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Unfortunate Love ZeeWorld, Saturday 12th November 2022 update

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Rishi telling Lakshmi that she has disappointed him, asks why did you make yourself fall so much, and all of us. I didn’t expect this from you, you have disappointed me. He says you are my fiancé, my would be wife and you are hearing this cheap guy’s nonsense and asks why didn’t you slap him, who tried to ruined my would be wife’s respect from his cheap mouth.

Balwinder tries to say. Rishi stops him and says this crook and cheap guy tried to ruined Oberoi’s bahu and Bajwa’s daughter and you was silent. Balwinder asks Rishi to listen. Rishi beats Balwinder and says I have always forgiven you for your mistakes, but you wanted to ruin my would be wife’s respect. He says I should have filed against you, when you attacked me. He tells his Dad that he is getting angry on himself for keeping Balwinder in their service.

He says I shouldn’t have left you. Balwinder asks if these pics are saying lie. Rishi calls Security and says all the pics are morphed, you can fool others, but not me. You have morphed someone’s else pics with Lakshmi’s face. He tells Mr. Oberoi that Lakshmi is as pure as holy water and says I saw Lakshmi on that night when Balwinder tried to molest her. He asks Lakshmi if she came infront of his car that day. Lakshmi nods her head. Rishi says if you would have told me that night, I would have take you to Balwinder and make his condition so worse that he would have never looked at you. Balwinder says you are thinking wrong. Rishi asks him how dare he to talk about his would be wife like that and asks Security to hand him over to police.

Security takes him from there. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to feel bad, as there are many morphed pics of him like that. He says such things shall not effect us. He tells Lakshmi that he is ready to marry her, and asks if she will marry him. Lakshmi shyly nods her head. Everyone smiles. Dadi claps. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s shoulder and says I trust you always. Neelam wipes Lakshmi’s tears and says our son asked you for marriage. She says Rishi trusts you, so we all trust you. Mr. Oberoi tells Rano that she shall trust Lakshmi first as she is your niece. Rano says I thought her wrong seeing the pics. Rishi says I will also support and trust you.

Rishi’s sister says Pandit ji is coming, engagement time came. Ayush takes Rishi and Lakshmi to the sofa. They sit for their engagement. Lakshmi thinks if Bau ji would have been here, then would have seen her partner and friend. She says if you would have been here, then would have seen how lucky is your Lakshmi. Pandit ji asks them to start the engagement ritual. Rishi makes Lakshmi wear the engagement ring. Everyone claps. Rano and Neha get upset. Lakshmi then makes him wear ring.

Everyone congratulate them. Shalu and Bani come to Lakshmi and asks what happened, why is she crying? She says Jiju has beaten Balwinder, now he will not trouble her. Lakshmi says Bau ji wanted me to search such a guy for me, who stands by me. She says she can’t believe her destiny. She says Chachi didn’t trust me, but Rishi and his family trusted me. Shalu says how can Bau ji’s good deeds and his blessings will go waste, we will get our side of happiness. Neha calls them. Rishi tells Neelam that his friends told that Lakshmi is lucky to get up, but I am lucky to get her as my life partner. He says Mom says that the girl’s destiny gets connected with the guy, and says I got Lakshmi’s destiny. Neelam says the girl’s destiny becomes of the guy. She says the Australian project was approved just as he got engaged. She says my son is lucky to get engaged to Lakshmi. Mr. Oberoi asks her to make an announcement. Neelam asks everyone to discard the invite of marriage after 2 days, as the marriage will happen tomorrow. She says Rishi and Lakshmi will go to Australia. Mr. Oberoi says they will have honeymoon there. Preetam asks how can we do the arrangements so soon. Mr. Oberoi says we will do all the arrangements. Neelam says Rishi will bring bride clothes in the morning and also clothes for everyone.

Rishi wakes up Lakshmi next day. Lakshmi gets surprised seeing him. Rishi says he couldn’t sleep all night as she was in dreams and she was seen when he got up. He says don’t know why I came to meet you, and my heart says that the day shall start with you and ends with you. He says I shall think of you, see you, have you in my heart, and says I have become you, I am not me. He says it seems to be filmy, but you are seen everywhere, even in mirror. He asks if she has done magic on him, and asks if the same thing is happening with her. Lakshmi says what to say? Rishi says I will see and say.

