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Titli On Starlife, Monday 10th June 2024 Update

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TV series

Titli On Starlife Monday 10th June 2024 Update, Paresh saying I m with you. Hiral says poor Titli, she can’t prove nothing, but I didn’t use her card, who did it. Dhrishti recalls stealing Titli’s card and using it. She says Koel ruined everything and took the dress, how shall I ask mom for money, what will I wear in the party and tell Sandy.

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Titli prays and gets dizzy. Garv holds her. He gets water for her. She asks him to break her fast. He goes. She cries. Hiren and Dhara see her and feel bad. She says she didn’t break the fast, why is she tested so much. He says I wish I had the answers. They go to Titli and support her. She thanks them for trusting her. She says Inspector Ankit is also lying. He asks why.

She says he has personal enmity with Garv, I have to prove my truth. Dada ji comes. He tells her about a case and asks her to take help from the file. Hiren says dad was the best lawyer of his times, its not easy to get that file. He takes Titli to the study. He asks Titli to look for the files.

Manikant comes. Hiren lies to him. Manikant doesn’t see anyone. Titli hides. Dhara says sorry, I had sent dad to get the law book. He says I m proud of you, study well, you will become the first female lawyer in our family. Titli leaves and shows the file. Manikant gives the book to Dhara. Dada ji checks the file. Monica comes and joins them in the plan.

Ankit meets Hiral. He says Titli just have 4 hours. She says she can’t do anything, why are you interested in Titli and Garv’s lives. He says don’t make any mistake. He goes. Hiral gets an interview call. Hiren says its urgent hiring, salary is 50000rs. She says I m coming. Titli says we just have four hours. Manikant gets a call.

He gets angry and says get poison for me, go and call Garv. Garv asks what happened. Manikant says you took 10 lakhs from the company. Koel asks what, why did you need the money. Manikant asks him to say. Garv says I gave it to Paresh, he was in trouble. Manikant says throw out Titli from the house. Hiral comes for the interview. Titli and everyone hear Hiral on the call.

The man offers 5 lakhs to Hiral and asks her to steal a case file from Garv’s office. She asks why. He says you have three hours to do this job. She thinks he wants to check my honesty. She says I will not steal the file, I can’t do this. Monica thinks did she doubt us. Titli says talk to her calmly, she will never reject the offer.

The man Viren says choice is yours, you have three hours to think, you can go. Hiral thinks what to do, shall I say yes, how will I get entry in Garv’s office. Koel calls out Titli and shows her bags. Manikant and Koel scold her for taking 10 lakhs to her family. Titli worries.

Titli says your anger is coming between us. He asks what can I do for you. She says I want to go back on my job. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.