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Titli On Starlife, Saturday 1st June 2024 Update

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TV series

Titli On Starlife Saturday 1st June 2024 Update, Garv getting the jewellery back from the goon. He threatens the goons. The goons leave. Everyone is relieved. Titli looks on. Baa gets dizzy. Garv cares for her. He returns the jewellery to Baa. He says I wish I came before. Baa says no, you have come on time like always. Jaishri says yes, she is right. Garv says nothing can happen to this family when I m here, your son is always with you. He asks Chintu are you fine. Chintu says yes. Paresh says you came on time today, but they can attack again.

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Titli says no, I will arrange money and file a police complaint against them. Garv says no need to do this, uncle don’t worry, I will handle everything, I will throw 10 lakhs on their face. Baa says no, don’t do this. Garv asks why, am I an outsider, you regard me a son, let me do this. He goes out. Titli thinks I can’t understand Garv, he cares for my family, and he raised hand on me. Garv goes out to the goons. Garv pays the goons. The goons ask for more money for beating them. Garv says I paid money for threatening them, how dare you touch my wife. He beats them again. He says just do as told to you. Titli looks on.

Hiral says no, you can’t give the house to Garv. Paresh says try to understand, he is my son in law, its not his right to pay my loans. Baa says right, his dad scolded us before. Paresh says I will pay him money and take the house back. Hiral argues. Paresh and Jaishri leave. Titli goes.

Paresh gives the house papers to Garv. Garv says no need for this. Titli says its not a favor. Jaishri praises Garv. Paresh says you have always supported us like a son. Jaishri says we have no right on your money, keep the house papers. Paresh says yes, we will take the house back once we arrange money. Titli says I will return Garv’s money, don’t worry. Jaishri says he took care of us and gave us respect. Titli says we should leave now. Garv goes after her and asks her to listen. She asks what was that, were you involved with those goons. He thinks she didn’t hear anything. He starts lying.

They argue. He says I love you so much, but my love has no value, you never understood my feelings. He asks her to not create a drama and sit in the car. She says I feel my voice doesn’t reach you. He says I feel so stupid for loving you so much. He races the car. She asks what are you doing. He says I told you sorry, you don’t care. She says lower the speed. He says first tell me, you have forgiven me. He shouts and keeps asking her. She sees a truck coming. She shouts and says yes, I have forgiven you. He stops the car and smiles. He says I knew you also love me, I love you. They come home. He says I m glad things got clear between us, I promise, everything will be fine, hide the scar by your hair. She thinks what’s his real face.

Manikant says Titli has filed the complaint against Garv. Titli says it’s a lie, give me 3 days time, I will prove myself innocent. Garv says fine, what if you fail in proving it. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.