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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Saturday 7th January 2023 update

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TV series

Unfortunate Love on zee world Saturday 7th January 2023 update, Virender slapping Rishi hard on his face. The lady overhearing Kiran and Malishka’s conversation shocks Dadu and Viraj with the truth. They get up hearing the truth shockingly. Lakshmi comes to the cliff and starts walking. The things in the house start falling. Neelam is shocked and sees the heavy storm.

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Rishi asks Lakshmi….Virender asks him not to take her name. He grabs his collar and asks where did you go, to Malishka’s house, to marry her. And here your mother was blaming Lakshmi and accusing her for not stopping you. He says if anything happens to my daughter, then I will not leave anyone.

Neelam says I accept that Rishi is wrong but….Virender says did you see, how was Lakshmi’s condition and says she went alone by walk, with her injured foot. He says she was scared when Pandit ji told that his life is in danger. He says I tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen. He says whatever Rishi has done, is a crime and sin for breaking innocent heart. He asks where is my daughter, tell me? Rishi says Dad, I don’t know where is Lakshmi? He says she is not picking my call, and says she will pick your call.

Virender says I am not selfish like you, and has accepted her as my daughter, with my heart, but today she is not picking my call. Neelam says you can scold him later, but for now, we shall search Lakshmi. Rishi says I searched her everywhere, but couldn’t find her. Dadi says she might have gone to her Chachi’s house. Neelam calls Rano and asks her to tell Lakshmi that I have called her. Rano says Lakshmi is in your house.

She then scolds Neha for switching off the channel. Neelam ends the call. Rano thinks if Lakshmi and Rishi had any fight and gets happy. Neelam tells the family members that Lakshmi is not there. Karishma says she might have asked Chachi to lie. Neelam says her Chachi was watching TV and I heard TV sound. She says Lakshmi is not there. Dadi worries for Lakshmi and prays for her safety.

Rishi sits and cries, says she was very angry and sad. I haven’t seen her this much sad and hurt before. He says she was looking at me, and I have realized that her heart was breaking, she herself was breaking. He says I tried to stop her, but she didn’t stop. He cries and says I should have run behind her and regrets. Karishma asks him to relax and says she will come. Virender says I am going to search Lakshmi and asks Ayush to come. Ayush says he will come. Rishi says even I will come. Virender says I don’t want your fake sympathy and says if I don’t get her, then I will lose even my son, and asks him not to come infront of him, until he finds Lakshmi. Rishi says it was my mistake, but my intentions were not meant to hurt her. Virender says you knew, but you hurt her intentionally. He says don’t betray me with your lies. He leaves with Ayush. Karishma says why Bhai is doing this tamasha for that girl. Neelam asks Karishma not to support Rishi. She says I was silent, as whatever your Dad said was right. She says Lakshmi didn’t care for herself and went in storm to bring you, as she loves you. She says I always loved you and supported you. She says today I couldn’t say your Dad, not to beat my son, as you are wrong. She says you was my pride, and today I am feeling ashamed due to you. Karishma says don’t blame Rishi like Bhai, and says Malishka and Rishi are kids. Neelam says why they don’t accepted my words, and says neither of them are children. She says I asked them both and they had said that they have moved on and parted ways. She says you lied to me also. She says if Lakshmi is not found then.

Karishma asks Devika, Ahana and Sonia to take care of Neelam, and Dadi and goes on blaming Lakshmi. Inspector refuses to file Police complaint before 12 hours. door bell knocks. Neha says Lakshmi might have come, and finds Shalu on the door. Virender tells that Lakshmi had only one house as her mayka and sasural. He asks him to search Lakshmi. Shalu comes inside and says neighbor called and said that our cloth flied and went to her house, so I went to bring it back. Rano gets angry on Shalu. Neha says there might be something big between Lakshmi and Rishi. She asks Rano what did Neelam say? Rano tells her. Neha says she ended the call without telling that Lakshmi has returned etc. Rano says you are over thinking. Neha calls Lakshmi and says she will not pick the call. Rano says something have happened. Virender asks Rishi, why did they come here? Neelam says I brought him here. Karishma says even we want to search Lakshmi. Virender says after hurting her. Ayush tells that Lakshmi doesn’t know about the places much. Inspector says he can help them personally and asks who saw her last and where? Rishi says I saw her last in Juhu. Inspector begins the investigations.

