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Blessing CEO Speaks After Being Accused of Owing Tattoo Artist

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Controversial relationship therapist, Blessing Okoro CEO has revealed why she refused to pay a tattoo artist after a job well done.
Recall that the tattoo artist, in a viral video alleged that the curvy actress had him fly from Lagos to Enugu to mask her BBL scars only to refuse to pay him.
Addressing the allegations, Blessing CEO stated that it was the decision of the tattoo artist to fly to Enugu despite insisting that he should wait till she was back in Lagos.
With a snapshot as proof of their interactions, Blessing affirmed that the craftsman’s only intention was to chase clout with her name to boost his business.
“So let me address this small tattoo boy that wants small clout. One up coming tatoo boy that I decided to patronize said I am owing him say I no gree pay.
“This boy was the person who drew my 2nd tatoo, he drew over 9. Tatoo for me that day and I paid him, so I wanted to cover my liposuction scars and tiny Incisions and I called him, guy say him dey Lagos I told him that Lagos to enugu will be too much expenses for me make him chill if I come Lagos to save cost, he said no problem him fit run am.
“I said ok, him come Enugu I go pick up for airport carry am go my mansion, cook for the werey and we started the tatoo, but the pain was much he suggested we leave it and draw it little by little I agreed.
“The next day he said he was going back to aba I said ok, how much is the charge so I pay and know the balance but he no gree talk, I insisted and he said I should give him anything I said tell me ur price, him come say I go pay for flight ticket, 250k Abi 200k, I tell am say wether him dey wine me, him don see mansion and maga na, I refused and told him the tatoo is not even complete, na so the boy come dey talk anyhow so I block am, come call the person wey introduce me to am to talk to am ask am how much, he told the person that he wants to drag me for fame. Him no no say na dragging be my surname.
“Small boy stop circulating my private pictures and defaming me that I smell and all that, na me go sue you las las but I know say u no get money na why I just ignore u . Be warned oooooo.
“If u want ur money come complete this ur yeye work make I dey manage am, that is if fear go gree u near me again because u know say u don 4ck up . I even promised to hep ur career but no he like this ooo u go wound ..”