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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld season 2, Tuesday 10th October 2023 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love on zee world Tuesday 10th October 2023 update, Rishi telling that he is going to tell what is important fact and says happy holi Dad and Dadi. He says when we have any pain or trouble then whom we remember, God….but I remember just Lakshmi and her smile and everything becomes fine. He says love is the biggest prayer/puja and says whoever gets real love on this earth, gets the blessings of God. He says even I got that love and feeling and God’s blessings but I was lost it when I was very close to it. He says today I will say my feelings as Lakshmi is with me. Lakshmi thinks she will stop Rishi, if he says then many relations will break.

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Dadi says Virender that they shall stop Rishi as Lakshmi and Malishka’s hearts will be broken and worries that….Rishi says I am lucky that I…Lakshmi asks him not to say and gives her swear. Ayush and Shalu ask Rishi to say. Rishi says I am lucky that I got friend like you. Ayush says why is he saying friend. Rishi says I have a friend like you, and will respect you a lot. Ayush says you love her. Rishi says I love Lakshmi, if friendship is love, then I love Lakshmi. Everyone takes sigh of relief. He says I worship my parents and also worship savior Lakshmi. He says you have saved my life many times, so why I will not love you. He says every person loves self, but how he will not love his life savior. He says I will love you till my last breath, as this life which I am living is given by you. He says someone asked me something and that’s why I am replying. He then holds Malishka’s hand and brings her to front. He says I am telling with whom I love. He aims finger at Lakshmi, while Malishka is standing in the front and says I love you. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Everyone misunderstands Rishi is aiming finger at Malishka. Malishka says I love you too and hugs him. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he wants the person who marries you, shall take care of you and shall keep you happy. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Rishi is about to wipe her tears, but Lakshmi wipes her tears.

Ayush gets upset and asks Shalu to show the bhang tablet. Shalu says it is fine, there is no problem in it. Ayush throws the tablet far and it falls on thandai pot. Ayush says Rishi is confusing everyone. Mukesh comes to the guy and takes the thandai (in which bhang tablets were mixed accidentally. Lakshmi holds Ayush’s ears and scolds him for making Rishi drink bhang. Shalu says we thought. Mukesh comes there and gives them thandai. Shalu asks him to keep thandai on the table. Lakshmi and Ayush drinks thandai. Malishka tells Lakshmi that she must have been happy thinking Rishi would proposed her, but…She sees thandai glass and drinks. She then feels pity on Ayush and says better luck never. Shalu thinks where is Chachi? She goes to check. Ayush asks Lakshmi from where bike sound is coming. He gets under bhang influence. Lakshmi too gets in bhang effect and smiles.

Rishi comes back. Neelam scolds Rishi for drinking bhang and says drama have happened. Dadi says it is holi and says your bau ji used to drink bhang on holi. Virender laughs. Dadi says even Viru used to drink. Virender says once I drank much, and my friend used to ask me to drink hot water and I stood under sun holding glass of water. Dadi says once you said I love you to Neelam 1000’s time. Virender says then Neelam took my class and I never said that. Karishma says that was fun, and says whatever happened today, everyone and I felt that Rishi is going to…She asks if Lakshmi has done this. Rishi says she has not done this, someone else has done this. Some guests come and appreciate Oberois for the arrangements.

Ayush and Lakshmi laugh. Ayush asks why I am laughing. Lakshmi says I don’t know. Ayush asks why you are laughing. Lakshmi says why? Karishma, Neelam and others look at them. Lakshmi says I am laughing as you are laughing. Ayush says but why I am laughing. Lakshmi says because I am laughing. Ayush says I am hungry, I will have some air. Lakshmi says don’t overeat. Ayush says ok. He pretends as if he is starting the bike and asks Lakshmi to sit behind. Lakshmi says I am not hungry and asks him to go, but don’t overeact. Neelam says what happened to him. Ayush asks Ahana where you want to go, come and sit behind. Ahana laughs and says you are driving fast, I am scared. Ayush pretends as if driving bike and falls down near Lakshmi. He says petrol over. Lakshmi asks if I shall kick. Ahana says yes. Lakshmi pretends as if she is kicking the bike and says bike not working. Karishma gets angry. Neelam asks her not to go else they might insult her in bhang effect. Ayush says bike started and asks her to sit. Lakshmi says no, as she wants to go in helicopter. She asks who will drive it and says Rishi can do anything for me. Ayush says he can give his life for you. Ayush then comes to Dadi and Virender, and kiss them. Sonia stops Ayush and says if you are seeing what he is doing. Ayush asks her to drive car and starts his bike again. Karishma says Ayush is trapped by Lakshmi, and says he takes her name always, and have made our lives as hell. She says Lakshmi is embarrassing all of us.

