always accurate. Besides, I had seen him made a move previously. His Dragon Tiger Hell Prison is indeed powerful. He can already use Hell Prison, and that alone is enough. “Bi Yan said with flickering eyes.

“Really!?” The old man with white hair said in surprise.

“Being able to cultivate Dragon Tiger Hell Prison to the highest level without an supportive technique, I’m afraid that few people in the entire underworld can do it, and his Divine Thought power is also extremely powerful. Although he didn’t say it, he probably noticed you hiding inside.” Bi Yan said with a slight smile.

“Impossible! My hidden mystic art may not even be seen through by those Celestial State lords. This man has only advanced to the Real Pellet State early stage. It’s impossible that he has such a powerful mental power…” The old man with white hair heard this was in doubt and shock.

“Hehe, whatever, but the stronger this Yin Han is, the better. It seems that this time, you and I can really catch the Void Spirit…” As Bi Yan said this, his eyes flashed coldly, and his hand holding the tea cup exerted force slightly.

With a “click“, the cup in his hand was directly crushed into powder.

The old man with white hair looked gloomy as if he was trying to disgesting Bi Yan’s words.

After Liu Ming left the VIP building, he had no intention of participating in the next big auction, so he left Ruiyou Pavilion and went straight back to the inn where he lived.

Walking into the secret room of the inn, he waved his hands again and again. Formation flags shot out of his hands and were placed around the room. After setting several enchantments, he walked into the middle and sat cross-legged.

Immediately afterward, he took out the blue book that Bi Yan had given him. On the cover, there were 3 large words written in ancient style, “Hell Prison Handbook”.

With a light breath, he opened the book, and the lines of small characters and patterns on the pages were clearly arranged, which immediately attracted all his attention.

Time passed little by little.

An hour later, Liu Ming closed the book and raised his head with a thoughtful look on his face.

The content of this book was not much. After he has cultivated to the 6th level of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, it seemed that he has not encountered any bottlenecks, so he quickly read through the content.

According to his judgment, what was recorded in this book was indeed the cultivation experience of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison. It gave him some enlightenment on the understanding of the technique. Many details that he didn’t know previously were all mentioned, which inspired him a lot.

In addition, there were also some tips on how to cast this technique, giving him new insights.

However, the supportive technique of the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison made him a little puzzled.

According to the record, when the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison reached a high level, at each stage, he needed to absorb some foreign objects into the Dragon Tiger Gate Hell Prison in order to break through the bottleneck and greatly increase its power.

“Absorb foreign objects. I understand now.” The Dragon Tiger Hell Prison codex he obtained back then had already mentioned relying on foreign objects to assist, so Liu Ming wasn’t really surprised.

According to the information on the supportive technique, when Hell Prison Serene King practiced Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, he actually incorporated a large number of extremely precious treasures into the technique, which greatly increased the power.

Of these underworld treasures, Liu Ming only knew one of the treasures, the “Cold Flame Marrow Jade”, which was extremely precious. It was a yin-type spiritual material that could strengthen one’s physique. It had not appeared in the underworld for hundreds of years. As for the other kinds of treasures, he had never heard of them, but judging from their names, they should be all of yin attribute.

“Since the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison can absorb into these yin attribute treasures, it should be able to absorb other foreign objects.” Liu Ming pondered for a long time and muttered.

Thinking of this, he now took out several precious yin attribute treasures in the tributes of Cold Water City. Since they were difficult to sell, he might just use them.

Liu Ming first picked up a black spiritual herb, which was ghost hell herb.

This thing contained a very heavy cold aura, which could be absorbed.

After examining it, he rubbed his hands together and released black air to wrap this ghost hell herb.

With a soft tearing sound, the ghost hell herb was instantly crushed.

According to the methods recorded on the handbook, he tried to integrate the yin qi of the ghost hell herb into the black air of the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

After 2 hours, the black air on his body slowly dissipated. Part of the yin qi of the ghost hell herb was integrated into the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison skill, but it did little to improve the power of the skill.

“It seems that this ghost hell herb is not very compatible with Dragon Tiger Hell Prison…” Liu Ming muttered to himself, then he picked up a black jade box on the ground, which contained a black jade-like crystal.

He released black air to wrap this black jade crystal…

In the next 3 days, Liu Ming tried 8 kinds of precious materials in a series, but the results were not very satisfactory. Only the mystic blood crystal had a little effect.

However, if he wanted to greatly increase the power of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, he needed a lot of mystic blood crystals. Liu Ming only had such a small piece in his hand, and it was the tribute of the Cold Water City. Obviously, its price was sky high.

It was absolutely impossible to rely on this mystic blood crystal to increase the power of Dragon Tiger Hell Prison.

“Could it be that I got this Hell Prison Handbook at such a high price, but it’s still not useful to me…” Liu Ming could only shake his head and smile bitterly.

Maybe he could find some other treasures to try slowly in the future, but the time limit Bi Yan gave him was only 2 months.


Liu Ming’s eyes flashed as he suddenly thought of something.

With a wave of his hand, there was a black gourd about a foot in size in his hand, which contained nearly a thousand drops of hell river heavy water that he had spent 20 years to condense.

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