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Guinness World Records Deactivates ‘Cook-a-Thon’ Category as Ghanaian Chef Forges Certificate

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Guinness World Records has deactivated “cook-a-thon” category after a Ghanaian chef, Ebenezer Smith forged his certificate.
He had taken to Facebook to falsely claimed to have set a new record for the longest cooking marathon and presented a fake certificate.
The actual record holder is Alan Fisher from Ireland, who achieved a record time of 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds in Japan in 2023.
Guinness World Records confirmed that Smith’s certificate is not authentic and dismissed his claim.
The decision to deactivate the category comes amidst controversy surrounding Smith’s false claim.
He faced legal issues after a controversial press conference, where he was confronted by security personnel over a breach of contract dispute.
Guinness World Records has taken this step to maintain the integrity and authenticity of its records.
The organization ensures that all records are set and verified with strict guidelines and regulations to prevent such incidents in the future.
A social media user shared evidence of the deactivation, writing: “Guinness World Records deactivates its ‘cookathon’ category after it seems to have inspired an unstoppable frenzy in certain parts of the world. In Ghana, one contender, displaying a certificate as the new record holder, claims to have cooked for more than 30 days.”
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