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This is Fate on zee world, Tuesday 17th October 2023 update

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TV series

This is Fate on zee world Tuesday 17th October 2023 update, Arjun’s condition gets worsen. Rakhi introduces Sameer and Srishti to Pandit Vashishth. Pandit Vashishth signals her to stop talking. He looks around the house. He sits and begins the puja. He asks Rakhi about her son. Dadi tells him that they kept this puja for Sameer and Srishti. Rakhi says that her elder son Rishabh and Preeta will join the puja too. Pandit Vashishth asks her that where is Rishabh now. Kareena informs him that Rishabh went out for meeting. He asks them to bring Rishabh’s stuff.

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Preeta gets up so Pandit Vashishth scolds her. He says that they can’t get up in the middle of the puja. Kavya comes there and says that she will bring Rishabh’s stuff. She takes Karan’s stuff which Rishabh kept in his drawer. She gives it to Pandit Vashishth and goes to play with Girish. Pandit Vashishth performs puja. He sees Preeta and Karan’s marriages in the fire of hawan kund. In the hospital, Doctor says that Arjun’s condition gets worsening after surgery too. He goes to call senior Doctor.

Pandit Vashishth says that puja completed. Everyone smiles hearing him. He says that this puja will bring the couple together who is separated from each other which confuses everyone. He adds that he has to tie red thread on the couple’s hand. Rakhi tells him that Rishabh is not here. He tells her that he will tie red thread on Rishabh’s stuff. He calls Sameer and Srishti and ties red thread on their hands. Preeta goes to him and forwards her hand. He ties red thread on her hand and blesses her. Then he ties red thread on Karan’s stuff.

Pandit Vashishth says that big storm going to come. He says that it’s not a good omen and asks them to close the windows. He notices Karan’s photo and removes garland from it. He throws it and Rishabh catches it and yells at the former. Rakhi asks Rishabh to calm down. She tells him that Pandit Vashishth is not normal Pandit. He tells her that he don’t care about it. Pandit Vashishth asks them that why they put garland on Karan’s photo. Rishabh tells him that Karan is not alive that’s why. Pandit Vashishth says that Karan is alive which shocks everyone.

Meanwhile, Arjun gets a glimpses of the dam incident. He screams Preeta’s name in his unconscious state and asks Preeta to not kill him. Doctor injects him.

Preeta asks Pandit Vashishth that why the latter saying like this. Rakhi tells Pandit Vashishth that she don’t want to disrespect him but the latter misunderstood everything. She adds that Karan died. Pandit Vashishth says that Karan is alive for sure. Kareena says that Karan is dead that’s why they made Preeta marry Rishabh. He tells her that this marriage should not have happened because Karan is alive. Preeta cries hearing him and runs to her room. Pandit Vashishth asks her to remember Karan and destiny will bring Karan to her. Rishabh asks him to stop playing with their emotions.

Rishabh tells Pandit Vashishth that it’s not like that they wanted to put garland on Karan’s photo but they did not had any other choice and goes inside. Rakhi apologizes to Pandit Vashishth on behalf of Rishabh. Pandit Vashishth tells her that Karan is alive and if he is not with them then he must be somewhere else. He asks them to not think that Karan is dead. He reminds Rakhi that he is not normal Pandit. He says that he saw Karan and Preeta’s marriage. He shows Karan’s belonging to her. She realises that, that’s Karan’s belonging. He asks her to trust that Karan will return for sure. He gives Karan’s belonging to her and leaves from there.

On the other hand, Arjun gets glimpses of his past. Anjali reaches the hospital and talks to the Doctor about Arjun’s condition.

