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“How my Abuja girlfriend and her mother made me sleep with them” – Young man opens up

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A 25-year-old man has cried out over a three-way intimate experience he had never knowingly agreed to, involving his partner, her mother, and himself.
After the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) went on strike, the medical expert, who is located in Lagos, decided to visit his girlfriend who lives in Abuja.
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On the anonymous messaging service NGL, he described his experience and added that every time he travels to Abuja, he stays with his girlfriend and her mother, which is what he did this time.
But an odd event happened at night when he felt hands on him and woke up to see his girlfriend and her mother, a woman in her 40s.
He claimed that at first he was terrified, but that his girlfriend had told him to calm down and that it was her idea for the three of them to share a bed.
The young man admitted that before the encounter, he had thought of taking her as his wife, but that he had since changed his mind.
He wrote;
“I’m 25 and my gf stays in Abuja while I stay in Lagos. JOHESÚ is on strike so I used the opportunity to go see my gf last week. I used to stay with her and her mum so I did this time.
I was asleep in the night with her when I noticed hands on my little friend.
I opened my eyes to see my girl and her mum sxxkin me off. I was scared initially but she told me not to worry that it was her idea for her and her mum to do me.
She’s in her mid 40s though but i still find it weird cos I thought she’d be my wife but not anymore. Abuja people are insane”