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What is this if not love on Joyprime, Thursday 26th October 2023 update

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TV series

What is this if not love on Joyprime Thursday 26th October 2023 update, Siddhant tells that Goel bought the diamond for Rs 400 crores, 3 years ago in London, and interesting thing is that he bought it for 400 crores and sold it for 50 crores. He says why did Goel suffer losses of 350 crores. He says I have found out who bought it. He shows the diamond in Ira’s hand and matches it with the pic. He says it is of Goel and bought by Ira, 350 crores less than its price.

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He says you all are mature, we are kids. He says sorry to Prabhakar for entering meeting forcibly. Anushka goes behind Siddhant. KK is shocked. Siddhant says sorry to Anushka and Rao. Rao says you shouldn’t have lied about Anu. Siddhant says then whom to make fall and smiles.

Siddhant tells Sweety that his father was blamed, he has only one thing, ie respect. He says he took shark’s

teeth and proved his father’s innocence. Sweety says God shall give such son to everyone. Khattar is sitting there and drunk. Siddhant asks him to join for his father’s victory. Khattar says you and your father are wrong. They have an argument. Siddhant says whoever raises finger on my father, I break their finger. Khattar talks bad about Prabhakar. Siddhant says my father works with KK as he is his friend and says you are jealous of him.
Goel tells his assistant that his flight will take off tomorrow and KK will be left to watch. Ira recalls Siddhant exposing her. Goel says now we don’t need her and rejects her call. Ira thinks you have disconnected my call. KK and others think about Ira doing the fraud.

Prabhakar gets his Chacha’s call and he wishes him happy birthday. He asks her to give sweets. She gives. Prabhakar asks her to sit. Purva asks her to come and not to tell him anything. Anushka comes and rings the door bell. Anushka, Purba and Gayatri wish him happy birthday together. Prabhakar says so you was teasing me. Gayatri says it was anushka’s plan to surprise you. They ask him to cut the cake. Siddhant asks what Prabhakar is cutting the cake. Prabhakar says stop it, everyone have told. Siddhant asks what? Anushka says lets cut your birthday cake. Prabhakar asks him to wish first,. Siddhant touches his feet. They have cake. Anushka asks for the party. Prabhakar says what people will say. Siddhant asks him to do what he likes. Anushka says lets cook something here. Prabhakar says lets cook here. Anushka says I will also help. Siddhant taunts her.

Sweety tells Siddhant about Khattar’s drama. Anushka hears him. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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