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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1079

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1079

Real Pellet Formed (2)

Seeing this, Liu Ming roared into the sky. Black air surged out and formed layers of black air shields around him.

A rumble!

The purple lightning arcs coiled up in the process of falling, and turned into a purple giant python. It hit the black air shield, making a deafening thunderclap.

With a “boom“, the giant purple python burst into countless lightning arcs and wrapped the black air shields in it.

As the lightning arcs bounced up and down, the black air shield only lasted for 3 seconds before it was gradually torn apart at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, in this way, the purple lightning arc also seemed to have exhausted its energy and became much smaller.

When all the lightning arcs dissipated, there was only a thin layer of the black air shields above Liu Ming’s head.

Without waiting for Liu Ming to breathe a sigh of relief, the dark thundercloud tumbled and struck numerous purple lightning arcs.

This time, the purple lightning arcs in the sky condensed into 2 purple thunder pythons in mid-air. They were obviously a bit thicker than before.

Liu Ming squinted. He raised both arms, and 3 yellow beads flashed out and hovered above him. Bursts of yellow rays surged out from the beads.

Immediately afterward, 3 lifelike small yellow mountain phantasms emerged in the yellow rays.

With an earth-shattering crackling sound, 2 purple thunder pythons coiled together and struck the 3 small yellow mountain phantasms, making a burst of crackling sounds!

The mountain phantasms transformed by Mountain River Pearls were obviously stronger than the black yin qi of Liu Ming. They withstood this wave of lightning strikes without shaking.

After 2 rounds of lightning struck, the black thunderclouds in the sky obviously became much smaller, but the lightning sparks in the thunderclouds became more and more dense. A thunderclap could almost tear people’s eardrums!

The hell river water below Liu Ming was also surging bursting with raging waves. Black vortexes appeared one after another out of thin air. The black yin qi steamed up and submerged into Liu Ming’s body, quickly recovering the spiritual power he had consumed.

A series of rumbling thunder sounded again. Another round of purple electric arcs with the thick mouth of the bowl erupted wildly, turning into three huge purple thunder pythons in mid-air, heading straight for Liu Ming below.

Liu Ming’s face changed. A yellow light flashed on his body, and 3 more Mountain River Pearls were released.

Under the yellow rays of the 6 Mountain River Pearls, 6 small yellow mountain phantasms resisted the 3 purple thunder pythons.

The thunder was loud!

The dense purple lightning arcs and the yellow lights intertwined, and the originally black sky and the river surface were reflected dazzlingly.

Above the hell river in the distance, Fei’er and Xie’er had appeared at some point in time.

They felt the power of the black thundercloud in the sky, and there was a hint of fear on their faces. Such a powerful thunder tribulation startled them.

“Fei’er, do you think master can survive this thunder tribulation safely?” Xie’er’s face looked even worse than Fei’er’s. She said a little nervously.

“Master’s body is strong and his spiritual power is profound. Now that he finished the 12 Mountain River Pearls, of course he can survive it!” Although Fei’er’s face was tense, he still nodded his head firmly and said with confidence.

When Xie’er heard this, a smile appeared on her pale pretty face. She nodded and held her hands, but she suddenly thought of something and asked cautiously,

“Although there are no people around the hell river, there is a chance that other Serene Clan people will suddenly pass by. We must be careful.”

Fei’er nodded hurriedly, then they turned into 2 light streams and hid under the hell river.

The rumble continued.

About 15 minutes had passed, the lightning still struck endlessly from the black thundercloud. The power was increasingly greater after each strike.

At this moment, Liu Ming’s chest was pumping, his face was pale, and his eyes were filled with bloodshots, but his eyes looking into the sky were full of unyielding fighting intent!

The 10 Mountain River Pearls were emitting yellow rays, which transformed into a 300 meters huge mountain. It was shrouded in yellow mist with countless runes fluttering in it.

The next moment, the rumbling thunderclaps came from the sky!

There were 10 incomparably thick purple thunder pythons striking the giant yellow mountain below!

The 10 lightning pythons burst apart when hitting the surface of the giant yellow mountain, turning into countless purple lightning spars.

Under the dense lightning sparks, the yellow mist on the surface of the giant mountain vibrated violently like the surface of boiling water.

Fortunately, during the spinning of the 10 Mountain River Pearls below, a steady stream of yellow air flowed into the giant mountain phantasm above.

