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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1080

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1080

Thirteen Holes

300 meters in the sky, air currents of different colors swarmed together, forming huge funnel-shaped spirit vortexes.

Countless dazzling dots of light emerged. These lights were colorful and flickering as if all the stars in the sky had fallen.

Among these nebulae, there were 12 light spots that were extremely bright, emitting bursts of dazzling halo.

If anyone was here, they would definitely recognize that this was the vision of the bright star that appeared when the cultivator advanced to the Real Pellet State, and what condensed was the Twelve Holes Superb Real Pellet State that was rare in a thousand years!

Within a radius of a hundred miles, the spirit between heaven and earth was chaotic. The spiritual power fluctuations, like a tsunami soared, into the 9 heavens, causing the yin beast near the Hell River to crawl directly on the spot and tremble in fear and shock.

This vision of the stars falling to the ground lasted for 15 minutes before slowly dissipating.

In the air, the black and white light that enveloped Liu Ming’s body quickly dissipated, revealing his body. A faint layer of pure brilliance emanated from his body.

Although Liu Ming’s appearance had not changed at all, every of his action seemed to have great power, which was completely different from before.

Liu Ming opened his eyes with a very peaceful expression on his face. He exhaled deeply, then he stretched out his hands and looked at the palms. The next moment, his face burst into ecstasy.

At this moment, in his sea of ​​consciousness, the original “pseudo pellet” composed of 144 purple spiritual power crystals and 9 white spiritual power crystals were all gone, replaced by a black and white strange real pellet that was slowly spinning.

On the surface of the real pellet, 12 bean-sized groove could be seen!

He finally advanced to the Real Pellet State and condensed the Twelves Holes Real Pellet!

The scenes from the past suddenly appeared in Liu Ming’s mind. The precarious life on Deadly Island, the longing when he accidentally stepped into the path of cultivation, the helpless in cultivating and every life and death battles.

After going through so many hardships, he finally condensed a real pellet!

In the Sea Region, among the countless cultivators of the human clan and beastkin clan, there was only Siren King, the Real Pellet State cultivator. His real pellet was even the Three Holes Inferior Grade, but he could triumph over the Sea Region. He not only forced the Sea Creature Clan army to evacuate to the Yunchuan Continent, but he also indirectly formed the human alliance and spent huge resources to select the Three Saints and Six Scions in order to nurture the Real Pellet State of the human clan.

Even though Middle Sky Continent was known as the place of origin of the human race, the Real Pellet State cultivators also held a kind of transcended status.

While Liu Ming was happy, he felt relieved.

In the beginning, Luo Hu once warned him that the real pellet must be condensed within 60 years, otherwise he might completely turn into a demon due to the influence of Sky Beastkin blood essence in the next demonization.

After so many years of hard work, he finally achieved this goal. The purified Sky Beastkin blood essence was now completely integrated into his blood in the process of reshaping the body. It could be said that he truly inherited the essence of the Sky Beastkin power.

As the black and white real pellet pulsated, it would drive the spiritual power of the whole body, quickly restoring the depleted spiritual power.

Suddenly, he frowned.

In the center of the black and white real pellet, there was a five-color rune in the shape of a thunder.

Seeing this, Liu Ming’s heart moved.

In order to suppress the demonic will in Divine Thought, the five-color Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder was sealed in the spiritual power crystals. When he condensed the real pellet, it had undergone some unknown transformation and turned into the current thunder-shaped rune.

With a thought, Liu Ming released a trace of pure spiritual power from the real pellet and touched the five-color thunder rune.

A crackle!

A five-color lightning arc emerged around his Real Pellet State, then it traveled along his meridians.

The five-color lightning flashed in Liu Ming’s hand, and the entire right hand palm was wrapped in five-color lightning arcs. A sharp thundercloud sounded.

“This…” There was a look of surprise on his face.


At this moment, a large black cloud suddenly appeared in the originally calm sky, then a huge black vortex emerged and spun rapidly.

In the center of the vortex, there were wisps of five-color lightning arcs that bounced indefinitely.

“What’s going on? Another thunder tribulation! It’s even a five-color Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder!” Seeing this, Liu Ming was dumbstruck. Even though he had advanced to the Real Pellet State, he had no confidence to directly face so many five-color Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder.

“Could it be…” He suddenly turned his head and looked at the five-color lightning arc that was constantly flashing in his hand.

He seemed to understand something as he flicked his hand to cancel the golden divine thunder in his hand.

