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Olamide Replies Fan Who Questioned Why He Hasn’t Done Anything Useful for Afrobeat

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Nigerian rapper and singer Olamide has reacted after a troll called him out on Twitter.
The troll had questioned Olamide’s contributions to Afrobeat music.
The fan had inquired about Olamide’s impact on the genre, asking why he hadn’t achieved anything significant for Afrobeat.
“Why haven’t you achieved anything useful for Afrobeats yet?” he asked.
Olamide replied with a message of peace, praying for the fan to find healing while sending him love.
“I pray you find healing. Sending you loads of God’s love” he wrote.
See their conversation below:
Reacting to the message One Emeka wrote, “It’s always people buried in poverty that ask these questions
Life of Real wrote, “Did you just Olamide this question? WTF is wrong with social media people?
Herao Iy wrote, “E sure me die he is a VDM fan
Umpire Code wrote, “No successful person k such a question
Adol Nedu wrote, “Nice response to Olamide
Julie A wrote, “Someone who has created more artists than anyone in Afrobeat”.