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Mum insists she’s not a bad parent after being heavily criticized for waxing her 3 year old daughter’s eyebrows

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A mum on Tiktok, Leah Garcia, 31, has hit back at accusations that she’s a bad mum for choosing to wax her three-year-old daughter’s eyebrows.

Leah, says she faced ridicule for having a unibrow as a child, and now waxes the brows of both her 11-year-old daughter Behautti, and Bliss, three, every week. The mother says she doesn’t want her child to face bullying for having a unibrow.

A unibrow is a single continuous brow resulting from the growing together of eyebrows. See a sample photo below

However, the mum says she is doing it to prevent her daughter from bullies.

‘Bliss was just over two when I started waxing her,’ she said. ‘Bliss and her sister Behautti have eight years between them, and Bliss would always see me wax her older sister’s eyebrows so asked me if she could have it done too.

‘She asked two or three times before I finally gave in, but she never said I have a unibrow, she just showed an interest in it.

‘We have a waxing day each week as I have to wax once a week, so when I do it, I ask if anyone wants their eyebrows waxing, and if they say no, I don’t do it.

‘People say she has no idea she even has a unibrow at the moment, but I wanted to wax it because the sooner you start with waxing, the less it grows back.

‘With Behautti – who’s 11 – she hardly has a unibrow now because we’ve been waxing it for so long. I don’t mess with any other part of their eyebrows.’

When Leah shared the girls’ grooming routine on TikTok this week, she faced backlash from people who accused the mum of aiding her children’s insecurities.

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