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“I’m still small; you must remove it” – Lady shares her boyfriend’s reaction after pranking him with pregnancy (Screenshots)

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A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to share her boyfriend’s reaction after she pranked him with a positive pregnancy test result.
The lady shared WhatsApp chats of how her boyfriend took the news when she told him that she was expecting a baby.
what does a positive pregnancy test strip look like natalist
The woman had informed her lover that she had missed her period and would be getting a pregnancy test in the screenshot of the chats that had been posted online.
Later, she texted him a picture of the test kit with a double line indicating a positive result.
Her boyfriend instantly requested that she take it out because, in his words, he is still a young man.
However, his partner insisted that she would keep the child and refused. As the boyfriend insulted her, their talk swiftly turned into a fight before she was able to explain to him that it was all a joke.
See their conversation below,350746789 1277440342870500 8850611873405890580 n.webp.jpg
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