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Stephen Edward Smith Jr. – Biography, Family, Career,

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Stephen Edward Smith Jr. is the child of Mrs. Jean Kennedy Smith and her husband, Stephen Edward Smith, of one of the most historical families in the United States of America.
Being born into such a history is bound to make people talk about your family for generations.

Stephen Edward Smith Jr. with his Boston Terrier - Thrill NGStephen Edward Smith Jr. with his Boston Terrier
This article provides you with all the information available on Stephen Edward Snith JR.

Stephen’s Early Years and Education
He was born on June 28, 1957, in Bayport, Long Island, in New York State. His mother was Julia A. Cleary, a daughter of the famous congressman William E. Cleary. He is 66 years old.
Stephen attended Georgetown University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history in 1948. he also served in the Korean War and was then first lieutenant for two years in the United States Air Force from 1951 to 1952.
Stephen Kennedy Smith Jr. received his MA from Harvard University. He went further in his education to boast his portfolio at Columbia University, which later awarded him Juris Doctor (JD). He also bagged an MA Ed from Harvard University School of Education.
Stephen Edward Smith Jr.’s family
Stephen’s father worked for President Kennedy in the White House; back then, this was under the term of President Clinton. Stephen’s late mother, Jean Kennedy, was the US ambassador to Ireland.
His cultural background is from his mother’s side of the Kennedy family, which happens to be one of the most well-known political families in the US.
In addition to all this, the Kennedy family has a long-standing history of involvement in politics, public service, entertainment, and commerce.
Patrick Joseph Kennedy was the first member of the family to be elected into public office. This was 35 years after the family arrived from Ireland back in 1884.
Then, in Massachusetts in 1947, Patrick Joseph’s grandson, John F. Kennedy, later joined Congress. At that time, at least one member of the family held a federal elective office every year. 
And it’s been like this for the past 64 years. The legacy ended in 2011 when Patrick J. Kennedy, who was Patrick Joseph Kennedy’s great-grandson, retired from Congress in Rhode Island.
Stephen Edward Smith Jr.’s siblings, Wife, and Children 
Stephen Edward Smith Jr. lived a private life, ensuring to keep private information relating to his wife and children.

However, here is a list of his siblings.

William Kennedy Smith (born 1960)
Amanda Mary Smith (born 1967)
Kym Maria Smith (born 1972)

The Career Life of Stephen Edward Smith Jr. 
American lawyer Stephen Kennedy Jr. was the deputy campaign manager for the late Senator Edward Kennedy in his political career.
Mr. Smith taught in Harvard University Law School’s negotiation program after he left the Senate.
In addition, he worked as a consultant for the Conflict Management Group during that period, participating in the Irish peace process and collaborating with various organizations such as African Unity, the World Bank, the IDB, and others.
Smith has been in the real estate development for the last 20 years. In addition, he worked as a staff member for the Foreign Relations and Judiciary Committees of the Senate. 
Mr. Smith is a partner at Kennedy Smith Sammaweera, a real estate development and investment firm focusing on sustainable development and smart growth.