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Twist Of Fate season 9, Wednesday 25th October 2023 update

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TV series

Twist Of Fate on zee world Wednesday 25th October 2023 update, The goon shouting that they have come with the police, Ranbir and Prachi assure it is not the case, Prachi requests Aaliya to give her back the child, the family arrives and they all also request her to give back the child but Aaliya refuses to believe anyone, she asks if they all think she is foolish enough to listen to their false because they already sent her to jail.

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Aaliya threatens to throw the child in the river, Prachi and Ranbir slowly start walking towards Aaliya when she keeps taking her steps backwards, Aaliya accidentally throws the child after hitting a rock, the entre family is stunned, Ranbir manages to percent Prachi from jumping in the river, Aaliya tries her best o run away while Prachi gets unconscious.

Prachi is unconscious, Aaryn comes informing that the doctor said Prachi is fine, but she needs to not feel any stress, Rhea exclaims she is going with the police because he has formed a search party, Ranbir offers to come with her but she replies he needs to stay with Prachi.

Prachi suddenly gets up explaining she has to go and find her daughter but Ranbir says that she needs to rest and is not well, Prachi questions how can he behave like this because he is also a father so needs to search for their daughter but is not doing anything, Ranbir replies even he can blame her because she tried to be over smart and her actions caused this to happen, Ranbir explains that she sent her to jail, Prachi asks how can he say it when she is the mother, he blames her. Prachi questions why he came when Aaliya asked her to come alone but he came followed her with the rest of the family and not stayed back, Ranbir explains he just wanted to save his daughter, Prachi sits down on the couch exclaiming now he should bring back their daughter, Ranbir breaks down emotionally. Prachi is still blaming her but Pallavi angrily exclaims it is enough, she mentions that everything happened because of Prachi and the child of their family is dead, Prachi requests her to not talk like this because their daughter is still alive. Ranbir asks how can she think good when his one day old daughter fell from such height which they both would not have been able to survive, Ranbir angrily says that she is the reason which caused him to lose his daughter, Prachi requests Ranbir to not talk like this because it might cause the same situations to happen, Ranbir angrily asks if she would leave but he explains this time he will end everything between them both, he mentions she has already signed the divorce papers so needs to leave his house, he says everything has ended between them both. Prachi tries to clarify herself however Ranbir refuses to listen to anything saying it has ended, Prachi slowly walks out of the house. Shahana asks Ranbir what is he doing, he scolds her instructing if he wants to leave then can go with Prachi, Ranbir is heartbroken and sis on the couch.

Prachi once again reaches the bridge, calling out to her daughter assuring she is going to find her, Prachi exclaims she will also not be able to live if she cannot find her daughter, Prachi is frantically searching on the middle of the road when she gets hit with a truck and falls in the river, the police inspector tries to save her but is not able to do anything.

Ranbir in shock throws the phone, they all ask what happened when Ranbir exclaims that she fell in the same river in which their daughter fell and the Inspector said that her body was not moving so she has died, Shahana asks if he is happy because his anger caused all this to happen, she runs out of the house explaining how she is feeling suffocated here, Ranbir also runs out.

Ranbir reaches the bridge while the police try to stop him, but he mentions Prachi is his wife, they mention they have already called the professional divers but the flow of the water is very fast so the body would have gone very far, Ranbir leaves blaming the police for not being able to do anything.

Pallavi calls rhea who is driving the car, she informs Prachi got in an accident hearing which Rhea is stunned, inquiring how did it happen. Pallavi replies he doesnot know anything, just that the Inspector called informing he saw Prachi on the same bridge where the baby got in the accident. Pallavi explains she is really scared for Ranbir, rhea asks her to remain calm as she was already with the police and will try to find Ranbir.

Ranbir while driving the car thinks when his daughter was born, he informed Prachi that tis child will be the starts of their family, he is constantly thinking of the entire time he spent with Prachi, he is not able to think of anyone, Ranbir loses focus and gets in an accident. Rhea manages to see Ranbir unconscious in the car she quickly rushes to try and wake him up but he doesnot respond.

Rhea is with Ranbir who is still unconscious, she immediately calls Prachi ad Dida when he slowly wakes up, Ranbir is constantly asking for Prachi and his child, Pallavi explains they have not been able to find her, Ranbir vows to find them both himself, however Dida says they have died but Ranbir refuses to believe it, Pallavi tries to convince him that they have died, she informs they have searched for five hundred kilometers and no one was found, Pallavi hesitantly explains only the dead body of a women was found and it was ruined to the extent that they could not recognize her. Dida reveals they have even performed the last rites, Ranbir however mentions he wants his Prachi, but Pallavi asks for whom he would go there, Ranbir once again falls unconscious.

Six years later, the horns blow in the Mandir.

Ranbir is trying to find a dress for someone when the vendor asks if it would not be long for a child but Ranbir mentions she is now six years old so it would fit her perfectly.

