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Nigeria’s Economy Dangerously Failing Under You – LP Lawmakers to Tinubu

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The Labour Party, LP, Caucus in the House of Representatives has slammed the government of President Bola Tinubu.
Speaking on Tuesday, LP said Nigeria’s economy has “dangerously continued” in a free fall since President Bola Tinubu assumed office one year ago.
The lawmakers said the situation is “casting a cloud of doubt” on Tinubu’s capacity to rescue Nigeria.
They made the remark in a statement signed by their leader, Afam Ogene.
The lawmakers said the rising insecurity and economic hardship in the country negates Tinubu’s renewed hope agenda promise to Nigerians.
The statement reads partly: “Our Caucus had taken a backseat in the patriotic hope that, maybe, just maybe, the beneficiary administration would be able to wrought magic and pull the nation from the precipice of economic annihilation.

“But, as can be obviously felt by the blind and seen by the deaf, the entire country has, after one year, come to the full and unambiguous understanding of what President Bola Tinubu meant when he said that his administration would continue with the legacies of his predecessor.

“The current staggering negative economic indices should alarm every Nigerian, as it has left many previous optimists, including ourselves, in glaring shock.”

The lawmakers charged Tinubu to “urgently” prioritise minimising the suffering of Nigerians by ensuring food security, access to clean water, healthcare, and education.
“Tackling poverty and guaranteeing these necessities are pivotal to the sustenance of peace in the nation.

“We also call on the government to intensify the fight against corruption, with transparent governance and accountability being paramount.

“We also warn that the government should desist from throwing the nation to the whims of foreign financial institutions, whose policies in developing countries are often anti-people,” the statement added.