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Viral Scandal on MaxTv Episode 7

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TV series

Viral Scandal episode 7, The series continues and in today’s episode, Rica wakes up to find a written letter of Kakay saying that she is going out and she will be back. She gets to still have what Bea said on what she is doing by hiding herself for now because the world will not stop for her. She opened the door of her house and steps out. She finally gets outside her gate and meets people gossiping about her . She walks by the road side and everything seems bright to him. Kyle finally arrives in the scene and his brother Gino and him go check their office out.

Back in town, KAKAY meets Troy and she slaps him for turning her daughter into a liar. She tells her that she had no right to tell anyone about her secrets. Troy tells her that they can trust Attorney Dizon thats why he hired her and there troy asks her why she is so much afraid is it because her children doesn’t know about why happened . And there troy finds out that Dani too doesn’t know and tells her that she shouldn’t be afraid of how her husbabd will react . There Karla tells her that Dani will accept her no matter what. While they talk, Dani who was going about his deliveries finds them together . Rica continues to get teased about when she steps out .

KAKAY gets home and gets it on with Bea for lying . There Nico comes to tell them that Rica has left home. Rica goes back to the building where she intended suicide. She was about to throw herself but stops immediately.
She gets a call but her phone goes of. She sees a mesage that’s saysthats she can fight every problem . She recalls how she was saved by Kyle . She touches the drawing and cries her eyes out .

Raven and Kyle meet and they exchange pleasantries . She asked if he is going to stay in their town and she says yes. While Kakay and Bea worry about her whereabout, they see a note that she was going to buy something.
Troy sees the video of Raven defending Jigs and there she asks Audrey why and there Audrey says that she only did that to support her family . Troy wonders if she is getting back at Karla or helping their family and tere Audrey gets angry and leaves.

Karla tells Dani that Bea lied about Attorney Dizon and there while they speak, Rica shows up. And she gets scolded. She said she went out because she doesn’t want to be a burden. They tells her that she is not because they can handle themselves but she is not okay. They tells her Rica that Attorney Dizon was hired by Troy and there Bea apologize and accept that their lawyer should remain as payment for he troy neglecting his duties towards her.

Later in the evening, Kakay tells Dan that she understands that seeing her and Troy together makes him sad.
The three siblings have a nice time together as they shared a bed together. Jigs and Raven have diner and jigs thabks her for believing in him. Raven asked why it had to be Her fathers illegimate daughter and she believes that Rica wants to get back at Troy.

Rica and Dan speak over coffee and there she apologise for making decisions that will affect him . Dan then says that in as much as she loves her very much he will always be there for her because its his responsibility as a father . Kakay listens as they speak and gets flashback of how she was raped and how troy told her that if she is afraid of how Dan will react .

Rica gets to her room and gets flashbacks on all the insightful words of encouragement. The next day, she dressed to go to the firm to take her certificate and she tells Kakay that she will fight no matter what because this is her . They hug tightly and thats where we end guys. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.