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“I’m going to h@te her and the child” – Man vows as wife insists on keeping a pregnancy despite him being unemployed

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A man has taken to social media to express his frustration and anger after his pregnant wife refused to get an abortion, despite his demands.
The man, who already has a child with his wife, said he demanded that she get rid of the pregnancy because he recently lost his job.
The first month she did this I cried like a
He claimed that since he is currently unemployed, he cannot afford to take care of two children. However, his wife is insisting on keeping the pregnancy.
He said that because of her decision to keep the pregnancy despite his situation, he is losing love in his marriage. He also vowed to sever every emotional attachment the pregnancy will bring.
“I am losing love in my marriage. My wife wants to keep a pregnancy despite my refusal. I just lost my job and there’s no concrete ability to cater for 2 children. She’s insistent but I’m determined to close every emotional attachment the pregnancy/child will bring. I’m going to hate her and the child”, he wrote.
See his post below,Im going to h@te her and the child – Man
Reacting to his post, an Instagram follower wrote, “A lot of Men think getting rid of a pregnancy is a walk in the park.”
“Aborting the child is not the solution to the problem. You go and look for another job, get back to your feet then you will be alright emotionally. Na lack of money dey make you think anticlockwise. Peace out!”, another advised him.