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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 3, Tuesday 24th October 2023 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love on zee world Tuesday 24th October 2023 update, Saloni worrying for Lakshmi and says nothing wrong shall happen with her. Anjana says I will kept the bhandar\feast for the people in the temple. Saloni says Vikrant and our dreams will end if anything happens to Lakshmi. Anjana says nothing will happen to her, her family members told that she has defeated the death before also and saved her family. She asks her to think positive like Vikrant and says all our dreams will be fulfilled.

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Neelam feels bad for Lakshmi and tells that whatever is written in destiny happens, but thank god Rishi is not with her and he is safe. She says he is not with Lakshmi. Lakshmi is driving the car fast and says she has to take this bomb very far, and has to save the people. The reporter in the news tells the viewers that everyone shall pray for Lakshmi, who has risked her life for save everyone of us. He says lets pray for her. Everyone is praying for Lakshmi. The bomb squad ask if Lakshmi can take the bomb far and hopes that the blast happens very far and she stays safe. All the family members pray for Lakshmi. Even house help Manoj comes to pray.

Sonal comes to Malishka and asks her to pray for Lakshmi. Malishka says why shall I pray, and says Lakshmi should have given it to bomb squad, but she wanted to become great. Sonal asks her to pretend to pray, so that Rishi feels that she is great to pray for Lakshmi. Malishka says but…Sonal asks her to atleast pray for Rishi and says if the bomb blasts then its impact will be vast and dangerous, so we shall pray. Malishka says we shall pray for humanity. Sonal says if Lakshmi manages to succeed the bomb away, then everyone will be safe. She says we shall pray for Lakshmi. Malishka says ok. They go to pray.

Rano, Bani and Neha are also praying in their house for Lakshmi. Lakshmi is still driving the car fast. All Oberois are also praying. Vikrant’s family is also praying. Karishma comes there and stands to pray. Sonia sees Malishka and Sonal coming there and asks why? Malishka tells that she wants to pray for humanity, Rishi and for Lakshmi, as she has went for a good work. Sonia says nice. She also prays. Bani asks Mata Rani to save Di and everyone, and asks her to be with Lakshmi. All the people in the City pray in their houses. Balwinder is drinking and gets angry on terrorists. He says Lakshmi went to save people, why did she go? He asks God to save her, and says if anything happens to her then even I will die and will spread my terror there. He says he shall get Lakshmi.

Neelam thinks Lakshmi will save the city, but she could save herself, as there is an attack on her life. She says Rishi is not with her, so all her worries are over. Lakshmi sees Rishi running and is about to come on her way, but drives off fast, asking him to go. Rishi says I will not leave Lakshmi, I will die and live with her. Other Inspector tells PA that Minister was injured so Minister and Inspector is taken to the hospital. PA asks what about Lakshmi? Inspector says we are trying to find out where she has reached. PA prays for Lakshmi and tells that she went to end the terror, she is very brave, and asks God to save Lakshmi. Lakshmi thinks that she will be very far soon. Strangely Rishi is waiting for Lakshmi on the tree, and jumps on her car just as she comes there. Lakshmi says Rishi, go from here.

Rishi says we will throw the bomb together. Lakshmi says if anything happens to you. Rishi says if anything happens to you, then I can’t live, we will live and die together. Lakshmi asks what will happen with Malishka. Rishi says our lives are in danger and you are thinking about Malishka. He asks her to stop the car and tries to open the door. Lakshmi drives the car rashly and Rishi falls down. Lakshmi worries for Rishi, but sees him holding the car’s backside. Rishi manages to come to the roof and opens the door. He gets inside the car and asks her to get down the car. He says he will drive and asks her to get down the car. Lakshmi says I don’t trust you. He says you don’t trust me. She says ok and asks him to sit straight. She then pushes Rishi out of the car seeing the door open and drives off saying sorry Rishi. Rishi falls down on the road and shouts Lakshmi. He sees the car falling from the cliff and exploding. He shouts Lakshmi and is shell shocked.

Ayush and Shalu come out of the Ministy office. The reporter questions them. Ayush asks her to leave them for sometime. The reporter says she can understand. Shalu worries for Lakshmi and says if the bomb explodes. Ayush asks her to stay positive and says if you worry then I will die. Shalu says no, I will not say this. Ayush says I will call at home and tell everyone that we are safe. Virender gets Ayush’s call. Virender asks how are you? Ayush says we are fine. Karishma asks Virender to give call to her. She asks if he is fine? Ayush says I am fine. Karishma asks where is Rishi? Neelam takes the call and asks if he is with you. Ayush thinks what to do? He is about to tell her, when the phone falls down from his hand. Shalu picks the phone and gives to Ayush.