But it was too late!


There was a loud thunderclap. The lightning flashed wildly in the black vortex. Several five-color lightning arcs shot out, intertwined in mid-air into a snake-shaped five-color lightning and struck Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s face changed drastically again. The lightning strike came very fast. From the emergence of the thundercloud to the five-colored lightning strike, it was almost in an instant.

Fortunately, he had now advanced to the Real Pellet State. His senses and reactions were much faster than before, and his spiritual power had just recovered a lot.

With a thought, a yellow light appeared on the body again.

However, before he could cast the Mountain River Pearl, the snake-shaped five-color lightning accelerated and was about to strike his head!

At the critical moment, Liu Ming turned his right palm. The five-color lightning shrank to the middle, instantly forming a five-color thunder net, defending the top of his head.

A loud bang!

2 five-color lightning arcs met in mid-air and exploded at the same time!

A five-color air ring spread out with Liu Ming as the center.

Liu Ming’s body was immediately overwhelmed by the five-color lightning, but the lightning quickly faded. A billowing black smoke rose from his body. He fell heavily into the hell river below like a meteorite.

The black thundercloud that suddenly appeared in the air seemed to have exhausted the energy after casting the five-color divine thunder, and it quickly dissipated.

From its appearance, to casting Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, to dissipating, it only took 3 seconds.

It really came fast and went fast.

The sky above the hell river soon returned to calm as if nothing had happened.

After a long time, 2 black escape lights dashed from a distance and suspended in mid-air.

The black light faded, and it was 2 Serene Clan people.

The man was dressed in a black long shirt and a large gray cloak that covered his face. He looked around 50 years old. He had high cheekbones.

Judging from their aura fluctuations, they were both at the Real Pellet State. Above this cold hell river, they didn’t feel any discomfort.

“I sensed a strong spiritual power fluctuation in the vicinity from a distance. What happened?” The middle-aged man glanced around while releasing Divine Thought.

“I can also sense the residual power of thunder around. It seems that someone condensed the real pellet here to attract thunder tribulation or it may be that a certain yin beast in this hell river advanced, which caused the thunder tribulation.” Under the gray cloak, a crisp voice came out. It was actually a female voice.

“This hell river area is full of dangers. It is unlikely that any Serene Clan people will choose here to withstand the thunder tribulation. It should be a yin beast that advanced. Haiz, we are one step late. Now that it is submerged into this vast hell river, it is hard to find its whereabouts. By right, the yin beast must be weakened right after surviving the thunder tribulation. If we can bring it back to Bi You City, we can at least exchange it for tens of thousands of hell stones.” The middle-aged man said with some annoyance.

Serene Clan, the female under the gray cloak, seemed a little disapproving.

In the following time, they said a few words casually and left here soon.

At the same time, in the center of the black vortex enchantment at the bottom of the hell river, Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, he wasn’t found out. Otherwise, he would be forced to fight the 2 Real Pellet State Serene Clan people.

If it was before, it was fine for him, but his current state was really bad.

After he was smashed into the hell river by the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, he couldn’t move at all for a while. Fortunately, Xie’er and Fei’er, who had been waiting nearby, dragged him into the enchantment at the bottom of the river.

He was now half lying on the ground in the enchantment. His upper body was charred black with rolling black smoke. There were several long wounds on his body, revealing the pale golden bones inside. Especially a wound spread down from the right chest, almost extending to the position of the heart.

However, a layer of blood mist appeared in the blood with white crystal light that flowed out. All the injured parts were quickly regenerating in the blood mist.

“The recovery ability of the Sky Beastkin is really amazing!” Seeing this, Liu Ming flashed an incredible color in his eyes,

“Master, are you alright?”

Xie’er and Fei’er squatted beside Liu Ming one after the other and said anxiously.

“Thanks to you guys just now. I will be fine after resting rest for a while.” Liu Ming said softly.

This was the most serious injury he had suffered since entering Cultivation Realm. The near death experience still left a lingering fear in his mind!

If he hadn’t used the same Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder to offset a part of the divine thunder and he shifted his body just in time to avoid being directly hit on the head, he would have been exterminated at this moment.

In its sea of ​​consciousness, the black and white real pellet that has just been condensed looked rather dimmed. This was because of the heavy lightning strike just now.

“This is?” Liu Ming took a closer look at his real pellet, and he was startled again.

Looking at the black and white real pellet, in addition to the initial 12 holes, now there was an extra hole.

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