A girl runs to hug her mother, she sits down in excitement mentioning she has grown a lot, the girl replies her Bau jee says she has grown a lot. Prachi leaves explaining she has a surprise for her, she brings the thali showing she has brought a lot of things for her, the girl however says her father said that he would bring the Chuniri for her, Prachi mentions she knows the choice of her father is not good so she would wear everything by her choice as there are even earrings.

Ranbir is also selecting the things, he even demand the bangles for his daughter, the vendor questions if he is sure it would be the correct size, Ranbir is sure of it, Prachi also takes out the bangles.

Ranbir checking the bangle size and buying red bangle. Prachi asks the little girl if she liked the red bangles. The girl says Bauji said that he will bring it. Prachi says let him bring what he wants, he is late. She asks if you like my choice. Ranbir asks the shop keeper to show something to wear on neck. He likes the chain and says I know her choice well, and she will jump with happiness seeing it. The girl tells Prachi that Bau ji will not like the glitter. Prachi says he is a boy and tells that he will find out that I know you more than him. The shop keeper tells Ranbir that nobody knows so well than you, and says many fathers come here, but get confused while selecting things. Ranbir says actually…Another salesman falls down. Ranbir gets Pallavi’s call and says he has brought and says she will look good. He asks her to make everything ready. The salesman says the girl is lucky who got such a father.

The girl with Prachi tells her that Papa will not like it. Prachi says tell Papa that you look lovely wearing it and says your Papa will accept defeat and will say that your choice is best. Ranbir says my choice is best. Dadi’s sister comes there and tells that you was same like her, when you was small, Pragya had showed me album. Shahana comes there and asks Prachi to make prasad halwa. Prachi asks the girl to go with Maasi and asks her not to go with her Bauji without meeting her. Shahana takes the girl with her. Prachi goes to make prasad. The girl asks Shahana if the eye shadow and copper blush is good. Shahana says it is good. Ranbir asks the girl who has applied this eye shadow and blush. Pallavi comes there and says she is looking good, let it be. Ranbir says she is not looking beautiful. He wipes the extra make up from the girl’s face.

Mauli’s father tells Prachi that he doesn’t like her make up. Prachi says I make her get ready every year since she was 1 year, and asks him to let her be. Dadi tells Mauli’s father that Prachi sees her daughter in Mauli.

Pallavi says once she wears the dress brought by you, she will look more good. Dida takes her to change the clothes. Pallavi says you sees your daughter in Radha. He says yes, and tells that Radha was born on the same day as Panchi, 10th Monday. Pallavi asks really. He says yes. She says Bhairav is needed. A boy comes there. Ranbir does the kanya pujan/kanjak puja while Prachi does the same in her house. Prachi asks the kids to finish prasad fast. Shahana says Mauli will have food with your hand. Prachi says ofcourse. Mauli asks her to make her eat puri. Prachi says my Panchi would have eaten kheer like me and thinks my daughter would have been like me. She blames Ranbir, and says if Ranbir would have not come there, then I would have get her. Ranbir thinks his daughter wouldn’t have eaten sweet first, and thinks he would have made her worn red dress. He thinks Aaliya slipping and the baby falling in the river. He recalls asking Prachi to leave, as she has snatched his happiness from him. He thinks his daughter is not with him because of Prachi. Prachi thinks my daughter is not with me, due to Ranbir. Dadi asks Prachi to forget everything and asks her to apply the kajal to the girls and also tie mauli. The lady asks the kids not to ruin the things. Prachi goes to apply kajal to the girls. She thinks if my daughter would have been today then her eyes would be like me.

Prachi and Ranbir’s daughter is shown who is wearing the pendant of star and moon in a black thread. She is seen singing in the temple when aarti is going on. She takes flowers and showers on the Goddess. The lady comes there and pulls her ears, scolding her not to come there. She says I asked you not to come, but you came here. The girl says she couldn’t stop hearing shank voice, as if Mata Rani is calling me. The lady says Mata Rani doesn’t have any work than to call you. She asks her to sell all the flowers at the signal. The girl walks barefeet sells the flowers. The lady thinks people will feel sympathy on her and will buy flowers. A lady buy flower from her and gives her 100 Rs. The girl comes back to the lady and asks her to take 100 Rs and give 70 Rs. The lady steals 20 Rs, and gives 50 Rs to the lady. The lady scolds her and asks her to keep the remaining money also. She goes as the signal starts.

The girl comes back to the lady and says Maayi, you had given me 20 Rs less. The lady says if they steal 20 rs each then it is 200 from 10 people. The girl says it is wrong and says the lady who bought it got angry with her due to 20 Rs, and will not buy flowers again. The lady asks if she is from satyavaa family. She asks where she has learnt such things and asks her to go and sell all the flowers. The car stops at the signal. The girl asks the lady in car to give the change else her mother will not return the change properly. The girl’s Maayi hears and thinks she is really from Satyavaan family. She thinks her mother must have died while saying truth due to poverty.

Prachi gets down from the car infront of AK finance company. Priya, her assistant tells her about the meeting. Prachi says meeting is here and not there, as they want finance and not us. She asks her not to do mistake and be careful. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.