He looks at her face and says same thing is happening, I will see you in the morning and it will be beautiful, we will see each other in our eyes. He says we met sometime back and got so close so soon. He keeps hand on Lakshmi’s cheeks. Lakshmi feels shy and says the door is open. She is about to run. He holds her hand and says we love and getting married, so why she is feeling shy. He says you are going to be my wife and asks her to take breathe. Lakshmi asks him to let her go and says someone will come. Rishi says we are not different and will be together for all life, our hearts all united. It turns out to be Lakshmi’s dream. She wakes up shyly and smilingly. She finds Shalu and Bani sitting near her. Shalu asks her to tell in detail. She says what did he do, that you said that after marriage. Lakshmi asks what are they saying? Shalu tells Bani that she will tell, whatever she said. Lakshmi asks what did I say? Bani and Shalu ask Lakshmi to say. Lakshmi says I got such dream for the first time, everything seems real, Rishi came and talked to me and then he…..shalu asks what did he do?

Lakshmi says he was coming near, so I said after marriage. Bani says if he is loving Di so much in dreams tgen what will he do after marriage. Lakshmi gets shy.

Lakshmi waking up in the night. Shalu asks if Rishi jiju came in your dream again. Lakshmi says he couldn’t go off my mind, the way he supported me infront of the world, I feel for him all the time, want to live for myself for the first time, it is a God’s gift to get someone’s real love. She says she is scared of her own happiness. Shalu says wherever Maa and Bau ji will be, they will be happy.

Karishma tells Neelam that Lakshmi’s bridal dress is ready. Neelam asks Rishi to go to Lakshmi’s house and gives clothes to her. He comes to Rano’s house. Rano asks him to come inside. Neha comes and collides with Lakshmi, she falls in his embrace. He asks Neha to be careful. Rano says it is ok. Rishi tells that there are two dresses for Lakshmi, one will be for the marriage. He insists to go and give the dress to Lakshmi herself as his mom asked him. Rano gets upset and asks him to go. Lakshmi hears him. Rishi comes to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says she was drying the clothes. He asks if she didn’t hear his voice and says he was getting bored with them. He says I lied to them, so that I can give you haldi and clothes. Lakshmi says you lied for me. Rishi asks her to call him Tum and says we don’t have much age difference between us.

Lakshmi says she was drying the clothes, so. A song plays….Rishi says I lied to meet you, but this is truth that the bride shall get haldi applied on her face on time and asks if she don’t mind then can he apply haldi to her face. Lakshmi keeps the cloth on the table and stands infront of him. Rishi applies haldi on her face. Song plays…Tu thodi der….He then holds her hand and dips in the haldi bowl, and gets haldi applied to his face with her hand. Neha looks on and gets upset, goes. Rishi then rubs his cheeks on her cheek and get haldi applied on his other cheek too. Lakshmi thinks how to tell you, that I was waiting for you and wanted to run to you, and thinks how to tell you, how much I love you. He asks really? Neha gets upset and goes out. Shalu and Bani ask what happened? Neha asks them to go and see what is happening in room.

They hear Rishi telling that he can’t wait for the marriage for happen, and asks her to come early for the marriage, as they will be together after marriage. Rishi comes out and sees Shalu and Bani. He says hi and bye and goes. Shalu and Bani ask Lakshmi how she was feeling when he came closer? Lakshmi says her breathing stopped. Shalu teases her for the wedding night and asks what will happen now. Lakshmi is about to go and collides with Rishi who has just come there. Lakshmi says sorry. Rishi says he came back to get his mobile. Shalu and Bani tell him hi jiju, bye jiju. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they were teasing him. Lakshmi says they were teasing me too. Rishi says I will settle the scores after marriage. Rano tells that Neelam called and asked to wear the clothes and come. Shalu and Bani tease Lakshmi for the marriage in the evening. Later in the evening, a friend Lata comes to meet Neha and show her lipstick. Neha asks her to go and says she is very busy. Lata taunts her asking why is she behaving as if she is getting married. She says you need to look good and goes. Neha gets angry and goes to room.

Preetam compliments Lakshmi, Shalu and Bani for looking good. They sit in the taxi. Balwinder comes to know that Rani has hired Sanjay taxi driver to drop Lakshmi to the marriage venue. Balwinder calls Sanjay and asks him not to drop Lakshmi to the marriage venue, tells that he is his bhabhi and shall not reach there. He promises to send him wine for a week. Sanjay agrees.

Balwinder is driving the car with his goons and talks to Sanjay. He asks him to stop the car and pretend as if it is not working. He says then I will come and take 7 rounds with Lakshmi. Sanjay says ok. Preetam asks him to drive.

Mr. Oberoi compliments Rishi’s look as the groom and asks him never to leave Lakshmi, as she always stood by him. Rishi promises her. Ayush asks everyone to come.

Neha is sitting in her room and thinks of her friend’s words that her villager sister snatched Rishi from under her nose, she recalls their dance and their engagement. Rano calls Neha and asks where is she? Neha goes to other room and locks the door.

Rano thinks where is she? Balwinder is driving the car and rings the horn. Abhi of Kumkum Bhagya smiles, looking out of the window.