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Titli On Starlife, Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Titli On Starlife Tuesday 11th June 2024 Update, Titli saying Garv gave 10 lakhs, and Paresh gave him the house papers, Garv didn’t take it. Manikant scolds her. Garv says it was my decision, we don’t need to talk about it. Maina says they can’t make their problems your problem. Titli says yes, one can expect a bahu to become a daughter, but its wrong to expect a Jamai to become a son, my family has no intention to loot your money, I will pay it soon with interest.

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Manikant says I m sure, you have a magic wand, like you have proved your innocence. He insults her. Titli cries. She faints. Garv holds her. Monica says if she gets unwell then… Koel says her drama doesn’t end. Monica asks Garv to take Titli to the room. Doctor says she didn’t take any food or medicines, make her eat something. Monica asks Garv to break Titli’s fast. Koel says no need, their relation is breaking now, she is acting. Garv says she isn’t acting. Manikant says we can’t trust her.

Hiren says respect your bahu. Alpa says don’t argue with Manikant. Manikant says stop it, send that girl away when she gets conscious. Monica asks Garv to go to Titli, she needs him a lot. Garv goes to Titli and holds her hand. She gets up. Bedardeya…plays… He asks her to eat food first. She says I have to go. He says you will fall sick. She says you feed it to me if you care. He keeps the plate and eat it. She says I m going. They argue. He asks her to have food then go out. He locks her in the room.

She asks him to open the door. She says I have to get Hiral’s truth out, where is my phone, how will I catch Hiral if I stay here. Bhakti follows Hiral. Hiral meets a girl and says I came to take my belongings. Dhrishti says its good everyone is after Titli. She takes a dress from a cupboard. She gets a call. She says I will be there on time. Hiral checks the files. She gets shocked seeing Titli. Titli recalls leaving from the window. Titli says I know why you came here. Hiral asks what.

Virender comes and says I asked you to get the file. Monica, Chintu and Bhakti come. Titli says this was your plan. She explains Hiral. Bhakti scolds Hiral. Titli says Hiral doesn’t know anything, you forced my family to hate me, you will tell the truth, come with me and apologize. Hiral refuses. She says I will lie to them and make them against you, who will believe you, your husband doesn’t believe you.

Garv comes and says shut up. He gets angry. Titli says let me handle this matter, she is my sister. He says no, cops will handle it now, I will make a case against her. Hiral cries. Titli says please stop, we will handle this with love. Garv brings Titli home. Manikant says your 3 days are over. Garv says she is your bahu and my wife, she was right and we were wrong, we should have trusted her, she won’t leave.

Titli says I promised you, we will keep our love, are the promises so weak. Garv says I will do whatever you want. She says I want to go back to my job. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.