Neha making a call to Ayush. Ayush asks Virender to pick the call. Virender asks him to talk. Neha asks Ayush to make her talk to Lakshmi, and says she said she is in temple. Ayush asks which temple? Neha says oh, I called you, I was calling Suresh’s sister Lakshmi. She asks where is Lakshmi? Ayush says everything is fine. He ends the call. Neha signs Rano. Rishi comes to the temple and sees Pandit ji. Pandit ji asks what happened? Rishi says nothing and sits in his car again. Karishma asks Rishi to come. Rishi gets down the car seeing someone walking on the road resembling Lakshmi, but the lady is someone else. He says I am sorry. Song plays…..

Ayush and Virender get down from the car and ask the passerby on the road about Lakshmi. The people tell that they haven’t seen her. Police comes to the temple and asks the lady sitting there, about Lakshmi. The lady gets shocked. Ayush, Virender, Rishi, Neelam and Karishma reach the cliff. Ayush looks at Lakshmi’s saree piece and signs them. Rishi walks there and takes the piece. He reminisces her and shouts calling her name.

The Inspector asks she is Lakshmi Oberoi and asks did you see her? The lady says she had come and went. She says she was running to save her husband. Constable comes there and tells that her family has found her saree cloth and is thinking that she has jumped off the cliff. Inspector leaves. The lady questions the God, asking what game is he playing, and says it is very unfortunate. Rishi tells Virender that lakshmi can’t do such a thing and says my heart is saying this. Virender says do you have a heart, and says you shouldn’t have got Lakshmi, as you don’t deserve her. He says if I don’t get her, then I won’t call you as my son. Neelam says Lakshmi is a understanding person. Virender asks if such people don’t feel hurt and says people like Rishi hurts such person. Inspector comes there. Karishma shows the saree piece. Inspector asks Constable to begin search for her. He asks Rishi if he is her husband? Neelam says my son was not with her when she got missing. Inspector says I didn’t ask for clarification. He says a lady said that Lakshmi was searching you and was running to save you. He asks if they have any fight, and she…Virender cries.

Dadi prays to God to send Lakshmi back. Sonia calls Malishka and tells that everyone went to search Lakshmi, and Dadi and my useless sisters are praying for her. She says she should have come home. Malishka says I fear that she would have taken some big step. Kiran comes there and says Viraj called. Malishka asks her to tell him that she has slept. Kiran says he was sounding angry and he felt that I am out of town. Malishka says I had told him. Kiran asks about Rishi.

Constable tells that they haven’t found any body. Karishma tells that they shall search her in her chachi’s house. Neelam and Karishma come to Rano’s house. Rano asks why did you come suddenly? Karishma gets inside and asks for water. Rano asks them to come. Karishma goes inside and comes back. She tells Neelam that they shall leave. Rano asks what is the matter? Karishma says we are in a hurry? Neelam says Lakshmi is the daughter of this house, and she (Rano) has the right to know about her. Karishma tells that Rishi and Lakshmi had a fight, and says just as we come to know where is she, we will tell you. She tells that they haven’t searched her in the house and goes. Neha brings water and says something big have happened.

Malishka comes to Oberoi house. Virender is in the parking lot. Malishka asks if Lakshmi returned? Virender is silent. Malishka says that girl is very careless. Virender asks her to think before, for whom she is saying and asks her to think how she is herself. He says I had talked to you, and you lied to me, and says you are insecure and immature, and my daughter is suffering because of you. Malishka asks where am I, in Rishi and all of your life. She says I was nowhere, and nobody cared for my feelings, and just cared for Lakshmi. She says did you see my feelings? Virender says I saw your feelings, and that’s why came to talk to you. He asks what you tried to do, you tried to marry Rishi. He says Lakshmi became my daughter and says you will not understand.

He asks her to understand his feelings and says it seems someone have stabbed me and attacking me again and again, I am feeling this as Lakshmi is bearing this pain right now. He says if I don’t find Lakshmi then I will not leave you and Rishi. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.