Ayush tells Neelam that there is so much kiosk here and says he will talk to her later. Neelam gets worried and tells that he has cut the call. She is angry on Ayush. Virender says Lakshmi has risked her life. The reporter tells other reporter that the bomb blasted in the cliff. Ayush and Shalu hears them. Rishi is running to come there. The two men sees the car burning and sees Rishi running, says they shall save him as Lakshmi has saved everyone. They hold Rishi. Rishi says she is my Lakshmi…They leave him. Rishi asks Lakshmi to say something, and says I know that you are down. He says I will go down to Lakshmi. The guy stops her and asks if you want to die, she is dead. Rishi says Lakshmi is alive. The guy says all the car is burnt. Rishi says I am alive so she must be alive. The guy asks him to come to his senses and asks him to calm down and think if she would survive this big blast. Rishi says I know you are down and asks her to say something else he will jump down. He shouts Lakshmi.

the reporter telling that thank god everyone is safe there. Ayush asks Reporter if there is any news about Lakshmi. The reporter says Lakshmi went taking the bomb and we don’t know about Rishi. She wishes that they stay safe. The reporter on the news channel, tells that they hope that Lakshmi survives in this bomb blast. Saloni and Anjana get teary eyes. Anjana asks her to think positive. Kiran asks Neelam if any news came of Rishi. Malishka says why you are saying this and tells that he will return home, as Lakshmi went alone. Vikrant says Lakshmi will also return. He says Rahul will update him. Neelam insists to go there. Vikrant asks her to come with him. They leave. Dadi tells Virender that Neelam is behaving strangely. Karishma tells that it is obvious, even I am worried for Ayush. Dadi says Neelam’s worry is different, it seems like she had known about it. Virender says she is weak about Rishi.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to say something and says I know nothing has happened to you. He recalls their moments. Rishi sees Lakshmi unconsciously lying on the side down the cliff. The guy tells Rishi that Lakshmi is not there. Rishi then imagines her somewhere else and tells the guy, says she is there? He says I know that Lakshmi is alive. The guy talks to other guy and says he has gone mad, and might be seeing her soul. Rishi says where did she go and tries to go near the cliff, but the guys stop her and tells him that Lakshmi is dead and only Police can search her dead body. The other guy says Lakshmi is gone for forever. Rishi cries.

Vikrant sees Neelam worried and asks her not to worry, and says nothing will happen to Rishi and Lakshmi. He is worried for Lakshmi and prays for her well being. Yug is about to leave from his house, afraid of being caught after his terrorists die, but Police comes there and arrests hhim for multiple crimes.

Ayush and Shalu are on the way to reach there. The reporters reach there and tell the audience that they will show them the car blast site. Neelam and Vikrant reach there. Vikrant goes to see Lakshmi. Neelam sees Rishi sitting under the tree and saying he can’t live without Lakshmi, asking her to take him with her. Neelam is stunned and stops. Rishi imagines Lakshmi calling him. Neelam looks at the place, but Lakshmi is not there. Rishi gets up and tells that he will not let her go anywhere, is coming to her.

Saloni says Lakshmi is not found yet and says she is worried. She says you are asking me to think positive, but bad thoughts are coming in the mind. Anjana says Lakshmi will return and asks her to call Karishma or Neelam. Dadi tells Virender that nobody called us until now. Virender says even I am feeling the same. Saloni calls Karishma. Karishma picks the call and tells that Neelam and Vikrant went to search them. Anjana says Vikrant and Lakshmi will marry on the same day.

Malishka hugs Sonia and rejoices saying Lakshmi is missing and wishes that even if she gets saved then she shall not return. Sonia says though we didn’t want her death, but she shall not return. Sonal feels bad for Vikrant and says he really loves her. Sonia says it is fun, and wishes her death. Kiran is shocked and asks them not to think about her death. Malishka says she is just worried for Rishi and says he might become Devdas for her, and might give his life for her.

Neelam shouts Ayush and signs him to look at Rishi. Rishi is running. The reporter cover the news and records Rishi running towards the cliff. He says if he don’t stop then will fall down from the cliff. Ayush and Vikrant run behind him to stop Rishi. Rano, Neha and Bani watch the news and gets shocked. Neelam, Ayush, Shalu and Vikrant are shocked. Bani says first Di was missing and now Jiju. Neha says Rishi has committed suicide for Lakshmi. Rano says nothing has happened to Lakshmi, then why he will commit suicide. Ayush shouts Rishi Bhai. Karishma and others watch the news. Karishma says why did Rishi jump from the cliff to take risk. Ahana says they will be fine and asks them not to worry.

