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Woman leaps to death from Times Square rooftop bar

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A woman jumped to her death from a Times Square hotel’s rooftop bar on Wednesday, October 12.


The 26-year-old woman was at Bar 54 on the 54th floor of the Hyatt Centric, when she made a phone call around 3:30 p.m., hotel staff said to NY daily news.


“She walked right by me and I didn’t think anything of it,” said the staffer. “She was a young girl with a reservation for the bar.”


The woman abruptly got up, walked out to the terrace and stood up on a piece of furniture next to the glass railing.

“It’s easy because the tables and chairs are right near the glass,” the man said. “She didn’t say anything.”


Shocked customers alerted staff the woman went over the railing.

“Everybody came running saying, ‘She jumped! She jumped!’ At first I thought they were playing,” said the staffer.

The woman landed on a balcony on the 27th floor, where she died.

“The woman cleaning on the 27th floor heard the crash and found her body on the balcony,” the staffer said. “We’re lucky she didn’t land on the sidewalk. It’s crazy.”