Lakshmi searching for Rishi. Neha and Bani think that someone made her drink bhang. Bani and Neha try to take Lakshmi and Ayush from there. Sonia says Ayush is not listening to me, and asks who are you? Lakshmi says Sonia, she is my sister Bani. Ayush says you are Rishi Bhai’s sister Sonia. Lakshmi asks her to go with Ayush and have air, it is very tasty. Ayush says not to overact. Sonia goes to Karishma and Neelam and tells that she can’t bear now, her friends are here and will make fun of her. Shalu goes to Bani and hears Rano telling that Oberoi family are very miser and haven’t given her any money. Rano asks her to bring 5 laddoos for her. Shalu thinks who made her drunk. Lakshmi asks where is Rishi, he will ride helicopter. Karishma comes there and splashes water on Ayush and Lakshmi using the pipe. Ayush says God, how do you know that I was feeling hot. Lakshmi says God is playing with us. Virender says karishma doesn’t understand that bhang effect will not go with water. Lakshmi says God ji is Bua and asks him folds hands. Ayush says Mom and bends down folding his hands. He then dances as the song plays…Ahana asks Ayush to dance again. Karishma asks if anyone makes video and makes it viral, then what will happen to our image, do you have any idea. She asks Ayush to come. Ayush says I can’t go without my bike. Karishma sees Lakshmi and thinks to slap her many times, but not now. She thinks to teach her a lesson.

Sonal and Kiran look at them and think Malishka and Rishi might be together. Sonal says Rishi proposed love to Malishka and they might be romancing. Kiran says this shall happen. Karishma is taking Lakshmi with her. Ayush asks where she is taking him. Karishma asks who are you? Lakshmi says he is your son and Ahana is your daughter, how can you forget? Karishma gets angry and brings her to Neelam, asking her to say (actually punish) her. Lakshmi sees Neelam and says you are Neelam aunty. She laughs.

Sonal smiles. Lakshmi says you shall be praised from heart, as you are Oberoi family’s respect, dignity and pride. She says Rishi’s Mom, but shall I tell you, that your respect, dignity and pride are all fake. Karishma asks her to behave. Lakshmi laughs and says it is fake. Sonal smiles happily again. Lakshmi says all of it went with Ayush’s scooter. She says God Shri Ram had done a big mistake that he left Sita Maiyya, but he was called God even then as he was God, but where is your pride? She says your pride is like spade cards palace which fell down at anytime. She says I became your bahu, your pride fell down. Karishma shouts Lakshmi. Lakshmi says you are add on, whatever Neelam aunty says, you adds ghee in the fire. She says Ayush is a good boy and lovely, and you scold him always, as he favors me, you can’t bear it. Shalu comes there and looks shocked.

Lakshmi says you both couldn’t bear when I became your bahu. She says I didn’t bring alliance for myself, but you brought alliance for me as you wanted to save your son’s life. She says even now his life has to be saved, and when I save him, you say why I saved him, so that I became great. She asks if anyone risks his/her life to become great. She asks if you will risk your life to become great. She asks both Neelam and Karishma. She says she saves Rishi as Rishi is really good, and honest at heart, and he is not cunning. She says he respects you a lot and worships you, but you don’t give him boon to be happy. Shalu and Bani ask Lakshmi to come and says you said enough. Lakshmi says I am not badmouthing about them, but showing mirror to them. Bani asks her to be quiet. Lakshmi says I thought to say today, so that their house troubles end. Shalu asks her to be quiet. Lakshmi asks her to be quiet, and tells Neelam that you don’t see Rishi’s happiness, but see your pride and honor. She says shall I tell you, there is nothing like pride and honor, it is for the world, but the child happiness touches even the soul. She says my Mother used to say this, and says if your love your pride and honor, then Malishka is just perfect for your house. She says Rishi does like this. She says she is beautiful, educated and belongs to high class society.

Neelam gets angry. Lakshmi says you will be very happy, but if Rishi will be happy and if he will keep her happy. She says you had come to me for saving Rishi’s life, did you ask Malishka to keep Rishi happy. Karishma says we don’t need to tell her, she loves Rishi and will keep him happy. She says we want Rishi’s happiness. Lakshmi laughs and says everyone wants his happiness, but do you know where is his happiness? Neelam says I know and says when you leave from his life, then happiness will come in his life, you are grahan/eclipse in his life. Lakshmi laughs and asks if I am graham, says you used to say that I am Rishi’s shield and now I am inauspicious for you. She tells her that inauspicious thing doesn’t exist. She says you didn’t see that Rishi was saved, but just saw me and felt that Rishi land in problem due to me. She says if I was inauspicious when the fire was set in the hotel and I saved Rishi. She asks if I was inauspicious when I saved him from crocodile and snake. She says I was not inauspicious then, but now I am inauspicious, as Rishi’s markesh dosh is over, so who is Lakshmi. Shalu says stop it. Lakshmi says I have nothing to do with them, as Rishi is getting my marriage done and you have problem with it. She says shall I tell you, what Rishi told me.

