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Precious Tobias Recounts How Doctors Pronounced Her Dead After PA Tried to Kill Her With Poison (Video)

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Nollywood actress Precious Tobias has revealed that she nearly died after her male personal assistant (PA) allegedly attempted to kill her with poison.
According to her, she had employed a male PA, thinking he would be better and more agile than a female, but the decision nearly ended her life.
Precious shared her story through videos posted on her official TikTok account.
According to her, she asked the man to come around for the work.
She said she’d known him since 2019, and he always prayed for her in her direct messages and was friendly. She figured it would be good to hire him as her PA.
Precious invited him to visit her house. When he came, she disclosed that she was eating but had left the food to tend to the dogs.
She returned to finish her meal; the last thing he recalled was waking up in bed. Fortunately, she then contacted her friend, NnaNna.
He found her unconscious in her room, with three candles lit. He quickly rushed her to the hospital, where the doctor confirmed her death. Watch below:
@preshtobias I dont normally do this kinda thing but this miracle is too massive to be kept from the media… ive lost friends through poisoning including my closest one most of y’all would know @Oscar Brown ♬ original sound – Mirabel