Dayasagar reaches there and asks Ayush about Lakshmi and Rishi. Ayush says they don’t know, and tells that the car blasted and now Rishi also jumped from the cliff. Dayasagar asks Inspector to search Lakshmi and Rishi, and says I want them alive.

the reporter telling that Rishi jumped from the cliff calling Lakshmi’s name. She says Police team is searching them, and Dayasagar is getting them searched. Malishka, Sonal, Kiran and others hear the news. The reporter says Lakshmi saved the nation, but if she is fine herself. She says the terrorists are dead, but if Rishi and Lakshmi will be fine. Malishka asks if Rishi committed suicide for Lakshmi. She says I will go and search him. Kiran cries and asks why did he jump, now what will happen to my daughter. Sonal asks Malishka to calm down and tells that nothing will happen to Rishi. The reporter says first we prayed for Lakshmi and now we will pray for Rishi, and says their search is on. Malishka says I will go there and jump from there, asks what they will search. She says Rishi is mine, I will save him. Virender says we will go there and asks Sonia and Ahana to be there. Kiran says yes, Rishi will be found. Virender says and Lakshmi also.

Neha asks Bani not to cry and says nothing will be fine if you cry. Rano says nothing will happen to them. Ayush asks Neelam not to worry and tells that Bhai will be found. Vikrant tries to pacify Neelam. Ayush tells the Inspector that he will go down. Inspector says I will go with your trained officers. Ayush argues asking Inspector to understand his feelings. Dayasagar tells Ayush that he understand his feelings, but let the experts do their work. The reporter asks why Rishi Oberoi jumped behind Lakshmi Oberoi, and says Neelam is also here and crying. She says our wishes is with Oberoi family. Vikrant tells Neelam that very soon Rishi and Lakshmi will be fine. Neelam asks him not to take her name and says this thing is happening because of her. Vikrant is shocked. Neelam hugs Ayush and cries. Vikrant sees Anjana and Saloni and asks why did you come here? Neelam asks Ayush to go and bring Rishi. Vikrant tells Anjana that Neelam was blaming Lakshmi for all this. Anjana asks them not to think anything negative. Rano, Bani and Neha come there. Ayush asks why did you come here? Rano says my breath had stopped in the house. Bani and Neha ask about Rishi and Lakshmi. Ayush says search is on. Shalu hugs Bani and cries. Bani asks where is Di? She asks Shalu why you didn’t take care of Lakshmi. Balwinder is coming there and checks the news. He hears reporter telling that Rishi jumped off from the cliff calling Lakshmi. Balwinder is happy and thinks Rishi did right, and thinks if Lakshmi is alive. He then thinks Lakshmi will be alive for him, and Rishi will be dead. He thinks where are you Lakshmi.

Rishi has fallen near Lakshmi and is unconscious. He gains consciousness and sees Lakshmi there. He says Lakshmi…I am coming to you. He moves near her with difficulty. Saathiya plays…..

He keeps Lakshmi’s head on his lap. Malishka comes there and asks Ayush where is her Rishi? Ayush says Bhai and Bhabhi will be found, search is on. Malishka cries for Rishi. Neelam asks Virender to search her Rishi. Dadi cries. Virender asks them to trust God. The reporter says what is the reason that Rishi jumped, if he jumped to search Lakshmi. Malishka runs to Neelam and asks her to say where is Rishi. Neelam says if anything happens to my son then I will not leave that Lakshmi. Vikrant and his family is shocked to hear her hatred for her. Rishi hugs Lakshmi and asks her to open her eyes once, and says you was calling me so I came, and asks her to open her eyes for him and their love. Lakshmi opens her eyes and sees Rishi. Rishi says I am with you. Lakshmi looks at him surprised. She hugs him. They cry hugging each other.

Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is fine and says sorry for making him fall down the car. He says its ok, I understand and says why didn’t you jump out. Lakshmi says I was about to jump, when my foot was stuck, I had opened the door also. She says she had jumped our when the car fell from the cliff. Rishi says you have saved many lives today and that’s why nothing wrong will happen to you. Lakshmi asks about terrorists. Rishi says situation is controlled. Lakshmi asks about Shalu and Ayush. Rishi says they are fine. Lakshmi asks what about you? Rishi says he is not fine. Lakshmi says they will go to doctor after going up. Rishi says Doctor can’t treat him as his heart is hurt, and asks why did you think that I can’t save you, and says you could have trusted me once. Lakshmi says I trust you fully, and tells that she don’t want anything to happen to him. Rishi says and I don’t want anything to happen to you, and says I love you. He hugs her. Rishi says I love you and can’t see anything wrong happening with you. He says don’t know if that visual will go out of my memory or not, but when the car fell down, I thought everyone is over. He says then I felt that you are fine and that’s why came here. Lakshmi asks how did you come down? Rishi thinks how to tell you, that I was seeing you, though you was unconscious, and says may be your love or my love that has brought me here.

Neelam thanks God seeing Rishi fine. Rishi says due to Lakshmi. Dadi says she has named her Sherni. Balwinder is happy that Lakshmi is saved, and says now you have to marry me. He thinks to kill Rishi. Vikrant tells Rishi that he shall thank him for saving Lakshmi’s life, as his life is stuck with lakshmi, and he don’t think that he can get a good partner than Lakshmi. He thanks him and hug Rishi. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.