The heavenly thunder power and the giant yellow mountain phantasm kept canceling out each other. With a loud noise, the giant yellow mountain collapsed and disintegrated, but the purple lightning sparks also dissipated.

Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief seeing this.

This was already the 10th wave of lightning strikes. The power was far beyond his expectations.

Moreover, he practiced the ghost technique. Heavenly thunder power naturally had a great restraint on him.

Fortunately, he had sacrificially refined the 12 Mountain River Pearls. The power of this magic weapon far exceeded his expectations.

Although it was not a defensive magic weapon, it had resisted the 10 waves of lightnings of the sky and its light had not weakened at all.

But even so, the spiritual power consumed by these Mountain River Pearls was too great. Even if the Hell Bone Secret in his body was constantly absorbing the yin qi at full speed, plus the continuous consumption of elixirs, his spiritual power was still consumed by more than half.

The thunderclaps were still coming from the sky. Clearly, the thunder tribulation still hadn’t ended!

At this time, the black thundercloud in the sky had shrunk to the size of a house. After the 10th round of lightning dissipated, the thundercloud began to charge up again. The lightning sparks rolled in it.


The lightning flashed in the thundercloud. The heavenly thunder that emerged was no longer in the form of an ordinary lightning arc but huge thunderballs the size of a grinding disc. It was filled with purple lightning and traces of silver lightning arcs.

Although these silver lightnings were little, they emitted a dazzling light.

Liu Ming felt that something was not right, and a hint of anxiety suddenly surged in his mind.

He gritted his teeth and released 1 more Mountain River Pearl.

Immediately after, after spewing out several mouthfuls of blood essence, 11 symbols with a strand of blood essence hit the 11 Mountain River Pearls one after another.

Immediately, the surface of Mountain River Pearls shone brightly. They quickly arranged into a strange formation and rose up into the sky.

During the ascent of Mountain River Pearls, countless yellow mists gushed out again. Countless runes emerged and merged with the yellow mist, condensing into a 300 meters giant mountain again. As a yellow light burst out, several giant black rivers of 30 meters in size emerged and entangled the top of the giant mountain.

Bang bang bang!

With a series of muffled noises, the dense purple thunderballs descended with astonishing speed. As soon as they touched the yellow light emitted by the giant mountain, they burst apart, tearing apart the yellow light, then the following purple thunderballs struck the long black river phantasms.

Immediately, purple-silver-black lights were intertwined. The rumbling sounds were heard from time to time.

However, in the purple-silver lightning, the long black river phantasms only persisted for less than 3 seconds, then they collapsed into rolling black air.

Immediately afterward, the remaining half of the purple thunderballs struck on the giant mountain like raindrops. Amidst the violent shaking, Liu Ming’s body below also trembled.

In desperation, he channeled all his spiritual power.

Among these purple thunderballs, ordinary purple thunderbolts did not have much impact on the giant mountain, but the silver lightnings mixed in them were extremely destructive to the mountain transformed by the Mountain River Pearls.

Seeing this, Liu Ming took a deep breath and channeled the remaining spiritual power into the Mountain River Pearls above to repair the giant mountain phantasm.

After a few seconds, all the descending purple thunderballs exploded and dissipated. Although the giant mountain was smashed to pieces, several huge cracks appeared on the surface. It was at the brink of collapse, but it still somehow resisted all the damage.

But it wasn’t over yet. Above the mountain phantasm, silver lightning snakes were still roaming on it.

Although the purple thunder dissipated, the unknown silver thunder did not disperse.

Wherever the silver lightning snakes went, the mountain would easily collapse.

“Silver… What kind of power of lightning is this? It’s so difficult to deal with…” Liu Ming activated the power of Mountain River Pearls, but these silver lightning snakes still remained.

At this moment, the black thundercloud above the mid-air tumbled again. The silver light shone brightly, and countless slender silver lightning arcs emerged again. It was twice as many as the silver lightning arcs attached to the previous purple thunderballs!

“Shit! It’s all silver lightning!” Liu Ming was utterly shocked. He couldn’t care about reserving spiritual power and spat out 1 yellow bead.

All 12 Mountain River Pearls were activated by him. The remaining half of the spiritual power was about to deplete as the last bead was used.

But Liu Ming couldn’t care much. He just hurriedly made gestures.

TL: Can he resist the silver thunder tribulation before running out of spiritual power?

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