Preeta cries recalling Pandit Vashishth’s revelation about Karan. She asks Karan that why he left her. Rishabh asks her to open the door. He says that she can cry if she wants then. Rakhi comes there and asks Preeta to open the door. Rishabh tells her that he will handle Preeta. He adds that Mahesh needs her now and only she can handle him. She leaves from there. He pleads Preeta to open the door. She opens the door. He enters the room and tells her that he don’t like it when she cries still she can if that can help her to feel better then. He asks her to not get affected because of Pandit Vashishth words. He says that she knows that Pandit Vashishth lied. He adds that he can understand that what she must be going through now. She tells him that it would have been good if Pandit Vashishth words were true then.

Arjun wakes up and screams Preeta’s name. Anjali gets confused hearing him. She wonders that who is Preeta. Doctor injects Arjun and the latter loses his consciousness.

Rakhi tells herself that she want to scold Karan for leaving her. She hopes that Pandit Vashishth is right about Karan. Kareena comes there. Rakhi tells her that Karan will return. Kareena asks her to not keep any hope. Rakhi tells her that Pandit Vashishth words were true always. Dadi tells her that they saw Karan’s dead body. Rakhi tells her that they did not saw Karan’s face.

Doctor asks Arjun that why the latter keep telling Preeta’s name. Arjun sees his face on the mirror and says that it’s not him. He asks Doctor that what happened to his face. He adds that he will sue him and leaves from there. Anjali asks him to listen her. He tells her that he is not Arjun but Karan Luthra. She video calls Nidhi. Arjun asks Nidhi that what she did with his face because it’s not his face. She tells him that she rescued him and performed plastic surgery because his face got ruined. She adds that he forgot his past so she gave new identity to him. He tells her that she did wrong with him. Anjali asks him that if he remember her. He nods at her and says that he is going to his house.

Karan says that he remembers Nidhi and Anjali well. He adds that he has to go to his house. Doctor stops him saying that he is not recovered yet. Karan buys that hospital and says that now no one can stop him and leaves from there. Anjali follows him. She calls Driver on Karan’s behest. Karan moves aside.

Doctor tells Anjali that Karan need to kept under the observation at any cost. She tells him that she will try to talk to Karan. Karan notices Doctor and he asks Anjali that what Doctor doing there. Doctor tells Karan that the latter may lose his memory again if he did not kept under the observation then. Karan tells him that his past is important for him and he goes inside the hospital.

Next day, Preeta wakes up and recalls the moment she shared with Karan. Rishabh comes there and asks her about his mobile charger. She tells him that Rakhi said that Pandit Vashishth’s words were right always. He tells her that Karan is alive in their heart and in their memories. He adds that Karan will stay with them always. They wipes their tears hearing Kavya’s voice. Kavya tells them that she don’t want to go to school because her stomach is paining. Preeta asks Rishabh to call the Doctor because Kavya need injection. Kavya says that her stomach is fine. They smiles hearing her. Preeta takes Kavya from there.

In the hospital, Karan asks Mayank that what the latter doing there when he fired him from the job. Mayank tells him that Anjali called him. He recalls that how Anjali asked him to keep Karan busy by giving business rivals files to him. Anjali tells Karan that Mayank helped her so much and they can’t lose an employee like Mayank. Mayank gives file to Karan and leaves from there. Karan thinks that Anjali can’t trick him. He adds that he knows that Anjali want to divert him from his past. He notices Rishabh’s file and says that Rishabh and Preeta are his enemies. He goes to Luthra mansion and gets emotional seeing the house name plate. He says that Karan Luthra is back.

Anjali notices that Karan is missing from the hospital. She calls Nidhi and tells her that Karan behaving weird. Nidhi scolds her for not handling Karan. She asks her to return to London with Karan at any cost. She tells her to not call again and disconnects the call.

Karan sneaks into his house. He hides seeing Kavya. He gets angry seeing Preeta and Rishabh happy. Rishabh asks the driver to drive slow and leaves for office. Preeta and Kavya also leaves for school. Meanwhile, Rakhi misses Karan.

She recalls the moment she shared with him and cries. Kareena comes there. Rakhi searches Karan saying that he was here only. Kareena tells her that Karan is not here and he left this world. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.