Ayush teasing Malishka. Malishka says it is for Rishi. They both are in Bhang effect. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi….Malishka comes to him and says what is he saying? She takes her ears near him. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi. Sonal comes there and looks at them. Rishi applies color to Malishka’s face and whispers I love you Lakshmi. Malishka thinks what is he saying? Rishi whispers I love you Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Neelam if I shall tell you, what Rishi told me, and says he was about o tell you, but I stopped him as the matter was such. Dadi asks what he told you. Lakshmi asks shall I tell you? Dadi says yes. Lakshmi says I stopped Rishi, why shall I say. Virender asks her to say. Lakshmi says Bau ji, you are very good, like my Bau ji, and says you are my Bau ji and loves me a lot. She tells Dadi that she is also good and loves her a lot. Dadi says we are good and asks her to say what Rishi told you. Lakshmi recalls Rishi telling her that he just loves her and that means he doesn’t love Malishka. Shalu thinks to stop Lakshmi and thinks don’t know where is Ayush? Lakshmi asks shall I tell what Rishi told me.

Sonal is happy and thinks Rishi and Malishka are going to kiss each other. Rano gets up and thinks her head is heavy. She is fine and thinks when did she sleep here? She recalls eating laddoos and thinks something was mixed in the laddoos. She thinks surely bhang, that’s why my head was round and round. Lakshmi says Rishi said that….Rishi tells Malishka that he loves Lakshmi. Just then they fall down from the chair. Sonal laughs. Rishi gets up and asks Malishka if she was kissing the ground. Sonal realizes they both are in bhang effect. Malishka says I was going to kiss him and says he was saying I love…Sonal says Malishka. She tells them that Ayush is riding the scooter and Lakshmi is insulting Karishma and your Mom. Rishi says she is insulting Mom and goes. Lakshmi sees Rishi and says he has come. Dadi asks what he told you? Lakshmi asks them to ask Rishi. Dadi says you said that you will tell us. Lakshmi says how do I know what he told me. She says what did he tell me, but I don’t remember. She questionably asks herself. Virender says I thought Rishi told her, and realized his feelings, but my hopes break always. Dadi says he might have said something. Lakshmi makes sad face and says Dadi, hugs her. Sonal asks Malishka not to go, and tells that Lakshmi is doing what they want her to do, and will be scolded. Malishka asks her to let her go and says you are drunk. Sonal says you was drunk and that’s why kissing the ground. Malishka laughs and asks her not to go there and do drama. She says you romance with your boyfriend, though you have a husband. She tells that I will go to my would be husband. She goes. Sonal tells that Malishka might expose her, and that’s why she doesn’t go behind her.

Lakshmi tells Dadi that she loves her, but they don’t love her. Karishma says they instigate you against us. Rishi comes there and takes Lakshmi’s side. Lakshmi says hero has come. Kiran asks where did you go? Malishka says I was here, laughs and asks didn’t you see? Lakshmi asks where did you go, Rishi…. leaving me. She says we can’t go away from each other, and says black dog…Rishi asks where is the black dog? Lakshmi says you might got it. Rishi says no, I didn’t get it. Lakhsmi says we shall collide our heads else black dog will bite us. Malishka stops them and says he is my Rishi, why you come between us. Shalu thinks Baba ji is with us, seeing Malishka in bhang effect.

She thinks Ayush is not fine to provoke Malishka to confess the truth. Malishka says he is mine, I have done so much to get him and you can’t even think of. She asks Lakshmi to stay away from him. She says we both love each other and asks Rishi to say. Karishma asks Malishka to calm down and says Rishi said that he loves you, then why you want to talk to Lakshmi. Malishka asks Lakshmi if Rishi will marry you, he will never marry low class girl like you. Rishi shouts asking Malishka to be silent, and says you will not say anything against Lakshmi. He says she is so good, that nobody is like her, not even you. He asks her to become like her, to say something.

Malishka says you are favoring her and scolding me. Rishi says no. Malishka says you want to insult me and that’s why scolding me for her, she is nothing to you. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.

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